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  1. Microsoft did some recent updates to Windows 10. One of them has given problem to some people (usually audio). Restore your computer to when it worked properly and try again. Don't let Windows do automatic updates. Let us know if that fixes the problem.
  2. sknis

    Sound Out Of Sync

    Start with trying to do maintenance on your computer - get rid of temporary files, some programs you don't use and , if you do not have a solid state hard drive, defrag it. You might want to try something like (for example only ) CClearner. . Do not do ANY registry cleaning. Make sure you have only the minimum required programs running. Where did you get the video file and how did yu get it on your computer. Is the lag evident in both the editing and the finished video file?
  3. I doubt that Roxio's "Record Now" will give you what you need but it will be the best program from Roxio/Corel for music. Unfortunately, there is no free trial but you can get a refund within 30 days of purchase. Take a look at "Goldwave"(link) I have used it to do a lot with editing music files and it gives you a lot of options. There is a free trial. That program, however does not allow you to burn to any media. There are programs that will allow you to burn including Windows Media Player (free and probably on that new computer).
  4. Do what you want but be ready to suffer the consequences ! Spambots are looking to easy pickings - automatically looking for your email address (the little @ sign). There is no one at the spam location to get your callsign and search for you --- or is there?
  5. sknis

    Why Don't My Mp3's Work In Photoshow Anymore?

    With the information you provided and ignoring any copyright issues, read this (link). My guess is bit rate differences.
  6. sknis

    Split From - Music Will Not Play In My Photoshow

    You have a different problem than did the original poster in this 2010 (7 year old) thread. Start you own thread. Look at the license on the Amazon music. Some may have more restrictions than others. What is the difference in the properties between songs that work and those that don't. Post that in your new thread,.
  7. You posted in the General area which is OK. It doesn't have to be Roxio/Corel related. My first guess is that your client has screwed up the default program for the jpg and/or tiff (Image) files. Have the client check that setting. Since the client may not be fully aware of the setting, suggest he ask "Cortana" for the word default and then select "Default Programs and make the default to whatever he uses for viewing photos or one of the ones that pop up. Let us know if that solved the problem.
  8. sknis


    The first thing to try is to reinstall the program over what is currently there. Reinstall it from your Membership page. Where did you get the music? What format is it? What is the bit rate?
  9. Try this (from Roxio Kb database).
  10. sknis

    Blank Frames

    If the files are already less than the huuuuge size, apply a 1 pixel blur to them. You won;t see that much of a blur but in the past, this has worked for pictures that don;t show up. (Thanks to malatekid.)
  11. sknis

    Create Dvds Doesn't Run

    Hi tedmcginn, This a just in case. The next time you use REVO, make sure you select to run it in the Moderate Mode (if you didn't the first time).
  12. sknis

    Videowave Very Slow

    This is a one year old post so adding to it is probably not a good idea. There is no information that is useful for us to help you. Please start a new thread in the section for your version of Creator (this one is for Creator NXT 4). In your new thread, please post the text file from the DXDIAG.EXe of your computer. Post the text file and not the individual lines of the text file. Look here (link). Note that there is no personal information in that file other than what you call your computer. Also note that at the end of the text file (unless you are using an earlier version of Windows there will be a list of error messages. If you are using an earlier version of Windows, there are other ways of getting that information.
  13. sknis

    Trouble With Web Video Capture!

    nofan, You posted to a 4 year old thread about a version that is obsolete. What version are you talking about? The one in the more recent versions work fine for most people. It is on the Video page as "Record your Screen" If you have a problem, please start your own thread in the forum covering the Version of Creator that you have.
  14. Are you the administer of your computer account? That may well be a long standing issue IF that particular program is the one developed by Corel. There are a couple of user to user (forum) posts that have similar issues; some of them have related it to an audio situation. Read this (link) and this one also. (both indicate that it might be an audio issue).
  15. sknis

    Are These Pc Specs Acceptable?

