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  1. Does NXT4 convert WVE files to MP4 for inclusion in a project? Thanks. Dave
  2. d37s39

    Convert Wve File To Mp4

    Many thanks to Brendon for his explanation. I'll try to get them to produce a final video rather than the project file. Dave
  3. d37s39

    Convert Wve File To Mp4

    Family member prepared a video using Filmora. 30 second video has WVE file extension. Web shows software purchases capable of conversion. Wondered if my NXT4 will do the job?
  4. Thanks - sounds like a good solution. Will give it a try. Dave
  5. I have 4 dvds generated using MyDVD and covering one vacation. Each dvd is about 1 gig. I want to copy all 4 dvds onto a single dvd for backup purposes. Using NXT-2, I tried copying to DVD-Video File, but each copy overrides the earlier one What is the easiest way to copy all 4 on a single DVD? Thanks.
  6. Packaged a group of digital photos into a 15 minute video with audio using NXT2. Exported to MyDVD and tried to burn a disc. Preview works OK. When trying o burn, I am getting the following error code - 8004520c Error while Encoding Movie 1. How do I handle this? Thanks. Dave
  7. d37s39

    Encoding Error In Mydvd

    Thanks for both answers. Decided to try the easy one first. Used my Norton Utilities to clean my registry. Cleaned a couple of errors from deep scan and that did the job. DVD completed. Thanks again. Dave
  8. d37s39

    Changing Image On Mydvd Title Page

    Thanks guys - I am a newbie to Creator so forgive me. I will be making a few other DVDs of slides taken on various trips, so I will copy and print the recommendations. Maybe the next time will present no problems.
  9. Completed my production using VideoWave and exported it to MyDVD. The button on the Title Page shows the first image of the production. I want to select a different image. How do I make the change??? Thanks, Dave
  10. d37s39

    Changing Image On Mydvd Title Page

    Generated a satisfactory work-around changing the order of photos in videowave, but never did get to successfully change the button image using show settings and file. When I opened file, did not see the dmsm images. Will put this aside for awhile. Thanks for your help.
  11. d37s39

    Changing Image On Mydvd Title Page

    Yes - tried your suggestion. I completed a VideoWave production using about 200 slides. After saving the Videowave file, I went to Output and selected export to MyDVD. Screen comes up with a pre-selected Title page with Image button, title box and production box. Image button is showing the first slide of my VideoWave production. Using right click deletes it, but cannot enter any new image from the production. In fact, I can not see any of the VideoWave images when the title page is open. I can complete and burn the DVD with no problem if I keep the button with slide number 1, but I want a different slide on the movie intro. Am I being clear?
  12. d37s39

    Changing Image On Mydvd Title Page

    I'm not sure I'm doing it right. I want slide 1 of the Videowave production to open the movie, but I want slide 8 to be the button image on the MyDVD title page. I have no problem in deleting the slide 1 from the button, but am unable to paste the slide 8 image in its place. Using NXT 2, version 15.05.02. I would think it's simple, but the paste order Is not working in MyDVD. What am I doing wrong?
  13. My jpeg images are about 5 megs each. Using VideoWave, I usually view the finished DVD on TV's that are 40 inches or more, There are about 600 photos to pack into the DVD, each about 4 seconds. What is a good image size to keep the pictures relatively sharp? I will keep zoomed photos with high resolution. Should I resize the others? Thanks.