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  1. sknis

    Photo - Create Slideshow

    I'm not Claude but do have a suggestion. See if your version of Roxio NXT came with the separate program "Fast Flicks". It is from Corel. Search your computer for it. BTW, hint. Do not do an add-on post for a thread that is over 6 moths old. Every situation is different so detail are important. Also BTW, Claude hasn't been back since August.
  2. sknis

    Help with Videowave10

    Do I hear an echo? Only one thread with the same information, please.
  3. sknis

    Help with Videowave10

    What was updated recently (Windows)?
  4. sknis

    Free editing software

    If your Roxio Vhs to DVD isn't enough, try Windows Movie Maker. Search the web for it for your Windows Version.
  5. That error has been seen before. Simply search this forum for "Burner State..." Here is one example of a possible solution.
  6. sknis

    Video DVD burning?

    Now it is eve easier unless you want something special. Open MyDVD, select DVD. when the main page opens, select help and then click user's guide (pdf file). Follow the instructions. Come back here if you cannot follow the instructions. For now, use the standard program and don't do anything special. Once that works for you, you can then ask if there is something special that you want but can't do.
  7. sknis

    Video not connected

    With all do respect, are you connected to the OUTPUT of the VHS (usually on the back)
  8. sknis

    NXT 6 Themes

    Corel, or the behalf of Roxio has dumbed down or removed many of the previous features.
  9. sknis

    BurnerState_EncodingMenu failure

    The blu-ray part is a premium feature and will go away in a couple of days. It looks like the project isn't the problem. Have you tried what REDWAGON suggested (not making the ISO).
  10. sknis

    BurnerState_EncodingMenu failure

    It is possible that there is something screwed up in your project. To find out, download the free copy of Cyberlink's Power2Go and try burning the bluray. The trial has all the nice features of the premium version for about 15 days so you should have the capability to burn the blu ray. Since this is a free program, it is permissible to post the link to it. You can remove it after this test. If it burns, then we have to look further into the capabilities of Roxio's burner. If it doesn't, there may be issues with your discs, your burner, your computer, etc.
  11. sknis

    BurnerState_EncodingMenu failure

    Not long ago, Roxio started to charge extra for the capability to burn BluRay. Is your version have the capability to burn BR i.e. did you buy the add on?
  12. sknis

    MyDVD menu background sound

    Where did you get the MyDVD? Here is my build.
  13. sknis

    MyDVD menu background sound

    In the Advanced mode, there are 4 buttons under the window. The fourth one is a speaker; simply slide the slider down.
  14. sknis

    How to burn DVD to autoplay/no menu

    It was an option in earlier versions but when Corel added it to NXT 7 they deleted that option. We told them but they didn't listen. If you look at the options in the Corel version, it says it can be done but no one knows how to do it in NXT 7 version. Try the free version of Cyberlink' Power2Go to create a disc with no menu. It has a 30 day full trial then it reverts to the basic program which still my be good enough for you. Create you slide show using Roxio and then convert it to the format you want. Add that to Power2Go
  15. sknis

    New Computer

    A couple of questions first 1) Did you buy the program or did it come with the old computer? 2) Do you have the program disc? 3) How many times did you reinstall the program on the old computer? 4) Did you register your program? 5) Have you signed into your account to look and perhaps download the program?