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    Here are the specs of what I'm working with: Macbook Pro Mac OS X 10.5.6 Drive - Matshita UJ-868 Toast Titanium 7.0 here is my problem - I go to burn a Video_TS folder into a single layer DVD and after compressing the files, it moves to the "Preparing" stage and just freezes - or just spins its wheels. I think the problem might be because Toast doesn't quite "know" everything about the recorder. In the bottom right corner of the Toast window it says "Matshita UJ-868 - Unknown Bus". I never saw that phrase "unknown bus" on my older macbook pro before and I think that's why I can't get Toast to follow through with a burn on anything. I've checked the troubleshooting and no topic is helpful. Does anyone know how I can resolve this and get some ripped DVDs to burn for a change. Thanks. ChiGuff