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  1. Bought the box version of Roxio Music Lab 10 and installed on my Dell laptop. Took a darned good long time to do so too but the program is almost 90mb large. After loading must do a restart. Comes back on then have to do the registration deal. Then have to restart again. OK, now we have something. Or do we? I want to capture audio from Internet Radio. Seems simple enough. I just click on Capture Audio button right? Yes. Can do but it only connects the microphone input. The line input is silent. Maybe it's me. So I go exploring around the new program looking for other things to do. Each time I click on the side bar the program hangs. Cotrol Alt DElete verifies that the program is not responding so try to close it. No can do. Only way to get it off the hung up screen is to do a hard boot. Restart finds the same problems again. So, uninstall. This takes almost as long as the install part by the way. Then reinstall. Same hickups and stumbling. This is not an overburdened computer and there is ample space on the hard drive so what's the deal? Is this a new program? Did I buy a box full of bugs? I did see one other post up on the General Chat that spoke of the very same problem. Not much use this program is.