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    Interface Error:-32030 The Connection Is Not Stable

    Stacy, I'm glad Roxio came up with a solution for you. I reverted to OS 10.5 and reloaded Toast 10 and have been successful with several burns and disk copies (not that you had the option of reverting to 10.5). However, I will try the Roxio solution after I update the OS system Good Luck and enjoy your Mac
  2. Hack

    Interface Error:-32030 The Connection Is Not Stable

    Hi Stacy and tsantee, Like you stacy I have been receiving the Toast Error 32030. As yet I have not reported it to Roxio but intend to. My problem also occurred when I was using version 9 and I think that the problem started about the time that I did the last update, ie to 10.5.6. I have been trying burning with IDVD and Finder and both have been successful. Also I have had the situation where the system has actually frozen and I have had to re-boot, (shades of Windows OS) I must admit that I am glad to read that I am not the only one that has had a problem