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    Recently Captured Audio Has No Sound On Playback

    Sknis, Thank you for your prompt advice. In an email to TK I provided links to the original posting and your response, and links to download DirectX from Microsoft and Dell's updated driver for the integrated audio for his Dimension 8400. I suggested that he install these. TK reported that he did the dxdiag but doesn't know what to make of it. He hadn't yet installed the linked updates so I suggested that he should do this. I suggested that the next step would be to purchase and install an actual sound card. I suggested the Creative sound card usually priced around $30 at Office Depot stores. (I have installed two of these on our family computers that came with integrated sound.) Since I do not know what versions of WMP or IE are installed on TK's Dell 8400 I suggested that he may want to purchase Roxio 10 at a retail store. (On my own Dell XP MCE 2005 computers I have retail versions of Roxio 8 and 9. My suggestion of the retail product is due to earlier discussions of the lack of Roxio updates for downloaded versions of these programs. I cautioned TK that purchasing the retail version is to be preferred to a downloaded version for this reason.) I (once again) suggested that TK register and participate in this Forum.
  2. This is being posted for a friend who describes himself as technologically challenged. This friend is “TK” (with apologies to anyone else here using that as a username). We discussed the possibility that TK might misuse some terminology if he described the problem himself thus adding confusion to the situation. TK has entrusted me to describe his problem as best I may. I will e-mail TK a link to this thread. It is up to TK to register here and respond to and participate in further discussion. First some background: Hardware: 1-Dell Dimension 8400 (circa. 2004), Windows XP SP-2 with current updates, integrated sound on motherboard. 2-Crosley CR-73 Conductor, is a self-contained CD/cassette/AMFM radio/turntable combo unit with RCA line out jacks. The RCA cables at the Crosley end become a stereo mini-plug at the other end and are inserted into the Dell’s audio line-in jack. Installed Software: 1-Roxio EMC 7 Suite with last program updates from January 2005. 2-Windows Media Player (A recent version, but perhaps not the latest version) 3-Audacity freeware audio software Internet Connection: Broadband or DSL (I don’t remember which one) Some History: TK has used Roxio EMC 7 Suite’s Audio Capture feature to preserve to his Dell’s hard drive selections from his old LPs. These audio recordings have been played through Windows Media Player software. These audio recordings also may be played through the Audacity software when the file was accessed through that software. Background, the You Tube incident: Recently TK found a You Tube video that contained music he wanted to preserve to his Dell’s hard drive. TK used the Roxio Audio Capture feature that created a file on his Dell’s hard drive. Upon attempting playback the Windows Media Player visualization showed the “bars” moving but there was no sound (or video). (Later, on this forum I found information that You Tube uses encoding that prevents capturing their media.) The Resulting and Current Problem: Dating from the attempt to capture audio from You Tube, TK has made several attempts to use Roxio Audio Capture to preserve additional selections from his LPs to his Dell’s hard drive. In each instance the resulting file seems to play with the “bars” moving on Windows Media Player visualizations but there is no sound heard. Dating from the You Tube incident TK has also made several attempts to capture LP audio through the Audacity software. TK reports no success through that program and the “bars” do not move during the recording attempt. Audacity is also unable to play back Roxio audio capture attempts that followed the You Tube incident. Audio captures dating prior to the You Tube incident play back satisfactorily as before. Problem Solving Attempts: Another of TK’s friends and I have searched in vain for possible instances of muted sound in various Windows settings, Control Panel, Windows Media Player, Roxio and Audacity menus. All the settings that would seem to be related to the problem are enabled. The Dell continues to make its own sounds upon boot-up/shutdown and many other routine operations, and TK’s older audio captures still play satisfactorily through Windows Media Player so "muting" does not seem to be the problem. TK’s LPs still play through the Dell’s speakers as well as the Crosley combo speakers. Roxio EMC 7 Suite was recently uninstalled and then reinstalled (again without Drag-To-Disk), and the updates through January 2005 were reinstalled, but this did not resolve the problem. Audacity was also uninstalled and reinstalled, but this did not resolve the problem. We have discussed the possibility of adding an actual sound card but have not acted on that since TK’s Dell had previously functioned satisfactorily for him with integrated sound. Among TK and his friends this problem seems to be beyond our resolution. Hopefully someone here may be able to furnish the missing pieces to get TK back into action capturing audio from his old LPs.
  3. lommasson

    Failed attempts to copy home-recorded DVDs

    Upgrading firmware was another issue that I never thought to persue. I have downloaded the Lite On 1633 firmware update. There are a couple of other computers in the family that I can upgrade with these Lite On 1633 drives and install this firmware update. Thank you for bringing up firmware updates.
  4. lommasson

