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  1. Did you move anything on your computer programs since you installed the program. The main (snap) screen is just a series of hyperlinks to the individual programs. If you moved the individual programs or the splash screen, those links are broken. I don't know if a reinstall will fix this.
  2. Just keep reminding yourself that you can get only about 1 hour of best quality video on a disc. More will make the already bad video look poorer. You can use double layer DVD and get a little less than 2 hours. If you have a blu ray burner, you can put more standard video on the disc but you need a blu ray player to play it. If you do not plan to use discs, consider memory stick, they are inexpensive and you can get them in larger sizes. I cannot remember the last time I burned a disc but I have put video on many memory sticks. Also plan ahead, break up your project into sections with menus like by year, by type of activity (scuba, vacations)etc. It seems like you have a major task ahead of you so taking so time to plan may save you time in the end.
  3. Set Windows to 100%; it looks like you have it higher (125% ?).
  4. sknis

    JPEG clarity in Roxio NXT Pro6 VideoWave

    Sorry for butting in. I saw this thread and had those questions. I will now butt out. I think I'm missing something here. Remember that the image resolution is greater than any video unless you are going to 4K (or above). You cannot compare the images from a photo viewer to an image taken from a video. It looks like you are making a standard definition (720 by 480) video rather that a wide video - high definition. cd is on the right track. See his question above and your response. Could you be more precise? Also, previews are not the same as a finished video clarity. Create a short video project with some images and output it to an ISO file. Play the ISO file. You may have to create a virtual drive. Does it look better there ?
  5. sknis

    Capture Quailty

    DV is digital video AVI which is uncompressed. Use it if you have the hard drive space. It will be easier and faster (generally) to capture and edit. DVDHQ is mpg2 which is compressed. It captures in the format that is used on DVD discs. The HQ is the bit rate of the video; the higher the better. If the tapes are bad or your computer is underpowered (e.g. i3 or i5) then there may be more bad spots to edit out. There may be some out of sync audio because your computer is capturing, encoding and trying to keep up with the audio at the same time. If you don't have a lot of hard drive free space, you may want to buy a USB portable hard drive to 1) move some programs and other resources to that other drive and 2) Have enough free space for the capture. Make sure your system drive is cleaned of old programs and junk files and defragged (if it is not a solid state drive).
  6. sknis

    Capture Quailty

    What are you using to convert the analog signal to digital in order to do the capture? Stay with the original resolution of 720 by 480 ( or the equivalent). The quality of the capture is also dependent on the condition of the tape and the player. Search on-line for what you can do to clean the player and the tape. If you are hands on, here is an article that may help on the player. Also if you see a warning on one of your home made tapes, it usually means that that part of the tape is in bad condition and giving the impression that it is a copy protected commercial tape (some are and some are not) Some TVs will upscale the quality but don't expect high definition quality.
  7. sknis

    Video Wave 15 hang ups

    You are lucky that it doesn't just crash. You posted in the Creator NXT 3 part of the forum. If you have that, it is NOT compatible with Windows 10. See this. Some versions of the programs seems to work with W10 for awhile and then get screwed up. Perhaps a recent update to W10 caused the problem.
  8. sknis

    me too

    Sound like and reads like you posted the problem before. If you can get the program to run, Please start your own thread and include the dxdiag.exe on your computer as an attachment. You should be able to do that. You should also be able to create a new question. Please also explain what you are experiencing in more detail. Does any part of it install? Are you trying a full install or a selected install? Remember you can run as many repairs as you want but you had only 20 installs. That should be enough for anyone who is not doing a lot of beta trials or who is trying to give the program away to friends (not that you would). Also remember that it doesn't work well if 1) you install with the antivirus on, 2) try to install to a drive other than your system drive or 3) try to run the program on a network drive. There is no personal information in the dxdiag text file except for what you have named your computer. Without more information from you, you are crying into the wind. I may be wrong but I don't think that Corel will put a lot of effort into improving this program. I think the base was for a very old version of Windows. They will not spend a lot of money on upgrading the program. They will do upgrades for Pinnacle and if they can be easily modified for Roxio then it is a possibility.
  9. sknis

    Screen Recorder error

    For the benefit for others, would you please detail the steps you used to change the system audio input to stereo. I only have stereo so I can't detail the steps. This is for W7 but I image that it is the same for later versions.
  10. sknis

    Screen Recorder error

    There have been several issues with this part of the program. On the Corel site, a similar problem was solved when the user changed from 5.1 AUDIO to 2. stereo. To test yours, turn off the audio capture to see if the error message goes away. There are other posts that you can search for using any search engines. Did you try to do a repair on NXT6 with your antivirus OFF? Remember that repair is not counted as an install. The number of Installs are limited to prevent copying and selling copies of the program. By the way, if you run a Windows dxdiag.exe on your computer, it will tell use more about your computer than what you post. There is NO personal information except what you named your computer. Just post it as an attachment See below.
  11. sknis

