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    Mov videos converted to windows media

    Windows Media player likes .AVI by default. Here is a Link. That said, I suggest that you pay $19 and buy Quicktime Pro at the Apple Store Online. It will convert many common media files and of course play .Mov files. Good Luck, -B
  2. babylonslim

    Popcorn Or Toast 9 For Tiger 10.4.11

    Many Thanks - with the minor difference in price between pcorn and #9, I'll probably get the latter.
  3. babylonslim

    Popcorn Or Toast 9 For Tiger 10.4.11

    Since I cannot run Toast 10 and there isn't much of a difference in Toast 9 and Popcorn as far as price goes... which should I buy if: Mostly all I want to do is make a compilation DVD of 50 separate DVDs that my students have made over the years with IDvd and DVD Pro, i.e. all NOT copyrighted. I'm just not that familiar with all the other features of Toast 9. I have/teach Final Cut Pro, FCExpress, Soundtrack Pro, Cubasis and other stuff. Bottom line are all the other features worth having? I mean, most folks buy these "packaged" products but probably only use the DVD ripping/burning options found in Popcorn, right?? Thanks In Advance - B. Slim
  4. babylonslim

    Should I Buy Toast 9 Or Just Popcord

    I was going to purchase Toast 10 Pro this evening for the discount, however, I read that it requires Leopard??? Won't work with Tiger??? If the above is the case and all I want to do is copy the contents of 40-50 DVDs onto one DVD, shouldn't I purchase Popcorn? ( I teach Final Cut and have 5 years of students' separate works - each on a separate DVD disk. Also, I notice that on this forum, those of you with 10.5 - are having issues with Toast 9 now that you've upgraded to Leopard. Is it true that it worked fine with Tiger v. 10.4.11? Am I correct? So, bottom line, with Tiger should I buy Toast 9? Are the extra features worth it? Or should I just get Popcorn? Thanks in advance - B. Slim
  5. babylonslim

    Importing Dvd/video_ts

    Or download VLC media player to copy your TS files, then download Hawkeye to convert to almost any format - both are free - or were when I downloaded them. Bottom line, Hawkeye is great for converting to MPEG-4.