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    Should I Purchase Toast 10 Titanium?

    Ok, Jon Thanks for everything. juancarlos
  2. juancarlos

    Should I Purchase Toast 10 Titanium?

    Hi Jon, Right on the target! The bounced soundbite sounds horrible, so, I used the recorded audiofile not the bounced one and burned it directly in standard formats (44.1kHz-24bit) and it has improved dramatically, thanks for that one. Almost finish. So, do you think, if I also use Toast 10 Titunium (for burning) will it be better or won't be much difference in the final delivery? Maybe that should be the real title of this post. Thanks again Regards
  3. juancarlos

    Should I Purchase Toast 10 Titanium?

    Thanx Jon, I've just checked the version firmware of my burner and it seems to be the most recent. In the other hand, I render my music from an iMac Leopard trhu a Motu 896mk3 (Audiointerface) via firewire to Digital Performer 6 (recording software) in an iMac Tiger via S/PDIF optical and my mix sounds great in the headphones (plugged to the Tiger), the problem is (I think) when I burn the CD. I don't use MP3 for working (I only use AIFF), I've changed the importing preferences in iTunes to "Apple Lossless" and still sounds like a 70´s extremelly bad recorded cassette. Could it be the iTunes or the factory burner (MATSHITA DVD-R UJ-875)? juan carlos
  4. juancarlos

    Should I Purchase Toast 10 Titanium?

    Hi, I'm new here. I'm starting with my music studio recording and I have problems with the sound quallity of my CDs. I use the highest resolution for recording and mastering (96 kHz, 32 bit) and still it sounds very poor in te CD. The question is: Will I improve the cd sound quallity with the Toast 10 Titanium? I work with iMac Leopard, Digital Performer 6, external midi devices, Motu Audio Interface an I use the Apple's factory program to burn the CDs. Thanks, you know how important sound quallity is in this bussines. juan carlos