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  1. sknis

    DVD won’t burn

    If you bought an ElCheapo DVD+R DL, you may have one or more bad discs in the pack. Check you burner's manual to see what it will play.
  2. sknis

    burning disc

    I don't have PhotoShow on this computer. If I remember that, in the dim, dark past, that the problem may be related to the size and resolution of the images. If you are still playing for PhotoShow, contact Roxio/Corel support. PhotoShow should have been euthanized many years ago and subscriptions refunded after a suitable time for people to download their PhotoShows. See if you can find a free version of Corel's FastFlick. It used to be readily available but now is part of other Corel Products. USe it with templates to make a video file and then use Power2Go (free) to burn it to disc.
  3. LeeTX No, we have no inside information. You have struggled with your problem for several versions and at least 2 1/2 years. Perhaps it is time to try another product from Corel (Pinnacle or Video Studio) some have free trials. If you have the same audio problems, then perhaps it is time to look at your computer/speakers/connections, etc. There are dozens of other software programs out there- perhaps one of those will be to your liking. Don't forget that Microsoft has some built in programs also. Good luck.
  4. VHS to DVD3 is the name and purpose of the program. and yes, two entries are correct. You already know what happens if you try to delete one. Here are some almost helpful tips. Your question is mp3 files and the subprogram "Sound Editor". Two different programs. Sound Editor WILL take mp3 files that are either on your computer or available via audio device through your sound card. I have several mp3 files on my computer that I bought in the past. They all imported properly. What is the source and where are your mp3 files? What are the properties of the files? Sorry Mr.Bruce you sound frustrated. It might be useful to review the help files. More than half of your posts are either duplicates or non relevant. (please no flaming; I'm trying to help). In the future is is better if you stay on track. Most people who reply here will not read your long posts. Remember we are volunteers and not Roxio/Corel Staff.
  5. Stick with what works for you unless you want/need the split screen video. There have been no major fixes in the new version from XNT 6. Still have 2009 on your computer?
  6. sknis

    Pan zoom photos freeze at the end

    Probably just your computer trying to keep up. Are all the display drivers up to date? Do you have very little else running at the time? Do you have a lot of free space on your drives? If the are not solid state drives, have you defragmented it lately. Please post the dxdiag.exe evaluation of your computer. Just attach the txt file to your replay rather than the line by line. What program/version are you using? Do you see the freeze on you computer display or on a finished DVD? Please post the dxdiag.exe evaluation of your computer. Just attach the txt file to your replay rather than the line by line.
  7. Just a non-requested suggestion. Download the free "Jing" software for recording your screen images. then you can add them as an attachment (see below).
  8. sknis

    Video Wave Audio "Fuzzy"

    EdK, I'm sure you recognize that you are replying to a thread that is almost 2 years old and that there have been several upgrades/updates. If you have the same symptom (not necessarily the same problem) please start a new thread and give all you information including the dxdiag.exe evaluation of your computer.
  9. sknis

    "Popping" noise in audio playback

    Think about it - how do you remove the pop without the audio being affected? You might try to split and remove the pop -- but the audio at the same time will go with it ! A lot of audio programs have been killed for just this same reason. Try searching for one since the audio programs in the Roxio product won't do it. In the past I used "Gold Wave" but I don't know if it will help you.
  10. sknis

    Blu-Ray Plug-in does not work

    Look at the bottom of the dxdiag file and you will see a lot of errors. One of which that should have nothing to do with blu ray is https://www.file.net/process/igfxext.exe.html. and https://www.file.net/process/dthtml.exe.html (more). cdanteek also reminded me that you have to go into "help" and activate the blu ray.
  11. sknis

    Error code: 301989883

    MAC or PC? This is an older thread and it would be better to start a new one with all YOUR details. Please include the dxdiag.exe file if it is a pc.
  12. sknis

    Blu-Ray Plug-in does not work

    Probably to easy to ask. do you have a blue ray burner and is is up to date? Please provide your dxdiag.exe evaluation of your computer.
  13. sknis

    Video zooms forward at spots

    Sounds like your Notebook can't keep up. Make sure you have enough free space on you storage drives. for the temporary storage that needs to be written to.
  14. sknis

    Photo - Create Slideshow

    I'm not Claude but do have a suggestion. See if your version of Roxio NXT came with the separate program "Fast Flicks". It is from Corel. Search your computer for it. BTW, hint. Do not do an add-on post for a thread that is over 6 moths old. Every situation is different so detail are important. Also BTW, Claude hasn't been back since August.
  15. sknis

    Help with Videowave10

    Do I hear an echo? Only one thread with the same information, please.
  16. sknis

    Help with Videowave10

    What was updated recently (Windows)?
  17. sknis

    Free editing software

    If your Roxio Vhs to DVD isn't enough, try Windows Movie Maker. Search the web for it for your Windows Version.
  18. That error has been seen before. Simply search this forum for "Burner State..." Here is one example of a possible solution.
  19. sknis

    Video DVD burning?

    Now it is eve easier unless you want something special. Open MyDVD, select DVD. when the main page opens, select help and then click user's guide (pdf file). Follow the instructions. Come back here if you cannot follow the instructions. For now, use the standard program and don't do anything special. Once that works for you, you can then ask if there is something special that you want but can't do.
  20. sknis

    Video not connected

    With all do respect, are you connected to the OUTPUT of the VHS (usually on the back)
  21. sknis

    NXT 6 Themes

    Corel, or the behalf of Roxio has dumbed down or removed many of the previous features.
  22. sknis

    BurnerState_EncodingMenu failure

    The blu-ray part is a premium feature and will go away in a couple of days. It looks like the project isn't the problem. Have you tried what REDWAGON suggested (not making the ISO).
  23. sknis

    BurnerState_EncodingMenu failure

    It is possible that there is something screwed up in your project. To find out, download the free copy of Cyberlink's Power2Go and try burning the bluray. The trial has all the nice features of the premium version for about 15 days so you should have the capability to burn the blu ray. Since this is a free program, it is permissible to post the link to it. You can remove it after this test. If it burns, then we have to look further into the capabilities of Roxio's burner. If it doesn't, there may be issues with your discs, your burner, your computer, etc.
  24. sknis

    BurnerState_EncodingMenu failure

    Not long ago, Roxio started to charge extra for the capability to burn BluRay. Is your version have the capability to burn BR i.e. did you buy the add on?
  25. sknis

    MyDVD menu background sound

    Where did you get the MyDVD? Here is my build.