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    Jpgs Load Erratically In Photoshow

    There is no way to prearrange the Photos according to name. The program is old and there have been very few improvements over the years. I'm afraid you are going yo have to drag them to where you want them and use the rotation control to turn them as necessary.
  2. sknis

    Error Message Editing Tags

    Using any unusual fonts or characters or long text? Please post an example of what you are trying to use.
  3. sknis

    Mydvd Editing

    Dear Pay -- Since MyDVD no longer has the functionality you need and there are no other options in Corel or Pinnacle, take a look at the free version of Cyberlink's Power 2 Go. It will burn DVD of the video files you have made. Extras such as Blu Ray will cost extra. This suggestion is within the guidelines (no cost software and lack of functionality in Corel products) for posting programs not in the Corel stable.
  4. sknis

    Mydvd Editing

    You may find a version on EBay or other (be careful) but it is not available directly from Corel/roxio.
  5. sknis

    Photo (Or Video) "sketch" Transition?

    How much are you willing to spend -- I don;t think that is a $100 program/solution. It is not a transition by itself. Look at Corel Draw. Go to the Corel forums and ask there.
  6. sknis

    Mp4 Download Not Working

    Did you get the name of the Corel contact? Did the person say that Corel doesn;t support obsolete products? What Roxio product/program and version you are using. Please tell us why you need to download an mp4 file you just :"made" Download typically means moving a copy of a file from an online site (like YouTube) to your computer. Are you trying to download or upload TO an on-line site?
  7. This thread is over 2 years old and NXT 3 is 2 versions behind. I doubt that it can be downloaded from Roxio/Corel site anymore. If I remember correctly, NXT 3 is NOT Windows 10 compatible..
  8. The question is ambiguous. Clean install usually means that you are installing a program where there is no active previous program -- like totally removing the earlier version and then installing the new version.. Do you really want to do this? You are no going to save much space on your hard drive. Are you installing NXT 5 to cure a problem with NXT 4? The installation of Creator NXT 5. will remove any NXT 4 features that would conflict.
  9. sknis

    Eliminating Menu Before Actual Video

    In order to not use a menu in MyDVD you would need to go back to an earlier version of MyDVD. In NXT 5 MyDVD When you go to MyDVD, (Create DVDs) select "Advance Mode" and then select a Theme and then Tree Mode You have the option to change the menu name and other not useful options. Sorry. Now an option - use Video Copy and Convert, Select DVD or blu ray as appropriate (along the topslide), select the quality and "Save file to" Select disc image (ISO file). You can then use "Burn Disc Image" to burn you project to a disc. Remember where the disc image is stored. Answered by a 75 year old medium tech dinosaur -- but with experience ! Let us know if you want some screen shots.
  10. sknis

    Repair Repair Repair

    Using any kind of Registry Cleaner? Don't !
  11. sknis

    Burn Speed

    What format/resolution did you use when you imported the video? DVDs always have a mpg2 format. Please post the Windows dxdiag.exe evaluation of your computer. The text file; not all the lines of text. Go here (link)
  12. Look here. Looks like the price went from $99 to $117.50
  13. sknis

    Adobe Flash Player

    I'm going to let my membership expire at the end of this month. I have flash enabled in setting for Chrome. I can open PhotoShows with Chrome (Windows 10). I searched for Adobe Flash Player in PhotoShow and found no references. CD just gave you more information that it is related to the Operating System. Photoshow seems to be the neglected stepchild for Corel (who owns Roxio who owns PhotoShow) It is a very old program and it may get updated about once every year or so. My suggestion is to use something else. Did you look at Corel's FastFlicks?
  14. sknis


    You can create a mpg2 video file and use MyDVD to burn that to a disc. BTW, you didn't ask but there are more templates available here.
  15. sknis

    Rippling Effect.

    or perhaps a flaw in you computer ! Please attach the dxdiag.exe text file on your computer so we can see what you are working with. Go here for directions (link)
  16. sknis

    Dropping Frames

    ... and also burn to an image file (ISO file) and then burn that to a disc. That puts less stress on your computer.
  17. sknis

    Lost Download Software

    Try this - no guarantees.
  18. sknis

    No Sounds From Playing Device To Computer

    Please do not double post ! See your other post for some questions to be answered.
  19. So let me get this straight - you are running an obsolete version of Creator that is not compatible with Windows 10 and you do not have audio. What application are you using? What recording device do you have set in Windows ?? (whatever version)
  20. sknis

    Compatibility With Websites

    Isn't that a question you should be asking Wysiwyg? You have the slide show so you know the format and size. That should be enough to get them started.
  21. sknis

    Can't Edit Pictures From Samsung S7 Cell Phone

    Not exactly the same. I have a Galaxy S5 and Windows 10. When I plug the phone into my computer, I can transfer them to a folder. They come in as jpg files. Those of course can be edited. Do you have some videos in with your pictures and are you trying to add the entire folder at once? That may give you a problem. If you are shooting in the raw mode, you will either need a converter (defeating the purpose of the raw files) or you will need a PhotoEditing program that will handle the raw file. PhotoSuite doesn;t handle raw files. Since it doesn't, download the trial version of Corel's PaintShop or Cyberlink's PhotoDirector. They will handle most but not all raw files. PaintShop will handle these types of raw files; "RAW file support for over 450 camera models, including the following file extensions: 3FR, ARW, CR2, CRW, DCR, DNG, K25, KDC, NEF, NRW, ORF, PEF, RAF, RW2, SR2, SRF, X3F (see all RAW camera support below) " Your files should be DNG format.
  22. sknis

    Roxio Creator Nxtpro5 Issues

    The flaw in that thinking is that the Corel Video Studio and Pinnacle product both use the "new" and (not) improved MyDVD.
  23. Is your computer a Dell? If so, try this (link)
  24. sknis

    Setting Question

    That is the way it works ! What you can do is connect that VHS player to a camcorder or to another player (DVD?) that allows for a pass through signal. That other device will maintain a signal so that the capture device will not know that the video has stopped (and then restarted).
  25. sknis

    Broken Camcorder

    I think his camcorder is broken?