    Failed attempts to copy home-recorded DVDs

    Following the advice given here I was able to get EMC 8 functional. Owing to the discussion concerning compatibility of DVD media I came to the conclusion that the DVD copy failure was a problem with the DVD burner itself. Today, after reading a number of very favorable customer reviews I replaced the LiteOn with a NEC 3550A. I just test-burned a copy of one of my home-recorded DVDs. I am amazed at the NEC's speed in completing the copy. The old LiteOn had been slowing down before it quit. The NEC-burned test copy looks good. Shortly after purchasing my Dell Dimension 4700 in December 2004 I read reviews and found much praise for the LiteOn 1633S DVD burner. I bought two of them, one for my Dell and another for my daughter's Dell 8250. The LiteOn 1633S burners performed well until a few weeks ago. My daughter tells me today that she's been getting about 50% coasters lately. It's my daughter's birthday today. I guess I know what to get for her. Thank you everyone for your help! Bruce
  5. lommasson

    Failed attempts to copy home-recorded DVDs

    Thank you for reminding me of compatibility issues. I shall do some investigation of compatible media. A few days ago when I still was hoping to get EMC 7.5 functional again I attempted to copy a home-recorded DVD. There was a failure. The report said something like "can not read media." I took the DVD out of the DVD-ROM, wiped it off, and reinserted it. The next attempt to make the copy returned a report that said something like "can not write to media." I took the blank DVD out of the DVD burner, wiped it off, and reinserted it. The next attempt to make the copy returned a report that said something like "incompatible format." These are just approximate recollections of the actual EMC 7.5 failure language. Initially I suspected compatibility to be the problem but came to reject compatibility issues because the LiteOn SOHW-1633S has, using EMC 7.5, sucessfully burned numerous copies of home-recorded DVDs from the very same spindles of both the Verbatim DVD-R discs and the Memorex DVD-R discs I still have on hand. In fact, if my memory is serving me well, the LiteOn has also sucessfully burned copies of home-recorded DVDs to and from the Memorex DVD-R, Verbatim DVD-R, Great Quality (Fry's) DVD-R, and TDK DVD+R discs, even intermingling DVD formats ("plus" and "minus") in the play and record drives, with EMC 7.5. The LiteOn burner was manufactured around the same time as the Dell Dimension 4700, 12/2004. The LiteOn DVD-ROM was manufactured around 9/2005. The LiteOn drives seem to take anything that's thrown at them. For several months they performed well under EMC 7.5, until a month ago (see my original post). The 160 GB hard drive is defragmented regularly; currently with around 87 GB of free space. I capture one to two hours of music from BBC Radio 2 each week. That occupies a good amount of space on the hard drive until the programs are burned to CDs and the captured file is deleted. I'm many months behind on that project. Bruce
  6. lommasson

    Failed attempts to copy home-recorded DVDs

    EMC 8 Horror story continues: Today I uninstalled EMC 7.5 and RecordNow! 7.3 LE. Then I shut down Norton Internet Security 2004, including Anti Virus, and all open programs through Windows Task Manager. Then I did a custom install of EMC 8, omitting Drag to Disc. (This is my third reinstall of EMC 8) Then I rebooted the Dell. Then I shut down the Norton and other open programs again. Then I installed the large EMC 8 update patch from 12/2005. (This is my second reinstall of the large EMC 8 update patch.) Then I rebooted the Dell. Then I shut down the Norton and other open programs again. Then I installed the fix to get the drives recognized. (This is the first time I have used this patch.) Then I rebooted the Dell. The drives are now recognized. On Power DVD I played a portion of one of my home-recorded DVDs, a Verbatim DVD-R. The DVD played fine. Then I placed a blank Verbatim DVD-R in the LiteOn burner, went to EMC 8 and attempted to "copy disc." In a few seconds the burner tray opened and then I got a failure, see below. Next I played a portion of another one of my home-recorded DVDs, a Memorex DVD-R. The DVD played fine. Then I placed a blank Memorex DVD-R in the LiteOn burner, went to EMC 8 and attempted to "copy disc." In a few seconds the burner tray opened and then I got a failure, see below. Here is the detail text from both of the failures: Sense: 02 ASC:30 ASCQ: 05 (Command 2A) ____________________________________ Px.dll. PxAFS.DLL: pxdrk.dll: PxMas.dll: PxSFS.DLL: PxWave.dll: PXWMA.dll: Then, leaving the same Memorex DVD-Rs in the play and record drives, I re-approached EMC 8 to "copy movie." Then I got this failure: Cannot write medium. Incompatible format--Unit not ready. That's where it stands at the moment. Bruce
  7. lommasson

