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    Required Drivers For Roxio Video Capture Usb

    Hi Newbie. A suggestion for a Newbie. Please start your own thread You have the same product but unless IL stands for a Country, then threadjacking this thread won't help you. The original poster is out of the US and in a country that requires a SCART connecter. Did you check for an update to the program and drivers for that USB device? Look here (link) You said upgraded and then said you are using the original USB device. Did the upgrade tell you where or if you need to update the USB device?
  2. sknis

    Modify Text In Nxt 5 Mydvd (Split)

    Some software engineer forgot to put those functions in the program after they made up the users guide. Corel has the same MyDVD program in Roxio, Pinnacle and Corel software maybe one of the other 2 work ! Remember that you have 30 days to return it if you bought it from Roxio/Corel's on-line store. Some people (no guarantee) have installed Creator 2012 on their W10 computer and it worked.so far. Again - no guarantees!
  3. sknis

    Roxio Music Disc Creator Stops Working

    Music Disc Creator comes in many flavors as part of another package of programs. Which one do you have (name of main program).When you open it what is listed in the upper left hand corner?
  4. sknis

    Multi Camera Feature In Nxt Pro 5

    John, Welcome to the Forum ! It is hard to find but there is a tutorial here (link) Remember that the standard will only do 2 camera while the Pro will do 4. You have to chose the main camera for the audio and then sync the other cameras to that main one. All the others will sync to that one. You cannot cut out parts of the video and then expect it to snyc after that editing. This is a pretty advanced feature so if you are just starting out, you may want to review the basics and the jargon. OOPs, I forgot to remind you that lower video tracks on the timeline cover the upper video tracks
  5. sknis

    Making A Cd Or Dvd From An Audible.com Book?

    Does this have anything to do with a Roxio or Corel program? If not, this will get moved to the general area where many more people will see it.
  6. Are you using a remote monitor or a smart TV? Did you install any codec packs? Can you show us a screen shot of the black box? Something may be missing from your computer - really from Windows. How about a screen shot showing the frame and black box please. It would also be helpful if you post the dxdiag for your computer -- follow these instructions.(link).
  7. sknis

    Rendering Video Stops At 99%

    Tell us about your project. What kind of video are you starting with, what did you want for output? How long is it? Have you added any special effects - transitions, etc? You may want to try deleting that last section (or at least part of it) to see if there is there is an problem at that point. Any error messages or does it just hang? Did you look at the rendered video to see if the render actually finished but didn't show it?
  8. sknis

    Is Photo Show Now Working?

    It has been updated for Windows 10. Making a DVD is spotty. Didn't you just get technical support from the Facebook page?
  9. sknis


    Set the duration of the first picture for 10 minutes or Add multiple copies of the first image so that they add up to 10 minutes. but Is that what you really want to do. 10 minutes of looking (and perhaps reading) one image is a long time.
  10. It, perhaps was not so back in December 2015 when this topic was started. There have been many changes since then. Thanks for the current information. How do you suggest getting the video on your computer without a DVD drive? That was the more impotent part of the thread.
  11. sknis

    What Format To Render

    If you are making a standard definition DVD either single layer (a little over one hour) or a double layer DVD (a little less than 2 hours) then it will end up being in the mpg2 format. Don;t do any more conversions than absolutely necessary. By the way, if you look at a standard DVD, the video files are listed a having a VOB format. VOB = mpg2. When you go to burn, I always like to make image (ISO) files and then copy those to a disc. That way you don;t waste discs if there is something wrong in the project or of you want to make multiple copies. Always think time rather than MB when you are talking about video.
  12. sknis

    What Format To Render

    Don't forget that even if you do everything right but you are using poor quality blank DVDs, you may get a lot of failures. TaiyoYuden JVC seem to have less failures while store brands and Memorex seem to have more. Although you have a high definition camcorder, you did not say if you want to make standard DVDs or High Definition disc. By making a standard DVD, you will lose much of the quality that you have from the camcorder.. You may not like the results and the bars around the video while played. If you just want to make a standard DVD, just work with mpg2 format. An AVCHD disc will not hold much more than 40 minutes on a single layer disc. For a blu ray disc, either AVCHD or mpg2 will work. Tell us step by step how you made the DVD that would not work (make sure you use the program item information - Video Wave. MyDVD, Copy and Convert etc. I would guess that almost all new DVD players being sold have the blu ray capability to keep the original quality. You may have to buy from Roxio the ability to work with blu ray
  13. You have an OEM piece of software --free with purchase of a piece of hardware. What hardware -computer or dvd drive or other. If you got it any other way, it is both illegal and it may not work. Since it is an OEM, not all the features are available. Please post a screen grab of the start (home) windows. and post it here. What kind of problem are you having?
  14. sknis

