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  1. After creating and burning a DVD with DVD Builder, the resulting disk appears in My Computer as "DVDBUILDER". Where is the option to change this name? This would save me time in figuring out what is on the DVD in the future. Thanks. Beny
  2. Thanks for your reply, but it is still troubling, a 4.7 GB DVD can hold max 120 minutes of Video. So two 45 minute video clips should fit easily. I think that there may be a problem with how DVD Builder calculates remaining capacity. If time is the issue, the bar should be graduated in minutes, not capacity. Either way you cut it, there is no way that DVD Builder should have reported itself full on a 2.5GB, 45 minute clip. I am trying to use VideoWave to remove the commercials and re-render the file, but rendering is SLOOOOOW as it seems to be running in real time. I shall see if I get any success. Thanks, Beny
  3. Hi I was building a Video DVD with some TV shows I recorded in MPEG2 format. Adding the title to my project showed that it was about 2.5 GB with 2.1 GB left over. I decided to test out Advance Edit. In advance edit, I clicked on Timeline and removed one commercial, and some footage at the beginning. Then I clicked DONE and was surprised to see that DVD Builder now indicated that the clip was almost 4 GB! Why did it get bigger? There is no way I will be able to fit more than one episode of video. How can I fix this? Beny