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  1. sknis

    Dvd Burn Issue

    Perhaps there are at least 2 issues. 1) Did you use a high quality blank DVD? Store brands are not high quality. What brand did you use? 2) Is it possible that you skipped a step and made a data disc rather than a video disc *using MyDVD_? My guess is number 1.
  2. sknis

    Cross Fading Overlap

    1) NXT is better if you are burning DVD because My DVD has been simplified (read- screwed up) 2) No 3) Probably not. 4) Redundant 5) How high is the moon -- Sorry Are you into mulitcam or converting 360 video to standard? Many of us believe that the old Creator 2012 was the best one. It is supposed to be non-compatible with Windows 10 but many people run it just fine. If you are happy with what you have, keep it. Note: I edited this to comment on the best version.
  3. sknis

    Cross Fading Overlap

    Quick question - Did you listen or look at the wav file for the music. Are there any built in gaps that may show up. Use Sound Editor function in the suite. What happens if you put in a larger gap - like 3 seconds? What happens if you uncheck cross fade?
  4. sknis

    Windows Update Failed Due To Roxio

    Brendon, Sorry I thought it was germaine. or at least thought provoking. or at least alerting people to install problems with W10 Fall edition. The next question is does the full; not the preview Windows 10 Fall update report the same issue?
  5. sknis

    Nxt 6 Is Not Working

    Repair is not an install. You can repair as many times as you have patience. Installs are for crashed har drives or moving to a new computer. The limits are the so that unscrupulous people don't see it to all their friends (or on eBay ).
  6. sknis

    Windows Update Failed Due To Roxio

    Have you looked at ALL the error messages caused by Windows 10 Fall update. There are a lot of them including problems with video and audio editing. Here is just one set of issues (link).
  7. Roxio has never had a trial version of any program. Corel is keeping with that. They feel that the 30 day return policy is sufficient.
  8. sknis

    Windows Update Failed Due To Roxio

    Sorry I'm late to this discussion. That message may be in error because the name is wrong. No Roxio program have that name.although there are several iterations of that name. Did you have any other similar programs? . Download and run the free trial of REVO Uninstaller PRO Run it in the Moderate Mode only. Use the search function to search for Roxio. It will look for the built in uninstaller and then search for and list items in the registry and then folders. You can select to remove only what you want that is listed. Let us know if that worked.
  9. sknis

    I-Phone Videos To Videowave

    I just added several horizontal mov files from an IPhone and they came in full screen horizontally at 16 by 9. Videowave doesn't have an option for 9 by 16 to start a project. BTW, I cannot find any output that is 9 by 16 (or so). Maybe I'm missing something or perhaps the original poster changed and saved a setting?
  10. sknis

    Label Creator Nxt Pro 6

    Lack of attention to detail ! Maybe they read the hype that no one burns DVDs anymore. Corel seems intent of simplifying the program (to oblivion) 30 day warranty to get your money back. I didn't notice it was missing because I never used it. Thank goodness for SureThing labeler ! Let us know if you run into any other issues.
  11. Guess the original poster couldn't take the time to answer questions. Must not have needed real help. or perhaps the poster realized that the problem was with the computer?
  12. sknis

    Recording Audio Stops Will Recording

    Also do you have any other running programs that would take the attention away from this program. For example an antivirus would check to see if anything was being captured on your computer, your e-mail could also do this. There are a lot of things that are a possibility. It is better to pause other programs while capturing music (or video.
  13. sknis

    Nxt 6 Is Not Working

    What are you seeing in the timeline audio track both with your raw video and with the video that has been processed? Remember to turn on that track and the "Edit Volume Envelope..."
  14. sknis

    Nxt 6 Is Not Working

    The forum for NXT 6 is coming soon. In the meantime, just continue to post here and your posts will be moved when the new forum is available. I just tried and screen capture did work. As for the other issues, You have to be more specific. If you can be more specific, I will try to see of I can duplicate them. There will be updates when enough people have the issues and they cannot be fixed any other way. One major difference is you are using Windows 7 and I'm using the latest version of Windows 10. There may be some issues there. Did you install the program with your antivirus and any registry cleaners active. That is a bad idea and can lead to many problems. If the program doesn't work for you because it is too basic, by all means return it, You have 30 days from the date of purchase.
  15. sknis

    Nxt 6

    The NX 6 subforum on its way. There are some nice new features added to NXT5.
  16. sknis

    A Problem With Videowave

    I recognised that . The same information concerning the .net framework still holds. Try that first. Today, .net framework is a higher version so I don;t know if it will work. Try this (link) Easy Media Creator 10 or Easy CD and DVD burning (where you posted). That program doesn't work with XP. By the way, keep your replies out of the quotes.
  17. sknis

    A Problem With Videowave

    Bad install. It is a problem that we haven't seen in quite awhile. So long in fact that it was removed from the Roxio Help files. Read this and see if it helps.(Link) edit: I forgot to tell you to update the versions in the above link.
  18. VOB = mpg2 . Try changing the extensions of those VOB files to mpg2. Do the VOB files all show properties other than zero?
  19. ???? Move your cursor to where you want it and in the preview, you should get the option to grab the image (camera icon). Remember that the video is just that so the resolution is that of a video and no where near the resolution of a photo.
  20. In the timeline mode in Video Wave, why don't you just use the scrubber above the video to get close and then play at normal speed until you get where you want to go? Try that and let us know if that helps.
  21. Also 2 things to remember: 1) Not all videos downloaded from Youtube are abled to be copied. have you looked or have you tried one? 2) You can put only ONE hour of video on a standard DVD. If you cut out commercials, you MAY be able to put 3 on a double layer disc. Make sure your player will handle double layer DVD. As an alternative, since they are so cheap, consider just putting the episodes on a thumb drive if your TV or DVD player will handle to thumbdrive. Don't try to use fit to disc or other settings to mess with the resolution.
  22. sknis

    I Can't Even Start

    Isn't this what he has? TSST TS-H653. Don't know if it is setup correctly but that may be a built in drive since it is so inexpensive.
  23. sknis

    I Can't Even Start

    Looks more like 2 hours 47 minutes.
  24. sknis

    Photosuite Crashes

    Bad install with antivirus on and/or registry cleaner --- the old basic install issues.