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    Mac OS Error Result Code =-50

    You were right. It worked. Thanks a lot!!
  2. Party Marty

    Mac OS Error Result Code =-50

    Thanks. I'll try that and see what happens.. Appreciate it. I'll get back to you if that doesn't seem to work. The actual error code wasn't =50. It was a much longer number.
  3. Party Marty

    Mac OS Error Result Code =-50

    Hi. I have been having this problem for awhile too. I have non cpyrighted tv programs on DVD (from my cable). When I import the source material into Popcorn 3.0.4. The Video TS Folder crosses over but when a fresh disc is put into the drive of my macbook (os x10.8.3), it almost starts then comes up with a Macintosh OS error.. So what else can I do? Cannot copy my disc and it is frustrating. Thanks.
  4. Party Marty

    Popcorn 3 Doesn't Work On My New Aluminium Macbook

    Hi. I just joined and am new to this. I have tried both Popcorn 3 and Toast 8 and neither seems to work with my brand new macbook either. Let me know if you find anything out about the firmware update with the matsushita dvd burner. Peace