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    Multiple Copies

    Thanks, In that case I'll stop looking for it and transfer all my job to my other machine which is still XP Pro. Lynn
  2. I've been using Creator 7 on an XP machine for many years. I have now moved on to a Win 7 machine and had to get NXT2. I'm still learning this new system so I may be missing something. I make lots of copies of CD's and DVD's - all legal. In Creator 7, I could burn to more than one drive at a time. Is this feature gone on NXT2 or am I missing it. Lynn
  3. lynn402

    How Many Drives

    I do have ISO files for all the tapes. My current drives are Pioneer A105 and A108. My CPU is and Intel 3.2 and I have 3 gig ram. Lots of hard drive space. Running both burners at the same time, burn speed is listed at 4.2X. My longest project which is slightly over an hour takes 15 minutes. I was just wondering if I could speed things up a bit. I guess I'll same my money on the new drives. Thanks Lynn402
  4. I'm putting a lot of my old tapes onto dvd. Some of them I would like to make 6 or 8 copies for family members. I have 2 burners and can burn 2 at a time. How many drives can I add to this unit. I'm using WinXP Pro, sp3 Media Creator 7. My mother board will accept 2 more drives. Can Media Creator burn to more than 2 at a time? Thanks Lynn402
  5. I have both IE7 and Media player 11 and my videowave works fine. Media Creator 7 Home Brew computer; AMD 64bit 2.8 processor 3 gig ram, Win XP Pro SP3, on board MSI Radion Express 200 series video. Lynn402
  6. lynn402

    Iso Question

    I tried the disc copy feature and that didn't work either. It did copy the files, but I couldn't play them. I finally just imported the iso files into my Vegas editing system, renamed them, and and now burning the new movies, both of them, to one dvd. Thanks for all the suggestions. Lynn
  7. I can't find a place to post Creator 7 questions so I'll try here. I have two movie iso files that I would like to burn onto a dvd so both movies play on a stand alone dvd player. Is there a way to do this. In the copy dvd section, it won't let me load both iso files. I tried to copy both file as data, but no good. Tried copying files to disc - no good. Tried drag to disc, but no good there either. Using these methods, it does copy the individual iso files, but the won't play in a dvd player. The iso files will play in Media Player. Any suggestions? Lynn