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    Exceeded Activation Limit (Split From Hijacked Topic)

    You said "My whole video library is associated with this app. What types of files do you have associated with the PROGRAM? What operating system? The message you got may be associated with the OS rather than count. I don't know if it can be set. The two people who were associated with the program are long time gone. I'' bring this thread to the attention for the Moderator. Since that program is over 10 years old, I'm not holding out any hope,
  2. How do you know that the disc is good? What brand? Is it new and out of the (cake)box? What are you trying to burn? How long is the video if it is a video? The 97% may just be the encoding and prepare to burn the last few percent may just be the actual burn although the 97 % may not be the actual right number. Any other errors (numbers)? What operating system? If it is Windows 10, have you ever successfully burned a disc? Please provide the dxdiag.exe evaluation of your computer. Follow these directions and attach the text file created by the program in your reply.
  3. I asked about firewire in post number 4 but the poster seems to ignore that request (and other suggestions).
  4. sknis

    Nxt4 Transitions

    I did not see it in a quick look at this thread - 1) make sure your antivirus is NOT active during the installation (best practices) and 2) delete and trash any registry cleaners that you may have operating. These have become less of an issue recently but they created havoc in earlier versions.
  5. What problems were you having with the Sony software? If you don't use that software, then you will have all kinds of problems trying to jury rig a solution. The software converts the signals directly to a signal that the computer can use. If you can't use the Sony software, you may need to use two different solutions. Does you computer have a IEEE "Firewire" connection? If that one camcorder has a disc, did you read the instructions? The disc may have to be finalized to get it to work.
  6. sknis

    Nxt 5 Videowave Problems

    Why didn't you follow the instructions for posting the TEXT file as instructed by the link provided: " When you are making your reply to a user asking for that information, click on the "More Reply Options" at the bottom of the reply box. Type in the information you want to post with the dxdiag file. Select "Choose File" navigate to the file and click on it, the file name will appear next to the "Choose File" box. Click on the "Attach This File" just below "Choose File". The file will be uploaded to the site and will appear in your post when you complete your post. Note that you can add additional files such as a screen grab using the "Choose file" process. DO NOT upload the contents for the dxdiag file; just the file itself." Me only - It doesn't give me (at least) confidence that you can follow the instructions for fixing your problem. Sorry but it had to be said.
  7. sknis

    Photo Shop Will Not Load

    When and where did you get your version of PhotoShow? You said sometimes you get a pop up what happens the other times? Have you gone to the on-line PhotoShow site and re-downloaded and installed the version 6 build 2? When you go to the site and select to download, does the information include Windows 10 (if that is what you have)/
  8. sknis

    Nxt4 Transitions

    Did you install the "Contents" file/download. That is where they are. What level of NXT4 did you buy -- standard or Pro? There were some major changes in NXT 4 from earlier versions (look at MyDVD). Hange onto that EMC 10 as long as it works.
  9. sknis

    I Would Start My Own Thread If I Knew How !

    The program is NOT compatible with Windows 10. Users Guide here (link) VHS to DVD 3 is compatible. OOPs - we both answered (same) at the same3 time. Thank goodness for consistent answers
  10. If it were a digital tape, he would need and IEEE port. Apparently the tape camcorder has the necessary "out" jacks for the USB device.
  11. sknis

    Nxt 5 Pro - Sound Editor

    You should be able to increase the size of the audio track to better see any glitches. What you posted is not very informative. What is your Windows default player? It may6 try to play the file that you are opening with Sound Editor simultaneously.
  12. sknis

    Nxt 5 Pro - Sound Editor

    If you bring the files back into Sound editor and expand the timeline to max, what do you see at the beginning and the end of the wav display? If you see a little glitch, what happens if you edit it to cut off the glitch? Also, make sure that you don;t have 2 or more audio player opening at the same time. That will cause glitches..
  13. We are NOT Roxio/Corel. We are users with experience in using the program. Did you reboot your computer after trying the video menu? Please add as an attachment your dxdiag.exe file. Look at your Windows event logs to see if there are any hints there. Post the error that relates to the burner. Do you have and OEM piece of software - something that came with the burner or other piece of hardware? OEM are modified and castrated to the OEM provider's spec. As such, you need to contact them.
  14. sknis

    "roxio Creator Has Stopped Working"

