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    Tiger 10.4.7 & Toast 7.1 incompatible?

    Yes, it's encoding and then multplexing. Toast 7.1 occasionally gets through encoding, but began crashing repeatedly before multiplexing. Toast 7.0.2 encodes then multiplexes then burns just fine.
  2. batchannel

    Tiger 10.4.7 & Toast 7.1 incompatible?

    Mine was MPEG2 pulled out of my Tivo with Tivo2Go on a PC, stripped of DRM with DirectShow Dump, and then burned on a Mac. I do this all the time, and Toast never had issues with it until upgrading to Toast 7.1. 7.0.2 still works great.
  3. batchannel

    Tiger 10.4.7 & Toast 7.1 incompatible?

    I just reverted back to Toast 7.0.2, and so far it's encoding fine in 10.4.7, running on a G4 Mini. Using a Plextor DVD burner via Firewire. Haven't tried any other combination yet. Anyone else?
  4. batchannel

    Divx Best Practices?

    I just bought the Eye TV, and am waiting for my upgrade code to 2.0 to try it out, so I don't know if that's even an option. I'll report back once I have learned the app. Tivo records at Medium quality, which I've read on a message board is 352x480, 2600 kbps, but I have no way to confirm this. I did try converting a Tivo file with ffmpeg to an AVI Divx default setting (bit rate: 1137). Not sure how to then burn it to a DivX disc in Toast... Toast seems to want to reencode it. Any thoughts on this?
  5. batchannel

    Divx Best Practices?

    Thanks for the references! They look very helpful! Just curious...why ffmegX over Toast for converting? Is it quality or control? Something else?
  6. batchannel

    Divx Best Practices?

    I'm learning about this DivX format, trying to figure out if I should be archiving my shows with it (coming from my Tivo and Eye TV). I'm not thrilled with the default Home Theater Profile, but I'm not sure what the next best step is. (Lots of pixelation and such). Selecting Extreme Quality under the Codec selection actually seems to make things worse. Is there a Divx setting that will give me DVD quality while still reducing file size somewhat? I thought MPEG4 was supposed to be equally good quality with a smaller file size. Am I wrong about that?