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    BurnerState_EncodingMenu failure

    Not long ago, Roxio started to charge extra for the capability to burn BluRay. Is your version have the capability to burn BR i.e. did you buy the add on?
  2. sknis

    MyDVD menu background sound

    Where did you get the MyDVD? Here is my build.
  3. sknis

    MyDVD menu background sound

    In the Advanced mode, there are 4 buttons under the window. The fourth one is a speaker; simply slide the slider down.
  4. sknis

    How to burn DVD to autoplay/no menu

    It was an option in earlier versions but when Corel added it to NXT 7 they deleted that option. We told them but they didn't listen. If you look at the options in the Corel version, it says it can be done but no one knows how to do it in NXT 7 version. Try the free version of Cyberlink' Power2Go to create a disc with no menu. It has a 30 day full trial then it reverts to the basic program which still my be good enough for you. Create you slide show using Roxio and then convert it to the format you want. Add that to Power2Go
  5. sknis

    New Computer

    A couple of questions first 1) Did you buy the program or did it come with the old computer? 2) Do you have the program disc? 3) How many times did you reinstall the program on the old computer? 4) Did you register your program? 5) Have you signed into your account to look and perhaps download the program?
  6. Put your Windows disc into your drive; it may ask if you want to do a repair. Check the Microsoft web site. There is an automatic repair tool. Don't get the tool elsewhere.
  7. 64 bit here. I downloaded the video but perhaps I automatically converted it. Here are the properties. 064A0F05-61B7-40C3-8704-5752CFAC3FA8.SNAG
  8. The narrator sounds like my sister-in-law ! Since it is an audio issue on your computer (mine also plays fine in VideoWave), download the free Any Video Converter (link) and reconvert the mp4 file to mp4. That should take care of the audio issue. Your file has a pretty high quality audio quality.
  9. .... and the answer to the question about network? Your Windows installation has many problems. You need to repair that first. Look at the bottom of the dxdiag.exe file to see them.
  10. Are you trying to use the program on a network? Where did you get the program? Please post the dxdiag.exe as asked.
  11. Turn off you antivirus (disconnect from the internet if desired), turn off all other running programs including any system tools (registry cleaners) and do a repair on the program. Do not do a reinstall because you have a limited number of installs. If that doesn't fix it, please post a dxdiag.exe evaluation on your computer. It will tell us a lot about the health of your computer. there is no personal information other than the name you give your computer. My son calls his the POS computer.
  12. Have you tried the Multicamera Feature in Video Wave? I'm surprised that you couldn't do it the old way.
  13. What did you just change/update? Have you checked for viruses?
  14. sknis

    Enhance audio

    I' sure it does but I haven't used it in a long time so download and try.
  15. sknis

    MYDVD Templates

    Ah Toast - I should have asked about pc vs Apple. For some reason, I could not get this to Toast 18 but i'm sure someone will find it here and respond.
  16. sknis

    MYDVD Templates

    Which MyDVD, the new one or the old one? What version of the program do you have - a NXT version or an older version like Creator XX? The answer is yes to your question depending on the answer to the above. Instead of making a new template, select one that you like and modify that. edit: Never use your actual e-mail address on any forum or you will end up getting a lot of spam.
  17. sknis

    Enhance audio

    None of the audio tools in NXT have the tools you need. As you probably know, voices are a blend of frequencies and therefore it is very hard to separate one from the other. A suggestion is to download the free trial version of "GoldWave" and try that program. Most of the other programs i'm aware of have been discontinued. Good luck.
  18. This is now a longer thread than what it need to be. Yes, you can edit the video file to remove those sections relating to the images. Start witht he vob files that you have taken off the disc and put it in VideoWave timeline. You would then have to cut out the image and insert the image you want in that place. The problem is much more complex if you used any transitions between the images. Here is a short video showing how to simply cut out a section (image). It is a long and tedious task. If you have only one or two images you want to replace, then be ready to spend hours to do it. If there are more, then be prepared to spend days or weeks. It would be much less of a hassle to start from scratch even if you have to spend hours or days to get the original images.
  19. Have you looked at GoldWave ? They used to have a trial version that seems to last a long time.
  20. No problem using Roxio NXT 7 Video Wave. I don't have 2012. Also no problem using a different updated video editing program. Have you tried the built in Windows video editing program (built in if you are using an earlier version of Windows but available as an add on for Windows 10? Time to consider an upgrade or alternate? Your version is old and may not have the proper codecs. What version of Windows are you using? If you bought that camcorder; then you could probably afford a new version or upgrade to your computer.
  21. Tell us more about your computer (read this). (link)
  22. sknis

    Error code: 301989883

    We need more information. Is the MyDVD Pro a Macproduct or are you running a program that converts your Mac to run as a PC (emulator)? Tell us more about how you are trying to "burn" the video. Are you using a server? That error code seems to indicate that the program can't find the second video. My guess is that there is something wrong with the menu pointing to the second video or that the second video is noncompliant with the standard mp4 format -- perhaps the audio? The more information you provide up front, help eliminate SWAG replies.
  23. Contact Roxio/Corel Sales. They may be able to give you a copy if the old program.
  24. No Got any photos? What is the shortest video and what kind are they? BTW, I went to the Corel help pages and there is not much there. This is from the Pinnacle forum regarding split screen.
  25. Pinnacle is owned by Corel but it does not seem to suffer the same fate as Roxio.