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    mp4 videos

    Two different programs with two different capabilities. From the help files for Photo Show 6 "Video Clips Roxio PhotoShow supports video clips in the following formats: AVI, MPEG1, and MOV. The maximum file size of a video clip which can be included in a PhotoShow is 50 MB." From the on-line version: You could always do the Photo Show on-line and then download the mp4 file to burn to a disc if you have a DVD making program or you can convert the mp4 file to one of the acceptable frmats using somethng like the free "Any Video Converter". Watch the file size; Usually mpg1 is poorer quality; avi are large files so MOV may be the best bet. I've used the converter and it works well. Don't forget to update your PhotoShow 6 to the latest build. It should be an automatic update if you let it. Thanks! That sure is disappointing. I'll give it a try. Sue Thank you! That is disappointing. But at least I understand now.
  2. Ghee Ghee

    mp4 videos

    I am able to import mp4 video clips into PhotoShow.com but not able to import them into my desktop version of photoshow 6. Any suggestions? I'm using Windows 7.
  3. Ghee Ghee

    Importing Photos

    Any ideas? I am able to import photos into Photo Show 5 from my Canon Digital SLR camera, but when I try to import downloaded photos from my olympus digital camera, I get the error message "encountered and error and needs to close".
  4. Help someone! I am able to import photos into photo show 5 that I have downloaded to my computer from my Canon SLR-Rebel XTi camera, but when I try to import photos that I have downloaded from my olympus digital camera I get an error message that says photo show has encountered a problem and needs to close. Any ideas?
  5. Ghee Ghee

    Photo Show.com

    How do you delete photo shows from the photo show .com website without deleting them from my computer?