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    Win 10 updates and Roxio installations

    I have not had to reinstall any Roxio products because of a recent Windows update! Destroying files? None. When this happens did you try to REPAIR the Roxio installation? Tell us more about what happens. It would be a big help to post your dxdiag.exe text file )the file, not the individual lines of text)so we can perhaps see what is going on. Oh, by the way, what antivirus are you using and do you turn it off during the Windows update.
  2. sknis

    Adobe Flash Player

    Not many other things to do? Perhaps have your eyes checked? This is in the forum for PhotoShow and has nothing to do with PhotoShop.
  3. sknis

    Adobe Flash Player

    Make sure you have the latest version of PhotoShow. Also this.
  4. Don't you ever get rid of old files? Free space, especially on your system drive may be a problem You should get rid of the programs/files you don't use anymore. Take a look at the error messages near the bottom of that txt file. There are a lot probably related to disc space. There are also some related to Roxio which may be giving you some of the problems you are experiencing. Other than that, the computer will run the program. You may want to look at some of the posts related to multicam editing on the Corel Users group. Go here and look around.
  5. A better way to show what you have and the potential issues would be to post the dxdiag.exe evaluation of your computer (link). There is no personal information except what you named your computer. Where it says save the information in a easily shared format, Select Text (txt) file. Attach that txt file to your response. Hope you learn something from this exercise !
  6. You don't see this? Perhaps you didn't scroll down far enough.? Next you will say you don't want to spend the money !
  7. It appears that you really want a better multi-camera experience. Try Corel Video Studio Ultimate 2020. There is a 30 day trial. but it is also on sale now (July4th holiday). Corel owns Roxio and Pinnacle.
  8. sknis

    Multi Camera Feature In Nxt Pro 5

    Are you just busting ba----s or are you serious? Tell us about it - what version are you using/ This post is in NXT 5. Create a new thread and include your version and your dxdiag.exe. What is your detailed problem or need? I don't have NXT 5 on my machine only Nxt 7. Does your multicapture look like this?
  9. It would be a big help if you would post your dxdiag.exe evaluation of your computer. There is no personal information except he name you gave your computer. It tell us about such things as CPU, Free Space, and most importantly near the end of the text file are some detected error messages that we might be able to eliminate. Please post only the text file of the results; not the line by line evaluation. Do not send the results to EA. Just post it here. Follow the procedure carefully. Make sure you understand it. Note, this is a users group so we can't help you with a refund. If you want to contact Roxio/Corel, go here.
  10. sknis

    Anybody know what year it is?

    Where did you buy the program? Roxio/Corel does not have Version 4 but I found a similar named software from "VidBox on ebay.
  11. Bit have you ever tried the Slide Show program in Windows 10? I have no other suggestions. Has the client used Roxio programs like Video wave? Yes, the Corel photo editing program seems to be complex but there are "automatic" settings to make it easier. Pinnacle has SmartMovie as their slide show offering. At one time you could download the PhotoShows from the web and save them. I don't know if that is still available. As with other software, if Flash goes away, your client will need to get other current software anyway. Yvette, did you try FastFlicks or any other video editing program to make your slide shows? Google for other software. Rizzo, get Yvette, BitGuru, his client and a whole lot others to see what can be done to resurrect PhotoShow by contacting Roxio/Corel. It would have to be a whole new program though.
  12. Does you client still pay for an annual subscription to PhotoShow? I stopped using it years ago because of all the problems/changes with it. I'm not even sure that FastFlick is available as a standalone. it is available as part of NXT7 and may be available as part of a Corel higher priced offerings. It is doubtful that Corel will try to support 2 slide show programs. Since YouTube and other free sites are available - with and without security, is there a need for this type of program? If you have a client, I'm sure that you know the currently available slide show programs - some free.
  13. sknis


    In Video Wave, switch to storyline view. Do you see the blank (black ) panels there. If so, remove them. If they are supposed to be images that you want, then check the blanks panels for format and other properties. They may be too large or a wrong format. If you don't see the black panels, y ou should be able to guess which one they are in the storyline. Edit those as necessary.
  14. sknis

    Label Creator Styles

    No but Disc Labeler 7 is only $20 - $35 and gives you more. The Roxio built in one is very limited (as you know).
  15. Try turning off any audio enhancements on your sound card.
  16. sknis

    Cpscommontools.dll Was Not Found

    Please do any additional postings in the proper forum for Photo Suite. This forum is for PhotoShow. A completely different program. Post it under Legacy Products - PhotoSuite 5. - I just saw you did so. This thread is closed.
  17. sknis

    Photo Suite has stopped working

    Too many (Corel) cooks spoil the broth !
  18. sknis

    Photo Suite has stopped working

    I'm almost 78 so I also didn't grow up around computers but was able to read and act on one step at a time. I took a quick look at the dxdiag. It gives the errors that you have experienced on your computer listed near the end. You have several including several graphics programs - including MS Paint, AfterShot, Content Merger (Roxio), There may be some problem with your display such as old drivers, with WINDOWS or other not as visible. Perhaps it is time to work with someone closer to you. I'm also going to forward this topic to someone that is better to help you.
  19. sknis

    Photo Suite has stopped working

    I give up ! Anyone else want to step in here? Did you even bother to follow the detailed images that cd posted? Re: REVO - Don't try it because you will forget to set it to Moderate Mode. Did you go to the REVO Unstaller web site? Did you know that the blue text are links?
  20. sknis

    Photo Suite has stopped working

    Perhaps PapaDon needs to spend more time reading and understanding replies.. or perhaps it is just my replies - look at previous posts. and my suggestions for REVO uninstaller !
  21. sknis

    Photo Suite has stopped working

    Please run and post the results of the dxdiag.exe evaluation of your compute(It is a Windows thing). How did or did you uninstall 2011? Go to your NXt 7 disc or download and click on repair. Do not use reinstall because you have only a limited number of installs before you have to contact Corel/Roxio to reset the number of allowed installs. Try this first. If this doesn't work, Something broke when you upgraded to W10. If you haven't already made several installations of NXT 7, you can use the free REVO Uninstaller in the moderate mode only. to uninstall the 2011 and the NXT 7. You can then install what you want.
  22. sknis


    For instance ! Also, you didn't search very hard for that error code. For instance and more. (When you type in the numbers, hit return rather than selecting the magnifying glass.)
  23. sknis


    With the limited info you provided, I suggest that you search there forums for that error code. There are several topics that list that code. You will have to pick the one that fits your setup. Also since you are new, I want to remind you that this is not tech support --- just us users here !
  24. sknis


    I don't know, there maybe someone else who does know. Since it is fast in doing the back up, I would imagine that it would back up whatever is on the computer at the time of the backup. Oh, also I forgot to mention the videos on YouTube that may also help.
  25. sknis


    Why worry about it? Space on your computer? Try going to the help menu for the Program; there may be some help here. or look in the forum for that product below.