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    Formatting data before burn

    Thanks for the insight Jim. What would us novices do without you?
  2. callhim

    Formatting data before burn

    I have updated my signature. I apologize for the lack of info. My latest project was a movie I downloaded to my computer from the internet. The movie is 234mb. With MyDVD9 I added a picture background (24kb) and a 1 line menu. Using an Office Depot brand DVD-R, 16X, 4.7GB disc it took about 6-8 hrs for my computer to process the information and burn to disc.
  3. callhim

    Formatting data before burn

    I have Easy Media Creator 9 Suite. The burn process is with MyDVD 9 or MyDVD Express. I have burned photo CDs, photo DVDs, movies I put together with my video camera, movies I have burned from my computer to disc, etc. The process is as follows: Once I click "burn" or "create disc," and the process begins, the full movie is displayed in a little window and definitely each picture is displayed before the process is complete. It is slow
  4. callhim

    Formatting data before burn

    Am I correct in my understanding that before the actual burn process begins the pictures, videos, etc are converted to a format, and that is why it takes so long to complete the whole process?
  5. callhim

    MYDVD 9

    ******************** I have used video wave successfully without a crash or restart. Thank you for that suggestion. To answer your questions, I have a desktop (Emachines T2042 with enough memory and drive space), I have cleaned the inside recently, and there are no error messages that I am aware of. Below is the information I found with a red "x" under applications. This was reported 6/5/09 Faulting application roxwizardlauncher9.exe, version, faulting module ntdll.dll, version 5.1.2600.5755, fault address 0x00010b2c.
  6. callhim

    MYDVD 9

    I am using Easy Media Creator 9 Suite. I open MYDVD 9 or MYDVD Express from the Home menu, select my slide shows, videos, background, and menus. I click "burn" to get the project started. I am operating from "software" not "hardware" option. Once the project has progressed to the point it is ready to actually burn to disc my computer restarts on its own. This did not happen when I first installed the program. I have burned many projects prior to now. I have removed and re-installed the software. I am open to any suggestions on how to fix this problem.
  7. callhim

    Date Created On Transferred Media

    I tried that and it was assigned today's date. Thank you very much Jim.
  8. I have an Aiptek 5100M video camera. When I transfer video and pictures using ECM 9 Suite it assigns a "created" date of December 31, 2100 on all transferred media. How can I at least get the actual transfer date assigned to my media when I transfer?