    Vhs To Dvd Plus No Video Input

    Just to clarify, Look in the back for output ports (29 and 30). Ports 27 and 28 are input ports to the recorder/receiver. The "Y" splitter is for the white to white and red input to the USB device. If you can't find one, then you can record the mono audio to one channel.
  15. sknis

    Not Recording Full Video

    If you have a video camcorder that allows for passthrough, you can feed the output of that video player to the camcorder and the camcorder to the Roxio device. It has worked for some. Of course it depends on the importance and number of tapes you have. Do you have a digital camcorder or can you borrow one?
  16. sknis

    Not Recording Full Video

    Let's start with the easiest question. What program and version are you using? Audio or video? Commercial or non commercial? Brand and model of tape player? Are there any skips or bad spots in the tape? We'll need more information about what you are doing. Answer these questions to the best of your ability (link). Also the information on your computer (if it is a PC). If you really need an answer, we do need more information from you. Please don't take offense; we just don't want to waste our time with a long Q&A session.
  17. sknis

    Dvd That Auto Plays And Loops

    I don;t have NXT 5 but in the past, creating a disc with no menu will do what you want.
  18. You said "It is these answers that determines the future purchases of a company's products." Why did you feel the need for a threat? No one on these forums work for Roxio/Corel so we really don't have any monetary reason to listen to the threat. We suggest that these programs are the best for neophytes ln video editing. They are also a good deal because they are mostly Suites of programs and not just a video editor or a audio editor. or a back up program, etc. You are free to chose whatever you want to buy-- perhaps something from Corel? BY the way if your program came with your computer or piece of hardware, it is an OEM program. Those can run only on the hardware that it came with. It may be that the change in operations system crippled the software. Contact the manufacturer of the computer or hardware to see if they have a newer version (free).
  19. sknis

    Blurred Photos During Printing

    You forgot to tell us what program you are using to edit and print the images. PhotoSuite which in in NXT 4 or one of the Corel programs that are included. What resolution are the pictures (images) off the camera. What resolution are you working with in PhotoSuite? What kind of edits are you applying? What resolution have you chosen to print? Sorry for all the questions.
  20. sknis

    Import - Scan

    Just a quick question before going further -- did you update the scanner/printer drivers for Windows 10?
  21. sknis

    Photoshow Bit 32 Vs Bit 64

    No, Actually many (most?) programs are 32 bit. Those that are 64 bit are well advertised as such.
  22. This is an old YouTube video but it should still work (link)
  23. sknis

    Recording Stops At 'gap' In Tape

    Yes, if your CPU and hard discs can;t keep up, then it is possible to get the problem. Do you have a lot of space on your hard drive and is it defragged frequently (if it is nt a Solid State Drive). Is your CPU running at max for a long time? If it is a laptop, is it being cooled?
  24. sknis

    Rendering Stopped Working.

    Please explain in more detail especially the par about exporting with different settings and formats. Have you tried to make (burn) an ISO file in MyDVD. If that completes properly then you can use the application on the main windows to buurn that to disc. If it doesn't complete then there is a problem in the project - it could be a bad video, bad menu, bad navigation and toher issues. Try making the ISO and watch where it stops if it doesn't complete. Let us know where. Also look at your burner is it possible that the laser lense is dirty or other such issues? Have you looked for an update for the firmware for that burner?
  25. sknis

    Making A Cd Copy Of Photo Show

    Edit- Correction My problems came because I had uninstalled and installed the program several times in answering questions on this forum. I got my account reset and now I can run the program. When does your problem occur exactly. In the selection to burn the disc or sometime after that? In the past, too high a resolution of the pictures (images) have caused black squares. Since you are making a CD(?) - are you sure it is not a DVD- then the high resolution is of no value What happens if you select to create a video file? When you play it back do you get black or blank spots? If so I would still guess image resolution. If not, you can author a disc wit that PhotoShow. Whyy are you using DVD RAM discs? Read this