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    DL Video DVD Burn Error -5001

    Well, a pack of Verbatim 2.4x DL DVD+R and.... the same problem. Does anyone have any ideas as to what else could be causing this problem??
  2. cpressey75

    DL Video DVD Burn Error -5001

    Unfortunately, Lacie's own updaters downloaded this morning (and the day before that and the day before that) report that my firmware is up to date. I'm using 2.4x DVD +R media, and burning at 1x speed. I've tried all the combinations of burn speed. It's never worked.
  3. cpressey75

    Failed Dual Layer Burns With Up To Date 10.4

    Interesting - I can offer no help, but I have similar problems. I just upgraded to Toast 7 AND bought a new Lacie Lightscribe internal for my G5 dual... Haven't been able to burn one DL disk yet. they all fail at the end with "Mac OS Error -5001" messages. Lots of coasters, no help from Apple, Lacie, or Roxio.
  4. cpressey75

    DL Video DVD Burn Error -5001

    Hello, I recently purchased a Lacie Lightscribe internal DL burner for my Dual 1.8 G5 - I'm attempting to burn from a video_ts folder to a DL +R DVD. I've gone through 5 disks now, and each time after going through at various speeds and waiting for the entire process to finish, I'm returned with the error message: Sorry, the operation could not be completed. Mac OS error -5001. Does anyone know what causes this error? Any help would be most appreicated.