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    Status: Signal Protected [in Red]

    Wow, that sucks just a little bit. I had considered it could be a tape damage issue, but I brushed it off as a reason early on since the tape is brand new. However, the tape in question contains daily log footage of an extended stay atop a scissor lift, so there may be debris or 'bump' issues that I just wouldn't know about or be able to do anything about anyways. Also, recording the video in sections would be extremely time consuming as the hiccups occur as frequent as actual hiccups. Well darn! I was hoping it was a software issue, but since it's a hardware issue, there's really nothing I can do. I like the idea of recording straight to dvd...I just don't have that technology (I mean, I still use a Hi8 camcorcder for goodness sake). Would the 'hiccup' issue in the tape affect the video capture the same way if I was going to try and rip straight to a dvd on the laptop? I assume it would...but all I know so far is that I can't just capture the video straight to my laptop. Will I encounter the same trouble if trying to burn a dvd on the laptop straight from the camcorder? I don't have any dvd's to burn on, so I'll have to get them, and I would hate to have to make the purchase if you can assure me that it won't work anyways. Thanks for the help guys. I hope we can get this figured out.
  2. I am trying to capture video from my Hi-8 sony handycam (stop laughing). I can see the video in the capture screen when it's playing. But at what seems to be random intervals, the Status will change from 'Capturing' [in black text] to Signal Protected [in red text] which stops the video capture and prompts me to save or discard the current captured video. It's becoming real difficult to just set the deal to 'capture now' and go get a sandwich or something. ggrussel on this forum has offered me some ideas and I've tried them all. Some got me further and others worked for a moment and then stopped. I am grateful for his help (nobody likes to be bothered so late at night by strangers) and I would love it if someone could help me give it one more go before I scrap the program altogether and send it back to sonic solutions. So far I have tried: removed all other USB devices. close all other unnecessary apps cross my fingers pray to multiple deities Is the video capture usb overheating? is it not getting enough power? could the hi88 cassette have a bump or scratch that causes the capture to seize up? could it really be both great tasting AND less filling? Any help or advice would be great. I'm at the point where I feel like I should be able to figure it out but I've exhausted all my brains in this area of computerdom. thanks
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    Different Problem

    What's the best way to contact Roxio? I've posted on here seeking help but to no avail. And the help tickets thing seems to be a very slow moving process.http://forums.support.roxio.com/index.php?act=Post&CODE=02&f=216&t=47992&qpid=252887#
  4. I just got the Easy VHS to DVD video capture usb and i can't seem to get any audio out of the video that I captured. I went to 'help' and tried to update but it said I was up-to-date already. I know there's audio in the video, I just can't seem to get any in the capture. Any ideas?