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    ARRRGH!!! new install fail!

    First, don't do the uninstall and reinstall again unless told to. You have a limited number of installs before you get the install count reset by Corel. Second, turn off your anti-virus and do a repair. of the program. Third, if that doesn't work, post the text file results of a Windows dxdiag.exe. It will tell us about the state of your computer and any errors that might have occurred. There is no personall information except what you call your computer. Be aware that the latest versions of " Create DVD" is nowhere near what it had been in the past-just in case that you expected it to be.
  2. If you bought it from Best Buy, it had to be validated for it to work. I have not heard that the second install had an issue. There is a limit on the number of times it needed to be installed (not repaired). The best bet to get this fixed is to contact Roxio/Corel directly for a new key/procedure.
  3. sknis

    no sound on DVD

    You may get that error screen by installing a program over itself. You want to do a repair. I see errors in .net framework. Try installing it separately .here If my ancient memory is still active, I think that error 1603/1605 also suggests that.
  4. sknis

    no sound on DVD

    It is a bad idea to have your antivirus enabled during the install of any software. It may block some needed parts to be installed. If you haven't already done so, shut off your antivirus and do a repair on the software from the program disc. Do not do a reinstall because those are limited. Since you have WINDOWS 7, the dxdiag did not give us the information I was looking for. I forget how to get the information on the crashes and hangs of your system. I'll try to look it up but someone may beat me to it. In the mean time, your computer is woefully out of date. Try updating the drivers for your audio card an see it that helps. If not, update the rest of your computer's drivers. Additionally, your computer is woefully underpowered for this video editing program. Make sure nothing else is running when you are doing video editing and that you have cleaned your hard drives of stuff that you don't use.
  5. sknis

    no sound on DVD

    Well that blows that idea of of the water !. How about posting the Windows dxdiag.exe evaluation of your computer. The text file and not the entire line by line. It may give us some hint about your equipment. Also did you have your anti-virus active during the install of this program?
  6. sknis

    no sound on DVD

    How long in time are you trying to burn to disc?
  7. Not easily. Output them to the video format of your choice and add each to the timeline. Make sure the format is supported by the program.
  8. sknis


    I just tried it and I was able to see the timeline view. Go to the add/hide tracks and see if there are some tracks that are not hidden. If not you may have a bad install. Turn off your antivirus and select to repair the program. Do this from the original download.
  9. sknis

    Roxio Disc Encryption

    See your previous question and the answer. In short, you can't.
  10. Basker, This thread was started back in 2016 and for an obsolete version. The originator hasn't been back since. It is futile to post in this tread. Please stay with the newer postings and in topics you know something about and can add something new to the discussions.
  11. sknis

    Video Capture/Saving

    Have you searched your computer for the file and just not relied on where you tried to save it? Have you looked through this (link) for some help?
  12. Take a step back and look at that new TV. Check the TV manual to see if this is addressed or contact the manufacturer to see if they may have a fix or update for that TV.
  13. Run "Speccy" or similar to determine if your computer is overheating and causing the failure.
  14. sknis


    If you bought it directly from Roxio/Corel then try these options.
  15. sknis

    Videowave crashes immediately

    Sorry I was not able to be more helpful. Happy Holidays.
  16. sknis

    Videowave crashes immediately

    As you can see by the errors shown near the end of the dxdiag.exe teat file, Video Wave keeps crashing with a Fault bucket 108443204824, type 1 error. There are other errors also. I looked for what that error was trying to say but I could not find the error description. Where did you get the NXT 5 -- commercial disc, download or disc from Roxio or a questionable vendor from something like e-bay? How many times did you try to install it? Did you have your antivirus active during the install? I saw that you used REVO uninstaller PRO. Did you use the Moderate Mode and let it delete everything that it wanted to? You were not able to run NXT6 and got a refund and now you have a similar problem with NXT5. There may be an issue with your copy of Windows 10. Did you look there? You may want to contact Roxio support (or Microsoft) to get the problem fixed.
  17. sknis

    Videowave crashes immediately

    How about posting the dxdiag.exe result on the new computer? Post the text file and not the line by line result. Did you update the driver for your video chip/board after that first time?
  18. Since the OP has returned the Cyberlink program; perhaps we should close out this thread. The OP has Creator 2012; perhaps someone can suggest how he can get a menu the way he wants and still have room on the DVD?
  19. Save your self a lot of grief and spend $30 for "Sure Thing" Deluxe label maker. The label maker that is in the Roxio program is a light and corrupted version of an early version and hasn't worked well in several. iterations. Typically it remembers only the top two titles and forgets the rest. You would have to add the others manually and hope that they are not forgotten. If you get it just right and you printer allows for it, it will print to a CD or DVD.
  20. This topic

    I think that the OP wants to remove a MyDVD project from his computer.  He was probably able to remove the program but not the dmsm (or whatever the MYDVD extension is/was.



      I think I already suggested something along those lines Steve to the OP. Or suggested that he placed the program itself

      on his computer somewhere with some given name but the program can't find it. Not sure if he remembers what the name of the DMSD file is when he saved it.

      I haven't replied to his last post but I think you are probably right about what is happening.


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      continue checking all the posts Steve. Including Brendon's

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  21. sknis

    MyDVD alternatives...

    Keep using VideoWave and try the Free version of Cyberlink's Power to Go Essentials for the burning. When the trial expires, you will lose some of the advanced features but will still have the basic ones.
  22. Jim B said "Fortunately, I got it free" Was it free because you got it with a piece of hardware? If so, it is a teaser (OEM) version and may have several programs disabled. Creator 2012 is better than that BUT it depends on what you are doing with the software. Remember that high definition, 360 degree camcorders etc. are all relatively new and may not be in 2012 but should be in NXT4. Newer than those you may need to further upgrade.
  23. sknis

    Crash problem

    … and also what Windows version you are running
  24. sknis

    Simply won't open!

    Please post the Windows dxdiag.exe text file so we can see what you are using and if there are any error messages. Did you have your antivirus active during the installation? What kind of video file are you trying to add (format) and what camera did you use to take the video. Did you transfer the video to a folder on your computer's hard drive?
  25. Also remember that there are several types of "jpg" compression files. It is highly unlikely but if all else fails, look at the source and compression type.