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  1. Also what about your computer specs (not model number). Where are you playing the DVD/BR discs?
  2. I like your icon. Try the FREE version of Cyberlink's Power2Go 13. It is simple and should do what you want without a steep learning curve.
  3. sknis

    Good alternative to Creator NXT 8?

    There are several but I'm sure that your question was really part of your rant (Mild) and you don't expect anyone to post the information here. Since it doesn't work for you, get your money back if you can. there is a warranty with a time limit. Since Roxio is part of Corel, look at the two other offerings from Corel.
  4. sknis

    Choppy video

    I have questions, not answers. For me, Good-bye
  5. sknis

    Choppy video

    Take time to read and answer questions. If not, don't expect a good answer!
  6. sknis

    Choppy video

    Why didn't you say so in the first place? Which MAC? Premier Pro? Roxio or Adobe (yes, they have a software name that). Perhaps a step back to analyze what you really do have to work with and a little more thought about the question and then a post in the correct section of this site? Are you using emulation software?
  7. sknis

    Choppy video

    Also need to provide the Windows dxdiag.exe on your computer. when you go to run it, select to output to a file and then post that file in your thread.
  8. sknis

    Roxio Photosuite Platinum 8 and Windows 10?

    Couldn't find an exact match for your question but that program is not supported. Good luck in getting someone to answer and please let us know if you do.
  9. sknis

    Blue-Ray option not allowed NXT8

    Believe it or not, extra money is involved for a Plug In to get that blu ray option.
  10. sknis

    Stagger Lee's post

    Stagger Lee; Have you looked at YouTube videos for Roxio. and also Roxio FaceBook ? No manuals but plenty of videos.
  11. sknis

    How to use

    Also, there are several "How to" videos on YouTube. Just search for Roxio. Start with 8 and if you still can't get something covering 8., look for previous versions. Not all things are carried over from previous versions to the latest.
  12. Converting analog media to digital with Roxio Easy VHS is my side hustle that is about to become primary. I have 3 basic Win10 Intel PCs I do them on. But exporting converted files to MP4's takes forever, and I want to cut that time down if I can.

    If you're writing the specs for a Roxio Easy VHS converting/rendering computer, where does it need the beef? More RAM? Tons of cores? Clock speed? I can get something refurbed without breaking the bank.

    Thank you for any advice!


    1. sknis


      I do not respond to questions in private message.  The forums exist to share knowledge with other users.

      There are no Roxio/Corel employees on the site so no one is writing specs or code for Roxio/Corel. 

  13. What format files are you trying to add to Video Wave? Are any of them copy protected? How about the size?