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  1. I am in the process of extending my drives. All I have to do now is boot from another version of my system on a different drive so that C:\ becomes extendable (by 3 Gb to just under 10 Gb. Then I'll try reinstalling EMC8 again. Thanks for the advice, and I hope it works. John Avery.
  2. What part of I HAVE FIVE GIGABYTES of space on the ProgramFiles drive and HAVE FIVE GIGABYTES of space on my work files drive don't YOU understand. Roxio WAS up and RUNNING. I'm now just trying to REINSTALL it. Right where is was. Please don't yell if you are not going to read what I wrote. I don't need help that badly. During my 40+ years as programmer, Systems Analyst, and Manager I didn't get to yell at people. Although I did once threaten to meet an employee of mine in the parking lot after work and beat the crap out of him if he didn't stop calling me names. But I said it calmly.
  3. I don't know why you feel I should get a new HD. What does that have to do with a RE-stall problem. I'm just trying to put back, in the same place, what was already there before, and I get a SetUp error. HD-0 80 Gb Size Free C XP-Pro 5.85 1.95 D ProgramFiles 5.85 5.00 E MyWorkFiles 5.85 5.23 F Downloads - Music 23.00 21.30 G Pictures 23.00 22.90 H XP-Pro Test 5.85 J XP-Pro Virgin 5.85 HD-1 60 Gb K XP1 b/u 4.87 L XP2 b/u 4.87 M PageFile 2.92 N Scratch 2.92 O Open BackUp 39.00 P Scratch2 2.58
  4. I was afraid that leaving out that one other bit of information might be a mistake. My "ProgramFiles" is on a D:\ drive that has 5 Gb available. Only programs that won't allow me to redirect ProgramFiles are on the C:\ drive - currently only 687 Mb worth. E:\ is all of my source (Download) programs. C:\ is pretty much XP-Pro only. Thanks for responding. Sorry I left that out. (old programmers never die, they just get older)
  5. My XP-Pro is fully up to date (as of yesterday, 04/30/06). All of my s/w is as up to date as can be, including upgraded MS Installer (after the problem began, as suggested for another problem in your forum.) I uninstalled (YourUninstaller2006) Roxio and deleted any remaining files and/or folders after each attempt to re-install (including the Start Menu.) I have completely cleaned all registry entries for everything Roxio, disconnected from the internet, knocked down AdWatch, Norton and AVG, rebooted several times (following each attempt to re-load EMC-8), and I am now at a loss as to what to do. The registry s/w I've used are JV16, RegCleaner, EasyCleaner, RegScrub and RegOptimizer. (The reason for the RE-install is because I rebuilt my system to create several partitions on two hard drives and wanted a clean start. I'm following the "plan" of Fred Langa (langalist.com) and related items from MS and two other Guru's. All other s/w has re-installed just fine. Roxio is the last one I was re-installing. I still have 1.97 Gb available on my C:\ drive.) I would certainly appreciate any help (Roxanne had no clue, by the way.) John E Avery Canon City, Colorado, USA