    Custom Overlay For Videowave

    Your screen shot shows that you have selected "custom". If you have not created one, then that box will be empty. In the dtop down where you see custom, change that to all. I have used this software for many years and this is the first time that I remember that someone asked about a custom overlay. I have no idea on how to make one. The image is from NXT6 but it should be the same in NXT 5, If you still see nothing in all overlay, your anti-virus may have prevented a .dll from registering properly. Turn off your anti-virus and then do a repair of the program. Reboot and see if you have the items as shown in the image. Look at the text effects; there are several there that you can add/edit/move.. I think that is a better choice.
  12. sknis

    Dvd Burn Issue

    Memorex used to be the bottom of the barrel ! Never upgrade software to try to fix a problem. Fom Video Wave, create either an ISO file or a Folder set. You can preview either of these before you burn to disc.. That way if there is an issue with the project, it can be caught before you burn to disc. If it Ok then you can just burn the ISO file or folder set to the disc.
  13. sknis

    Dvd Burn Issue

    Perhaps there are at least 2 issues. 1) Did you use a high quality blank DVD? Store brands are not high quality. What brand did you use? 2) Is it possible that you skipped a step and made a data disc rather than a video disc *using MyDVD_? My guess is number 1.
  14. sknis

    Cross Fading Overlap

    1) NXT is better if you are burning DVD because My DVD has been simplified (read- screwed up) 2) No 3) Probably not. 4) Redundant 5) How high is the moon -- Sorry Are you into mulitcam or converting 360 video to standard? Many of us believe that the old Creator 2012 was the best one. It is supposed to be non-compatible with Windows 10 but many people run it just fine. If you are happy with what you have, keep it. Note: I edited this to comment on the best version.
  15. sknis

    Cross Fading Overlap

    Quick question - Did you listen or look at the wav file for the music. Are there any built in gaps that may show up. Use Sound Editor function in the suite. What happens if you put in a larger gap - like 3 seconds? What happens if you uncheck cross fade?
  16. sknis

    Windows Update Failed Due To Roxio

    Brendon, Sorry I thought it was germaine. or at least thought provoking. or at least alerting people to install problems with W10 Fall edition. The next question is does the full; not the preview Windows 10 Fall update report the same issue?
  17. sknis

    Nxt 6 Is Not Working

    Repair is not an install. You can repair as many times as you have patience. Installs are for crashed har drives or moving to a new computer. The limits are the so that unscrupulous people don't see it to all their friends (or on eBay ).
  18. sknis

    Windows Update Failed Due To Roxio

    Have you looked at ALL the error messages caused by Windows 10 Fall update. There are a lot of them including problems with video and audio editing. Here is just one set of issues (link).
  19. Roxio has never had a trial version of any program. Corel is keeping with that. They feel that the 30 day return policy is sufficient.
  20. sknis

    Windows Update Failed Due To Roxio

    Sorry I'm late to this discussion. That message may be in error because the name is wrong. No Roxio program have that name.although there are several iterations of that name. Did you have any other similar programs? . Download and run the free trial of REVO Uninstaller PRO Run it in the Moderate Mode only. Use the search function to search for Roxio. It will look for the built in uninstaller and then search for and list items in the registry and then folders. You can select to remove only what you want that is listed. Let us know if that worked.
  21. sknis

    I-Phone Videos To Videowave

    I just added several horizontal mov files from an IPhone and they came in full screen horizontally at 16 by 9. Videowave doesn't have an option for 9 by 16 to start a project. BTW, I cannot find any output that is 9 by 16 (or so). Maybe I'm missing something or perhaps the original poster changed and saved a setting?
  22. sknis

    Label Creator Nxt Pro 6

    Lack of attention to detail ! Maybe they read the hype that no one burns DVDs anymore. Corel seems intent of simplifying the program (to oblivion) 30 day warranty to get your money back. I didn't notice it was missing because I never used it. Thank goodness for SureThing labeler ! Let us know if you run into any other issues.
  23. Guess the original poster couldn't take the time to answer questions. Must not have needed real help. or perhaps the poster realized that the problem was with the computer?
  24. sknis

    Recording Audio Stops Will Recording

    Also do you have any other running programs that would take the attention away from this program. For example an antivirus would check to see if anything was being captured on your computer, your e-mail could also do this. There are a lot of things that are a possibility. It is better to pause other programs while capturing music (or video.