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  1. Hi sir, you seem to be knowledgeable person in Roxio, I am trying to open either Roxio NXT Pro 7 or easy CD& DVD burning 2 both of them is not opening it start blue or orange small screen but after a while 5-7 seconds later it froze or not open and blank screen. They told me uninstall and reinstall which I did but still same problems i have NXT 7 from internet easy CD&DVD burning 2 with hard copy nothing is working. Can you help? 

    Thank you for your time and effort in this matter,

    Best regards


  2. Sorry to hear that. Roxio label creator is a cut down label program. Have you tried the program that came with your printer? IF you have the $$, consider buying the 'SureThing labeler. Just in case: Do not put paper labels on and kind of DVD/CD.
  3. sknis

    Roxio NXT 7

    Please reply to these question in this post. Where did you get your Pro 7? How many times have you installed it (there is a limit)? Have you tried 'REVO Uinstaller Pro (Moderate ONLY) trial version to search for and remove all traces of Roxio programs>
  4. Have you considered a dual layer DVD? It may fit there. If you try squeezing the 1 1/2 hour on a single layer DVD, the quality will be so bad that it may be unwatchable.
  5. How much video (time) are you trying to put on the DVD? Only one hour for a single sided DVD. Have you tried a dual layer DVD?
  6. sknis

    Passing on my previous Roxio DVD

    Sorry , the EULA prohibits you from selling your old software to anyone else. (Note: it takes a lot of electrons to download the hard work of probably a lot of lawyers). Since you can't sell it there is no need to deregister it. Past experience has shown that some of the new things are not as good as the old things so it is better to have both on your computer for awhile.
  7. sknis

    Roxio Genie Not Installed

    Where did you get the p0rogram download from the Roxio site, came preinstalled on your computer, disc, etc.?
  8. sknis

    Photoshow Desktop program

    Here is one possibility (link)
  9. I always liked GoldWave for audio and VideoMeld for video plus audio in more complex situations. They are not simple to use but there are a lot of shortcut tools.. They will will give you lots of options to work with if you need them. . I have never used Audacity so I don't have any knowledge about comparing Audacity Vs GoldWave. I have never used VideoMeld except for short videos.
  10. sknis

    DVD BLU RAY Jewel Case Labeling

    Yes, express labeler is still there but you may not like the rest of NXT7. Because of the "new" version of my DVD that is substituted for what was in 6.
  11. Sorry EL77 but you are asking some very basic questions relating to basic video editing. You are overanalyzing the issue. I hate to do this to you and wouldn't if I could answer all your questions as thoroughly as some other sources. Go to use Google and/or YouTube for your definitions of things like frame rate AVCHD, etc. After you have one that, come back and ask your questions again if you still have any. Post a screen capture of your typical screen or upload it to a sharing site. My original suggestion is to use what you are starting with -- what your camcorder is set for. Images taken with your camera should match the DVD resolution (720 by 480). That is for the US (NTSC). If you are elsewhere, you would use PAL. If you want higher quality (AVCHD or blu ray) you'll need upgraded equipment.
  12. The best you can do is what format you started with and where are you going to play the video. Tell us more. Why did you go to 6? The version that has been for sale is 7; why not that (not that it would be any better).
  13. Thanks for that video. Please attach the dxdiag.exe TEXT file for your computer. There is no personal information other than your name of the computer. You have a lot of processes using a little bit of your computer resources. Do you need them all running?
  14. sknis

    Unable To Find Certificate File

    LJ (according to the web) is a burner program. I never heard of it either!. Need - download and install the trial of "REVO Uninstaller Pro. There is a 2 week trial. Just have it search for Roxio and it will find what was left behind from the uninstall. Be careful, there may be other Roxio programs that you may need. As always, this is a suggestion and you will have to live with the consequences. Make a Windows restore point before you start. Just to make sure, this is not Roxio Tech Support. It is a users group who have a lot of experience with the programs. but are not otherwise connected to Roxio/Corel.