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    Digital Rights Management (drm) Technology

    Good Evening, Most of the movies I purchase now days have a digital copy disk that is enclosed with the primary DVD disk. I am trying to extract a digital copy (.wmv) of my purchased "PAID" movies to my itouch system and I purchased from Roxio on-line since their website claimed to have the ability to take a wmv to an ipod format. I downloaded the software and paid the registration fee of $39.95 and whenever I try and convert my video, I receive an error message saying that "THIS FOLDER CONTAINS FILES PROTECTED WITH DIGITAL RIGHTS MANAGEMENT (DRM) TECHNOLOGY. DRM PROTECTED FILES CANNOTBE ADDED TO A PROJECT, SO THEY WILL NOT BE DISPLAYED. I've sent several emails to Roxio with no responses. Bottom line is I am unable to convert my *.wmv format to my IPOD. Anyone have any suggestions? Did I just throw away $39.95? Thanxs... Barry