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    Popcorn 3 Fails To Open

    Thanks to tsantee, I have the disc image for the latest Popcorn 3 update. I am having trouble installing it since the older version seems not to want to leave for some reason. I will figure it out... I hope. (Or I will post the sequence of error messages I get in my attempts to install the new one. Thanks mfeldman
  2. mfeldman

    Popcorn 3 Fails To Open

    I had been using popcorn 3.01 on an iMac now updated to OS 10.5.6 and now find it will not open. (Error message: not responding). I also cannot get through to Roxio email support getting error messages no matter what pathway I try. Is there a need for the latest Popcorn3 update. I have my popcorn disc and cd key ready for confirmation. Cannot remember whether I registered it when purchased. Please help! mfeldman