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    Converted Mp4 File Disapears!

    hi, thanks for the reply.... no, it's not, i checked though iTunes, even using spotlight and the file has vanished again! I tried again last night tweaking the settings, and the file was created on the desktop as normal -this time Toast names it "Desktop" - but once the compression has finished the file vanishes,....! it's really weird.! rob
  2. robbie123

    Converted Mp4 File Disapears!

    Hi, after selcting the relevant VOB files from the Media Menu, dragging to the video panel, and exporting to a H264 format, toast chugs away for an hout or so, creating a file on the desktop. When it finishes, this file just vanishes..! not in Trash, not in "converted item" folder, not on desktop... can't be found in Spotlight either.... please help....