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  1. FEast

    Copying Problem

    Yes, I clicked Select All, right-clicked Properties, and unchecked Read Only. Was hoping to avoid doing that, but at least all is not lost, and my videos can be used over and over, for whatever I need. Thanks, Dave!
  2. FEast

    Copying Problem

    That worked beautifully, once I figured out every single step. Thank you so much, Dave! It's a huge relief to learn that I haven't lost any of the clips I've stored to DVD, and will be able to do other things with them when I choose. To save time, however, is there a setting in Creator 10/Burn Data Disk that will prevent the Read Only from happening?
  3. FEast

    Copying Problem

    I copied a bunch of videos from my hard drive to a blank DVD via Creator 10, with the thought that I could then delete the ones on my hard drive, in order to make more space. However, when I inserted the disk and tried to paste copies of the videos back on to the hard drive, I was told that they are read only, which defeats my purpose. It also means that all the other videos I copied in that fashion, then deleted from my hard drive, are no good to me, other than for viewing purposes. Among other things, I want to make copies of the videos to send to members of my family, but I want to select which ones to send to each person. Is it possible to convert the read only to something that can be pasted to my hard drive, so I can do whatever I want to do with the videos? Also, when next I burn copies to a DVD, is there a setting I can change in Creator 10, so that the videos can be used for purposes other than just viewing? If so, where is it? Thank you!~Fuchsia
  4. FEast

    How To Change Display Name?

    I can't believe I actually managed to be of some help when I so rarely have occasion to visit here, but I'm glad this forum exists, and am more than happy (and pleased) to help. I see you changed my display name for me, so now that's done. When I get my new burners, I suspect I'll be back, looking for help with the new programs that will accompany them. Thanks, Jon!~Fuchsia
  5. FEast

    How To Change Display Name?