    What is "rozio"? Please don't use a smart phone to ask or answers questions. Do you have a registry cleaner on your computer, either a standalone or as part of another program like System Mechanic? Those my be the cause of your issues. In the past, you had to reinstall Windows. What caused that issue and what fix did you use? Please supply the dxdiag.exe text file on your computer. Follow these instructions. I don;t have W7 on my computer but I think that this is available in it. In Windows, go to "Event Viewer" (Run Event Viewer) or Events Log and then to Windows Log and then open the Application (errors). Scroll down until you see the errors. There are probably more than one. Click on it to see the details. Post that information if it relates to creator This is an example of an error log (for Chrome).
  15. Thanks for the dxdiag.exe text file. It helped. Hint: Take a look at the error messages near the end of the dxdiag.exe file. There are several Windows errors including one that really slows down the computer (NSBU.exe) (Norton Discussion). Is there an up to date antivirus on that computer? When was a complete scan last run? There are also other errors relating to Microsoft so that it can't install updates. I'm going to guess that your husband doesn't use that computer for anything taxing -- especially not videos. The video driver is from 2 years ago. You should look to see if there are newer drivers. The i3 CPU is not very good for video editing and will lead to being very slow and frustrating.(along with the other issues discussed above). Re: Files Typically the larger number is given first (except for smart phones) I have worked with 1440 by 1080 in the past with no problems. Perhaps it is time for a Holiday computer gift ?
  16. Speed is dependent on your computer. By the length of time it took, it appears that you are counting in the amount of time it takes to re-encode the video file to the format you chose for the blu ray. Where did you get the home videos - camcorder or other? What format are they? Are they high definition to start with? If not, what definition (1920 by 1080 or 720 by 480 or other.) Attach the dxdiag file from your computer. Follow these instruction (link) When talking about disc dize when you are talking about video, time is the important factor. How much time are you putting on the disc? There is no need to finalize a video disc. You can finalize a data disc. What part of the program are you using for your work MyDVD or Copy and Convert? Have you looked at the tutorials in the part of the program you are using? There will be more questions (and answers) based on the information you provide.
  17. sknis

    100 Gb Blu-Ray Discs

    You have 30 days to return the program IF you bought it directly from Roxio/Corel. You can also download the "free" version of Cyberlink's Power2 Go 11 Essentials. It will burn the BDXL (128GB) discs. There are some premium features that stop working after 15 days but the BDXL is part of the Essentials
  18. sknis

    Can't Play Captured Video

    Size of the files (in general). Also try the free VLC player to play them. If that doesn't work then almost nothing else will.
  19. sknis


    Sorry, can't be done in any Roxio Creator program. You can use one of the linked programs, look at Corel's Video Studio or search for a program that advertises that it will do subtitles.
  20. sknis


    Canned subtitles or just some text that you want to add? Just select a title and add that. Move it to where you want it. or Using notepad (link) or use one of these (link).
  21. Many of us use the free version of REVO Uninstaller. There is also a trial version of REVO uninstaller PRO. USE ONLY THE MODERATE MODE!!!! PRO will also uninstall programs that are only partially installed or uninstalled. USE at your own risk. Remember to reinstall to a Windows administrator's account. Turn off your antivirus until you reboot after the reinstall.
  22. Let's get this out of the way. NXT 2 is NOT compatible with Windows 10. If you chose to upgrade, and need the program, upgrade to NXT 4 or 5 or get a full and unopened version of Creator 2012. Many people says that the old version works. NXT 4 or 5 has a new MyDVD that will disappoint. So that we can provide some help before the Holidays, please provide this information 1) dxdiag.exe of your computer 2) More information (don;t use this guide for the computer information) By your quick question, perhaps you think that this is Roxio/Corel Tech Service. It is not. No one from Corel or Roxio come here anymore. We are users who try to answer questions based on out experience. We'' try to make guesses based on those experiences. We do not have the ability to change the program or fix it on your computer.
  23. Did you reboot your computer? Did you get rid of any registry cleaners? Did you turn off your anti-virus when you installed MSXML4? Do you know that this is a users forum and not Roxio support? Did you try to re-install the contents disc?
  24. sknis

    Mix Editor Volume

    Have you checked your Windows Audio settings for the different inputs??
  25. sknis

    Live Screen Capture

    Are you using a computer monitor or an external display device like your computer connected to a projector or similar? What are you trying to capture?