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  1. elquetzal

    Text Displayed When Playing An Audio Dvd

    Many thanks Tsantee for trying. Just another thing to add to my list of why I should not have purchased Toast 11. Michael.
  2. elquetzal

    Text Displayed When Playing An Audio Dvd

    @Tsantsee. Another quick one on the same subject. The themes all have between 1-6 windows/buttons to place the artwork for each tune. The artwork imported from iTunes is square, whereas the windows/boxes in Toast are oblong. The finished product does not look too impressive. Is there any way that the Toast windows/boxes can be made square, or is there an alternative? Michael.
  3. elquetzal

    Text Displayed When Playing An Audio Dvd

    Thanks Tsantee. Before I read your suggestion I had already played around with a menu style and think I can get the effect that I am looking for. Michael.
  4. elquetzal

    Text Displayed When Playing An Audio Dvd

    Thanks Tsantee for the reply. In the Edit window when I click Playlist tab I see the three lines of Text as you say. Unfortunately the finished DVD does not display this. I get as described above. Michael.
  5. elquetzal

    Text Displayed When Playing An Audio Dvd

    I obviously am missing something really simple and am hoping for a little help here. Due to all the problems with the new upgrade I am still using Toast 11.0.4. I have recently made a few Audio DVDs of songs stored in iTunes 10.6.3. I have selected a the "No Menu Style" from the Options window. From here on I am able to produce an Audio DVD as planned. The only annoying part of it is that when playing the DVD my TV screen is black as configured and the text in white. However, the title of the song is displayed in large letters and below that is the artists name. Below the artists name I get the tile displayed once again. Can some knowledgeable user please confirm how I configure any settings available to show just the Title name and below that the artist name. I have tried editing the info in iTunes but always get the same result. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Michael.
  6. elquetzal

    Toast 11.1 Upgrade?

    @WadeP1964. I am 100% with you on that. I have wasted enough time since I purchased Toast 11.0.6 trying to get it to work. I am staying with 11.0.4 until I read here that other users are satisfied!! It is nothing less than a complete fiasco! Michael.
  7. elquetzal

    Toast 11.1 Upgrade?

    @LoryDolmen. I have exactly the same problem and unable to upgrade to the new version.
  8. elquetzal

    The Problem With Toast

    Tsantee. You say that Roxio will be releasing 11.1 in a few days. On the 28th July I contacted Corel Support to ask how things were porgressing with sorting out all the problems that exist with 11.0.6 and received this reply... Thank you for contacting Corel Customer Support. Michael, we are trying to our best to resolve the issues with the software. Please do not hesitate to contact us with any further questions. Regards, Abhilash Corel Customer Support Services That does not sound too promising to me!! Michael.
  9. elquetzal

    Turn Up Volume

    Thank you tsantee for the confirmation. Yes I meant 11.0.4!
  10. elquetzal

    Turn Up Volume

    Would you please be kind enough to confirm where I find this option to Normalize Track. I am using 1.0.4. Many thanks.
  11. elquetzal

    Toast Is A Total Waste Of Your Money!

    @gaper1. With the greatest respect, is there any point in users posting here about the problems they are experiencing with Toast 11?. I purchased it a couple of months ago and immediately discovered that I could not use it as designed. It is so bad that a member of Roxio staff even posted a link to a beta version which has eliminated some of the bugs. Because of some of my complaints here on this group, an Administrator arranged for Customer Support to telephone me from India. Over a period of a couple of days I had numerous calls from India and spoke with Support for a couple of hours, describing in detail the current problems that Toast 11.0.6 users are experiencing. At the request of Support I even forwarded various files for their investigation. During my conversations with them, I was amazed to learn, that they admitted that they do NOT read this group and had no idea of the extent of the problems. I spoke with two different Managers and was promised a quick response. A month has now past, I have heard nothing, and nothing has been resolved. I agree 100% with the comments made by Greybird and firmly believe, that unless Corel get to grips with sorting out Toast 11.0.6 and offer a professional Customer Support, they will definately "kill the goose that laid the golden egg", that is, if it is not already dead!
  12. elquetzal

    Itunes Drm Protected Tunes.

    Can some knowledgeable user please confirm this. I am sure I have read somewhere on this forum, that it was possible to burn iTunes copy protected tunes to a DVD audio disc before Apple insisted that Toast could not do it. If that was the case when did this take place. Your help would be greatly appreciated.
  13. elquetzal

    Turn Up Volume

    I aslo have a similar question that no doubt can be answered at the same time. I have just created an audio DVD using imported tunes from my iTunes. Everything works fine but I would like to have the same volumn level on each tune. Is this an iTunes issue or can I control it in Toast 11?.
  14. elquetzal

    Insert Artwork In Audio Dvd.

    Thank you tsantee for the explanation. I will give it a try.
  15. elquetzal

    Toast 11.0.6 Hanging At 99%

    @mcurrieer. I think this is what you are looking for. Toast 11.1 Beta: http://db.tt/8i36EJKs