    Failed attempts to copy home-recorded DVDs

    Thank you Alan for the advice. I did see mention of that fix for EMC. I don't currently have EMC 8 on my Dell 4700. At this point I am hoping to get the reinstall of EMC 7.5 functional without having to brave the EMC 8 horror again unless it is the last resort. Bruce
  8. HOME-RECORDED DVDs, COPIED OR ATTEMPTED TO COPY: I have two Panasonic DVD Recorders/VCR Combo units. These receive their signals from Comcast, one through a digital (but non-HDTV) cable box and one directly from cable. (We have the Digital Plus package of channels but I do not access HDTV programming.) The home-recorded DVDs I make on the Panasonics are from local and cable channels, mostly black and white programs such as Perry Mason, Combat, and black and white and color movies from TCM. Occasionally I wish to make a copy of a home-recorded DVD on my Dell Dimension 4700. I do not attempt to copy commercially recorded DVDs. The DVD-R media I use are name-brands, Memorex, Verbatim, TDK, or Maxell. The original installations of EMC 7 and EMC 7.5 were able to copy home-recorded DVDs without a problem. EMC 8, and the most recent reinstallation of EMC 7.5, will not copy home-recorded DVDs. ROXIO EMC 7, 7.5, & 8 INSTALLATION AND UNINSTALLATION HISTORY: Before installing programs I shut off anti-virus and other security software as well as closing all open programs with Windows Task Manager. My Dell came with Sonic RecordNow! 7.3 LE software. Before installing Roxio EMC 7 the Sonic DLA portion of RecordNow! was uninstalled. The original installation of Sonic RecordNow! made copies of home-recorded DVDs. RecordNow! was uninstalled in a few months as it had fewer features than EMC. EMC 7 was installed without the Drag to Disc feature. EMC 7 update patches were installed as available. EMC 7 satisfactorily copied home-recorded DVDs. Photo Suite 7 could not synchronize slide show images with soundtracks. Later, hoping for program improvements, EMC 7.5 was installed, without the Drag to Disc feature, and then its update patches were installed as available. This installation of EMC 7.5 satisfactorily copied home-recorded DVDs. In November 2005, hoping for program improvements, I purchased EMC 8. EMC 7.5 was uninstalled and EMC 8 was installed without the Drag to Disc feature. Immediately I discovered that the optical drives were no longer recognized. The computer locked up when attempting to read from DVDs or CDs. The Audio Capture feature was used once. I emailed Roxio with my observations and concerns about EMC 8. No response was received. On 12/19/2005, for the second time, I emailed Roxio with my observations and concerns about EMC 8. This inquiry was acknowledged by Roxio Technical Support but no relevant or specific advice was given. EMC 8 was soon uninstalled and EMC 7.5 was reinstalled without the Drag to Disc feature. Update patches were reinstalled. EMC 7.5 satisfactorily copied home-recorded DVDs through around early April 2006. EMC 7.5 stopped making copies of home-recorded DVDs around early April 2006. This was around the time I uninstalled McAfee software (a trial version installed by Dell) and installed Norton Internet Security 2004 (a trial version from the Dell Dimension 4700 Tools System Software CD). (I have available a retail version of Norton Internet Security 2005 that I have never installed.) Then I saw that there was an EMC 8 update patch. I saved the patch to my hard drive. I uninstalled EMC 7.5, reinstalled EMC 8, updating it with the patch. The reinstalled EMC 8 again failed to read the optical drives and locked up the Dell 4700, just as the original installation had done. I uninstalled EMC 8 and reinstalled EMC 7.5, without Drag to Disc, and reinstalled its update patches. The optical drives can be read and home-recorded DVDs may be watched on the Dell, but they can no longer be copied by EMC 7.5. There are several errors given when attempting to copy DVDs, some say “cannot read from media,” or “cannot write to media,” or “incompatible format,” and perhaps some other error messages. EMC 7.5 will burn CDs. Lately, in desperation, I reinstalled Sonic RecordNow! 7.3 LE, without the DLA utility, from the Dell supplied reinstallation CD. The reinstalled RecordNow! LE can no longer make copies of home-recorded DVDs. It correctly burns CDs. While I prefer the Audio Capture of EMC 8 (with its instant finalization like the older EMC 5 Platinum) the ability to make occasional copies of home-recorded DVDs is very important to me. How might I get EMC 7.5 or EMC 8 copying home-recorded DVDs on my Dell Dimension 4700? DELL DIMENSION 4700 SPECIFICATIONS Dell Dimension 4700 (new 12/04) Windows XP Media Center Edition 2005 Microsoft Plus! Digital Media Edition for Windows XP Remote Control for MCE 2005 (there are no TV tuner or capture cards installed) Sonic RecordNow! 7.3, Dell installed software (reinstalled without DLA utility) MS Works Suite 2004, Dell installed software Pentium 4 530 with Hyper Threading (3.0 GHz, 800 FSB) 512 MB Ram DDR2 400 MHz 160 GB Serial ATA Hard Drive 7200 RPM ATI Radeon X300SE 128 MB PCI Express X16 Video Card Creative Sound Blaster Live! 24 bit HD Audio Sound Card Dell E1704 FPV Ultra Sharp Flat Panel Monitor LiteOn SOHD-16P9SV DVD-ROM (replaced original DVD-ROM) LiteOn SHOW-1633S DVD-RW (replaced original CD-RW)