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    How To Burn Kvcds

    Hopefully, you have a cue file too. Go to Copy >> bin/cue files > Select. Go to your folder where the file is and select. Then burn. It should be that easy. Let me know if that works.
  2. jazzmacman


    I'm using Firefox right now with no problems on my mac. You might try clearing out the cache from your firefox or safari. That might help. Good Luck!
  3. jazzmacman

    CD Spin Doctor Playthrough is terrible!

    Hi! I was having the same problem awhile back and I determined it to be my inline plug. Mostly got the spanish stations for some reason. No idea why just them. I was also getting a slight buzz too. My solution was to buy an "Instant Music"device by APS tech. It plugs in through the USB port and gives me excellent sound. I run it from my turntable > receiver > "InstantMusic USB device" > Mac. It operates as a separate sound card. It also allows me to play my iTunes back through the receiver and the much better speakers. Good Luck! Brian
  4. jazzmacman

    defining start time of 1st track in Spin Doctor

    Hi! I think I'm starting to get it. Why not start the recording before starting the record. You can always take it out later. What I'm doing is starting the recording in CD Spin Doctor 3 before I start the record. By the time I have gotton over to the record to start it, that 4 second lead is more like 15 to 20 seconds. That gives me plenty of time afterwards to put in an extra track that I can take out later. BTW, when tsantee said you can start a track anywhere, that includes the first track. Once I have my tracks manually selected, I highlight each one. Then I can "grab" the front of the individual track that I selected and move it left or right till I get it right where I want it to start. This has worked for me great. No or very little surface noise.
  5. jazzmacman

    defining start time of 1st track in Spin Doctor

    Excellent suggestion! I've been using Spin Doctor like crazy lately and didn't know about that "Limit zoom range" ! I love it. Something that I found on the deep sea sofware website (the people who made Spin Doctor) is some tips 'n trix. One of them is a list of Keyboard shortcuts for Track Manipulation. You can find it at www.deepseasoftware.com/tipsntrix/ Thanks!
  6. jazzmacman

    trouble with toast 7 dvvd from avi file

    Are you trying to burn them as Video dvd files or as a three (3) avi files on a Data disc? You're going to have to to convert them to VOB files first. I think a program such as Handbrake might do the trick. Not sure about that so don't hold me to that!
  7. jazzmacman

    CD Spin Doctor experienced an error

    Thanks for the post! See? I knew I had a feeling about it!
  8. jazzmacman

    CD Spin Doctor experienced an error

    Hi! I only occasionly have this problem. I started over with my original (haven't done anything with it yet) saved aiff file. Ran it thru Click Repair again and then separated and named the tracks. Went right into iTunes this time. Only thing I can think of was that perhaps iTunes didn't like the way I was naming the tracks the first time. Anyway, it is now working allright. Maybe at the time I was having a brain freeze or something? Thanks for responding! Back to my recording!
  9. jazzmacman

    CD Spin Doctor experienced an error

    Hi! For quite some time now, I have been recording my LP's onto my G4 without any problems using CD Spin Doctor. Great little program btw! However, I have run into a problem of sorts. I have been trying to send over a particular album of a set to iTunes and I am getting this error: CD Spin Doctor experienced an error attempting to send tracks to iTunes. Please make sure iTunes is functioning correctly. I have checked iTunes and it is opening correctly as I have been able to send tracks to it all weekend. Any ideas? p.s. I am running 10.4.6 and Toast 7 and CD Spin Doctor 3. I have run Disk Utility and Disc Warrior. Both have come up fine.