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  1. well how do I add it to the context menu? I had installed after a clean uninstall.
  2. How come in Vista there is no context menu (right click menu) entries for ID3Tag Editor or Audio Converter. Previous versions of Creator had this and when clicked it would auto populate for the file highlighted. Is there an option for it somewhere in the setup?
  3. Surf

    Mydvd Xml Load Failure

    Clean un/reinstall fixed it. Thx for the help.
  4. I dont understand why software companies like Roxio would make a product less user friendly. Microsoft did the same thing in a big way moving from XP to Vista. Cant personalize the toolbars! Duh. Roxio had a nice quick right click function to change file attributes, why make it not auto populate? I dont expect an answer. Sigh.
  5. Surf

    Mydvd Xml Load Failure

    IE and WMP work. Dell Dimension 8400 Windows XP Home edition 5.1.2600 Service PAck 3 Build 2600 2GB RAM 160 GB HD Used the full MyDVD that comes bundled in Creator 2009. Did not start with Videowave. Movies are .avi captured by Roxio from Camcorder.
  6. I just upgraded from Easy Media Creator 9 to Creator 2009. A function I liked appears to be missing! In EMC9 I was able to right click on a mp3 song file and do "move or rename file" and it would automatically populate the "move or rename file" application with the song I wanted renamed. In Creator 2009 I can right click and "convert audio files", but the song I right clicked on isn't auto-populated in the "convert audio files" application field which forces me to browse for it. This is time consuming and not convenient. Am I doing it wrong? Is there a setting to make the song auto-populate?
  7. Installed Roxio Creator 2009 on a Dell Dimension 8400 running XP. When I click the startup star icon I get a message that "Roxio Creator has encountered a problem and needs to close." EVENT Type:cle20r3 R1: roxiocentralfx.exe P2: P3: 48c6a9c5 P4: presentationcore P5: P6: 470bc96a P7: 3d36 P8: 45 P9: system.invalidoperationexception HELP!
  8. Whenever I create a project in Creator 2009 MYDVD, save it, then try to reopen, it says "Open project operation failed XML load failure" It took hours to create the project and to have it unopenable is very unnerving. I'm running XP.