    Also, since you posted in VHS to DVD, the processing of high definition video is a non-issue. VHS tapes are not high definition.
  16. sknis

    Are These Pc Specs Acceptable?

    Hi blaq, That PC with the I7 processor should be fast enough to not have the dropped frames and stuttering. The first thing to do is to make sure that that computer has all the drivers up to date, especially the GPU.. The Graphics Pressing Unit (GPU) on the i7 should be good enough. The NVIDA is a slower GPU but with the newer drivers, it should be OK for this program. Do all other maintenance called for on that Thinkpad. The Thinkpad is a business computer so it may just run slower (busses and all that) as mentioned by cdanteek.. Make sure you capture to the computer and not directly to disc. Don;t have anything else running when you are capturing (disconnect from the Internet, shut down mail and antivirus, etc.).
  17. If you do not have a solid state drive then this is a possible solution for that error from Roxio/Corel knowledge base articles (link) This is from the knowledge base regarding that error.(link) for menus I see you are using the default menu. Did you do any tweaking to it? Have you tried a different menu? NXT (with no following numbers) is at least 4 versions old and is not compatible with Windows 10. Only NXT 4 and NXT 5 are considered compatible. Where did you get you copy of that program?
  18. sknis

    Vhs To Dvd 3 Plus Problems

    It is not OUR product. It was developed and saold by Roxio/Corel (and probably their predecessors). We are users like you but with more experience. If you would tell us about your computer (dxdiag.exe), about what is being changed on your computer and what you mean by "worked". Perhaps we can help.
  19. sknis

    Fatal Encoding Error

    An ISO is an image file of exactly what will be burned to a disc. If the ISO completes, just use the burn ISo program on the main (Home page). This is not a way around your problem, it is the preferred and best way to make a DVD If you cannot make the ISO (image file) there is something wrong in your project. If (big) if I remember correctly, the ability to go from the magic mode to the advanced mode was removed (Who knows why?) Why did you upgrade from NXT 4 to NXT 5? By the way, you have too many open programs on your computer. Reduce the number by using Windows "Start up (programs) to the ones you really want. They are all using at least a small amount of your computer's resources.
  20. sknis

    Another No Signal Problem

    Did you look and read the link above?
  21. sknis

    Where Are The Tutorials?

    Windows has a free built in video editing program. Windows Movie Maker. Search for it on-line. I've used it in the past. Make sure you get the version for the PC. It is pretty good. Once they get proficient with it, then you can look for something with more features. If you want more, send me a private message message by clicking on my name above to the left..
  22. sknis

    Another No Signal Problem

    That is a Microsoft Windows 10 error and not a Roxio error message. Read this (link)
  23. sknis

    Where Are The Tutorials?

    Don't bother they are both as bad ! Many people say that Creator 2012 is the best but it is not listed as compatible with Windows 10. Having said that, some people have said that it works well with W10. If you are going to buy it (from Amazon or e-bay), then make sure you get the full Pro version in an unopened box. This is old enough that downloads with a separate key are questionable. You might want to look at Pinnacle and or Corel offerings but you still get that lousy MyDVD.
  24. sknis

    Where Are The Tutorials?

    In each of the applicable programs under help, there is a users guide or similar. Roxio/Corel in their "finite" wisdom stopped publishing guides and tutorials. There was a good selection of tutorials in NXt 4 but they were dropped in NXT 5. Other resources (like YouTube) are pretty old but they may be of help. My DVD in this version is brand new so don't bother with looking at older resources. There is a Users Guide in that program but it is not correct.
  25. sknis

    Mp4 Media Files

    AnneMac. Perhaps you are in the wrong place (forum) based on 1) Your name (MAC), that you posted to a legacy (old/obsolete) program and that you have used an elgato capture device. Open the program and select "about" what does it say - or better still, post a screen capture of that information. Do you have one of these?