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    Slideshow Screen

    Thanks so much for the input. I did find Videowave and tried to edit from there. Unfortunately it crashes my system everytime I use Videowave. I'm beginning to think that it is also a problem with my video card. I appreciate everybody's help. Much more than I got out of Roxio.
  2. Gary Dunn

    Slideshow Screen

    Being a novice, I'm not sure if I am using Videowave. I don't know how to pause the slideshow; maybe that is the problem. Yes I click on a photo and it does seem to ignore me and go to a different section. If I am fast, I have been able to move a slide before it goes to another location. Very frustrating.
  3. Gary Dunn

    Slideshow Screen

    I have created a slide show. When I am in the section where the photos are displayed (Step 1), the program keeps scrolling through the slide show. I can use the slider bar on the right to move to a different section, but just seconds later it goes back to the position it was originally in and continues to scroll through the show to the end. Sometimes the function that allows you to pick on a photo and drag it to a different location works, sometimes it doesn't. Obviously the problem noted above compounds this problem becuase the screen shot keeps moving while you are trying to move the photo. Your help on this would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Gary Dunn