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    Recording Audio Stops Will Recording

    Also do you have any other running programs that would take the attention away from this program. For example an antivirus would check to see if anything was being captured on your computer, your e-mail could also do this. There are a lot of things that are a possibility. It is better to pause other programs while capturing music (or video.
  2. sknis

    Nxt 6 Is Not Working

    What are you seeing in the timeline audio track both with your raw video and with the video that has been processed? Remember to turn on that track and the "Edit Volume Envelope..."
  3. sknis

    Nxt 6 Is Not Working

    The forum for NXT 6 is coming soon. In the meantime, just continue to post here and your posts will be moved when the new forum is available. I just tried and screen capture did work. As for the other issues, You have to be more specific. If you can be more specific, I will try to see of I can duplicate them. There will be updates when enough people have the issues and they cannot be fixed any other way. One major difference is you are using Windows 7 and I'm using the latest version of Windows 10. There may be some issues there. Did you install the program with your antivirus and any registry cleaners active. That is a bad idea and can lead to many problems. If the program doesn't work for you because it is too basic, by all means return it, You have 30 days from the date of purchase.
  4. sknis

    Nxt 6

    The NX 6 subforum on its way. There are some nice new features added to NXT5.
  5. sknis

    A Problem With Videowave

    I recognised that . The same information concerning the .net framework still holds. Try that first. Today, .net framework is a higher version so I don;t know if it will work. Try this (link) Easy Media Creator 10 or Easy CD and DVD burning (where you posted). That program doesn't work with XP. By the way, keep your replies out of the quotes.
  6. sknis

    A Problem With Videowave

    Bad install. It is a problem that we haven't seen in quite awhile. So long in fact that it was removed from the Roxio Help files. Read this and see if it helps.(Link) edit: I forgot to tell you to update the versions in the above link.
  7. VOB = mpg2 . Try changing the extensions of those VOB files to mpg2. Do the VOB files all show properties other than zero?
  8. ???? Move your cursor to where you want it and in the preview, you should get the option to grab the image (camera icon). Remember that the video is just that so the resolution is that of a video and no where near the resolution of a photo.
  9. In the timeline mode in Video Wave, why don't you just use the scrubber above the video to get close and then play at normal speed until you get where you want to go? Try that and let us know if that helps.
  10. Also 2 things to remember: 1) Not all videos downloaded from Youtube are abled to be copied. have you looked or have you tried one? 2) You can put only ONE hour of video on a standard DVD. If you cut out commercials, you MAY be able to put 3 on a double layer disc. Make sure your player will handle double layer DVD. As an alternative, since they are so cheap, consider just putting the episodes on a thumb drive if your TV or DVD player will handle to thumbdrive. Don't try to use fit to disc or other settings to mess with the resolution.
  11. sknis

    I Can't Even Start

    Isn't this what he has? TSST TS-H653. Don't know if it is setup correctly but that may be a built in drive since it is so inexpensive.
  12. sknis

    I Can't Even Start

    Looks more like 2 hours 47 minutes.
  13. sknis

    Photosuite Crashes

    Bad install with antivirus on and/or registry cleaner --- the old basic install issues.
  14. sknis


    Please confirm that you have this Roxio program (link) (User's Guide) Did you look at the program to see what formats are available? No need to look at anything blu ray. I don't have that program loaded. Do you have the option for "Video" output? Have you captured your taps yet? Copy to computer and not directly to DVD.
  15. sknis


    What is your intended purpose for the video - DVD, Blu Ray, thumbdrive with video files, archive or other? Why are you encoding with H264? What is the source of the videos? You select the container based on what you want to do with the video file. The program you have does not do any high definition encoding so you are limited to 720 by 480 resolution to a DVD or video file. Are you sure you posted in the correct part of the forum? H264 (from Wikipedia)
  16. sknis

    Videowave Keeps Crashing

    Also look at this Windows error.and repair. or other " KERNELBASE.dll" repairs via Google.
  17. I'm 20 miles south of Houston and 25 miles north of Galveston. Surface water came within 6 feet of my 2 story townhouse (the land is relatively flat) but I did get some seepage up through the foundation. I'm afraid that the neighbors in the other end of the subdivision were not as lucky. They live near Clear Creek that is at 23 FEET high.. The top of bank is 12 feet. So it is 11 FEET above flood level. The official gages at that location indicates 7 inches of rain in the last 24 hours. My "toy" rain gages agree with the 7 inches. Just FYI - I show 32 inches of rain in the last week. Yesterday afternoon, I walked down to the end of my common driveway. The water was shin deep. I didn't go further because the land drops off several feet toward the Creek. I do have an emergency backpack with water, food and my important papers just in case. There have been 3 power outages in the last 3 days but it is currently on. I have plenty of food in my refrigerator and shelving so I'm all set. My son's family is also OK. He just wants to go back to work. The technical expert from the Indian based company he works for is in town and can't get out. My son is his host. The granddaughter's schools are closed for another week. Keep the people in Houston and Texas in your minds and hearts.
  18. sknis

    Personal Update Re: Harvey And Houston

    Parts of Houston are getting back to almost normal. Grocery stores are open and stocked. The amount of flood damage furniture/ appliances, rugs, wood, and construction materials line the streets. It will be a long time before recovery is mostly complete. I got power back after 4 days without. The power distribution company replaced 6 ground level transformers in my housing development. They were going to another area where 16 transformers had been flood damaged. 3000 of the 9000 homes in Friendswood had flood damage. Power was out for 10,000 customers.. .There is some teenage looting going on but the police/courts is supposed to be tough on them. There are several locations where one can get free hot means. One small church near me is expecting to serve 10,000 meals twice a day. There are several other places where food is available. If anyone read this and was affected by the flood, my best wishes for a speedy and complete recovery.
  19. Where did you buy the program --places other than Roxio will have downloads? eBay and Amazon have some unscrupulous vendors that are not screened well. CinePlayer is NOT part of Creator NXT 5. Did you have a earlier version when you had on your computer that you didn't uninstall? When you installed NXT5, did you select all or did you select a custom install? Go to the downloaded program and open it, select to repair. Do not have your anti-visus or any registry cleaners active.
  20. sknis

    Question About Easy Vhs And Windows 10

    Keep it under 2 hrs for a double layer DVD. If you go over, the already poor quality will be reduced further or it will be cut short. Roxio and Pinnacle are both owned by Corel. They all have video editors of lesser or better functionality,
  21. You said "Sony HI8 EV-c100 tape deck " How do you have it connected? What plugs/cords are you using? Typically you need a IEEE firewire connection. USB typically is for images only. You said you got it to work once -- for how long?
  22. sknis

    Joining Videos

    What have you been doing all along? The question is so basic that perhaps one of us may have had too much to drink ! I feel that somehting is missing especially from a long time user. Please elaborate.
  23. Google for that Windows error and fix that first. There are a lot of suggested fixes. Here is one that is easy to follow. Once that is fixed, do you still have the problem? I just tied it and it worked for me but I have old music tracks. Are your new or are they rather obscure? Did you have your antivirus enabled when you did the install/repair?
  24. sknis

    Question About Easy Vhs And Windows 10

    Double check - a lot of video cameras (camcorders) has USB ports BUT those are for transferring pictures (images) only. Look at your video camcorder, does it have a Firewire port (connection).? Do you have the original software that says it will capture the video via USB?