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    Saving Before Burning

    I appreciate the suggestion, but I agree with myguggi; the project is already open and if I close it, I will lose it. I also don't know what an ICO file is. I still have the project open, hoping for an answer. Thanks. Maureen
  2. emaureena

    Saving Before Burning

    Thank you so much for getting back to me. As soon as I click on Yes ( to save it), the pop-up goes away, but nothing else comes up to allow me to give the project a name or do anything else. The same when I click on the menu items. The page seems to blink, but nothing happens. I've kept the screen up all day because I don't want to lose the work I've done on it, so I suppose you could say I've been waiting for hours. I just now tried to Burn again, and got the same message about saving with the same results. Thanks again.
  3. I am working in MyDVD and I have everything ready to burn to a DVD. I have not exceeded the available space on the DVD and everything looks OK, but when I click on the Burn button, I get a message saying that I must save the project before burning. It then asks me if I want to save, and I click Yes and nothing happens. So I go up to the File menu and click on Save and nothing happens. Same with Save As. Same with the Save icon in the tool bar. I am stuck and I don't want to lose the work I've done getting the stuff ready to burn. What can I do? Thanks. emaureena