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    Toast 10.7 Pre-Release Message

    same response here, i bought toast via online website in august today opened toast and got pre release message, opened up a ticket via support. see what they will answer eric e
  2. i am trying to burn dvd using toast 9 with blueray i am getting the error -36 i/o message that dvd is copy protected, i didnot have message before ,can someone help me what to do ?

  3. eric e

    Toast 9 Settings

    hello, i made a film of approx 10min in fce 4.01>>export quicktime mov (.mov) settings 1920x1080i50 (shot with avchd camera) now i want to burn this movie on dvd, i bought toast 9 and hd/bd plugin i also own hd dvd (1080p) player and hdtv. my burning process is on internal dvd burner on my macbook. now i read on toast site that i can burn hd movie onto an ordinary dvd (as i have no blurayburnen and also no bluray player)using toast but only around 20minutes playing time(which is ok). Does someone know what settings i have to do in toast in order to obtain hd quality and could someone explain step by step what to do in order to burn this dvd? also please let me know what kind of dvd disks are usable(rw-/+ r-/+ hd dvds etc..) and best for burning? thanks very much regards eric