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    Can't Find Fit To Audio

    I'm creating my first photo slideshow in Creator 2009 (I just upgraded from Easy Media Creator 7.5). I chose to create a CineMagic movie because the Create Slideshow option didn't seem to offer much flexibility. So I've added all my photos and several audio tracks to play in the background. I then chose Edit Movie so I can edit the slideshow in VideoWave. But I can't find Fit To Audio in VideoWave so that my slideshow duration adjusts to fit the music I picked. I'm sure the option is there, but I've looked everywhere. Can someone point me the right direction? Thanks. Robert
  2. I am pretty new to DVD Builder and am still getting the hang of it. I created a title with three buttons that play different videos. The problem is that I can't figure out how to rearrange the buttons so they don't just play in the order I added them. How do I rearrange the order in which the items play? Thanks a lot! Robert