    Hi, Jon. I log in via this link, which I probably found on the Roxio site when I originally joined. Since I hadn't been here for awhile, I thought I'd update my info, and went to the same place sknis mentioned in his post. I managed to change everything I wanted except my display name. I just tried the link you gave me, and it didn't take me directly to the support forums, which is what I prefer. Why would anyone want to take extra unnecessary steps when logging into a forum? Seems to me we should be able to sign in directly. Okay, so I've signed in via the link you gave me, gotten to the forums, then clicked My Settings/Change Display Name. When I try to change my display name, I, once again, get the "Your current password is incorrect" message. I'll PM you with the name I prefer, as you suggested. Thank you for your help, Jon (and Sknis); it's much appreciated!
  6. Yay, finally a reply; thanks, Sknis! It's been a long time, so it's difficult to remember exactly what happened. I'd been using this feature for years, then one day it simply wouldn't work anymore. I only installed IE7 (kinda forced into it, but fought it as long as I could) in June, so that couldn't be the problem. Also, I rarely use it, as once I got used to Firefox, I liked it so much better, and I have so few problems with it, as compared to IE. I do use IE for a couple of things I haven't been able to get FF to do so far, but other than that, it just sits there in browser purgatory, rarely used. As for WMP, I had 9 for years, and was happy with it. From time to time, I'd give 11 a try, but always reverted back to 9 because I couldn't figure out 11, and had no time to spend on it. I usually keep very careful records of any changes/updates I make to anything on my computer, but because I switched it so many times an reverted back to 9 almost immediately, I stopped keeping a record of those changes. However, I lost the sound on 9 at one point, but since I'd had a new hard drive installed at that time, I also ran into other problems that were far more important for my tech to fix, so I kind of let that slide, as there are plenty of other media players I can and do use. At the end of December, I finally threw in the towel and spent the time needed to learn 11, at which time the sound magically reappeared. Go figure... As for a rollback, I wouldn't know where to begin, as I have many gigs of data, and, as I mentioned, I had a new h/d installed in 7/09, which has been problematic. I think all the kinks have been worked out now, as I hired another tech to take a look at it a few months ago, and he was able to correct numerous problems my other tech couldn't. Ah, well, I've been using the stills/screen cap options in other programs since that option no longer works in Sonic, so it's a moot point. However, I really liked Sonic, and wish I could get it back. I'm currently looking into buying new external burners, so will undoubtedly be supplied with newer software with whatever I choose (have been putting it off since I have so little time to learn new things, much as I love doing that), so I suspect you'll be seeing me on some other boards with tons of questions. Thanks, Sknis!
  7. I've been trying to change my display name, but keep being told that my current password is incorrect. I used it to sign in, and to make some other changes, but it refuses to recognize my password as correct in this instance. After checking several help possibilities, I turned to one of the moderators, and he suggested I ask here (thanks, Beerman!). Has anybody tried to do this? There's an option to do it in My Settings, but I can't get it to work. Thanks!
  8. Thank you all so much! I guess that, unless I can find another master, I can scratch that title from my catalog, as I got rid of my VHS masters a long time ago, so can't make another. Since you've been so helpful, I was wondering whether you might have an answer to something I posted last year, to which I never received any replies. Thanks, and have a Happy New Year!
  9. I have to burn a lot of DVDs for my business, and rarely have trouble doing so. The master of one I've been trying to copy is fine, and works all the way to the end. However, every time I try to burn a copy, I get the following error report: "Unrecovered read error - Medium error." [03/11/05]. I've even tried switching the source and destination drives, all to no avail. I also cleaned the burners with a lens cleaner disk, which cleared up some other problems I'd been having, and I should have thought of doing this long ago (duh!). Since there's nothing wrong with the master (just looked at it from beginning to end; yawn), I'm wondering why I keep running into this problem and what it means. Can anybody help? The master is irreplaceable, and it looks like I never made a backup copy, which is rare. Thanks!
  10. Bump...am hoping someone will see this who can help, but might have missed it earlier. Thanks!
  11. I've been clicking the camera icon on my Sonic CinePlayer 2.1 for a few years to make stills/screen caps directly from DVDs. About a week ago, I started getting the following error message: "The image could not be captured. Screen capture is not supported with the current media or the hard drive might be full." My hard drive is a long way from being full, but I checked the defrag anyway, which said it wasn't needed. My tech had me do a CCleaner run-through, but it didn't help. I then tried an uninstall/reinstall, which allowed to me repair first. I did the latter; didn't work, so I tried the former. After reinstalling the program, I found that all my settings were the same, even the name I'd assigned to the batch of caps I'd hoped to make. Even so, capping still didn't work. As I was drifting off to sleep last night, I remembered this forum, so thought I'd bring the problem here. Any ideas? I've checked out other programs, but they're far more complicated, and I have this one mastered, so I'd prefer to continue using it. Thanks!~Liz
  12. Sadly, it didn't work. I installed the full pack, and unless I did something wrong, my Roxio DVD player still doesn't work. Oddly enough, however, I noticed that, although the program that's listed in the program folder for the DVD player says it's 5.0, the player that comes up when I try to play a DVD is 2.0. Could this be the problem, and if so, how do I fix that?
  13. Thank you so much. I'll let you know if it works.
  14. I did, and it didn't. I was very confused as to why the player wasn't working, so I asked two techs. Both said I needed the codecs. I had the same problem with the Windows Media Player (still can't get it to work) and AVS DVD player which appeared out of nowhere after the reformat (didn't have it before the reformat). I got the latter to work after one of my techs sent me the link to the codecs.
  15. A couple of weeks ago, my tech did a reformat of my computer. I thought I had everything backed up, but, oh no, what a mess! I've solved most of the problems, but one that remains is the DVD player. I simply have not been able to get it to work. My tech says I need the codecs for it, but thus far, he hasn't had the time to find and send them to me. Therefore, I just now tried doing a search to find them myself, but to no avail. There's nothing under Roxio DVDMax Player, PowerDVD, or CyberLink Corp., not even on the Roxio site itself. Yet those are the titles they're giving when I check under my Roxio programs. Oh, and in case you don't know, the DVDMax Player that comes with EMC 7 is 5.0. I've managed to install two other DVD players, but had become rather fond of capturing photos on my Roxio player, and it took me awhile to figure out how to do it. Therefore, rather than waste time trying to figure out what the other programs have to offer, I was wondering whether anyone here knows where I can find the right codecs? Thank you!~Bountifully, Liz