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    Roxio Crunch

    Thanks, I'll look in to it. Btw... nice car in your icon. I am restoring a 1955 Jaguar XK140MC. Lots of fun.
  2. jwiddifield

    Roxio Crunch

    Does this encoder work on a PC/xp platform?
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    Roxio Crunch

    Hello to all! I purchased an Apple TV unit and would like to convert my library of nearly 400 movie titles, formated as Video_TS, to I assume mpeg4 using Crunch. I appears that each movie converts in real time. I would like to recieve near dvd quality, and therefore, have my settings set for Apple TV High. Is there a faster setting that will still deliver dvd quality, but at a much faster speed? Secondly, what should I set my screen adaptation to? If the movie is already in letterbox format, will I need to choose this format, or do I choose none? Thanks in advance for any helpful comments.