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    Please confirm that you have this Roxio program (link) (User's Guide) Did you look at the program to see what formats are available? No need to look at anything blu ray. I don't have that program loaded. Do you have the option for "Video" output? Have you captured your taps yet? Copy to computer and not directly to DVD.
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    What is your intended purpose for the video - DVD, Blu Ray, thumbdrive with video files, archive or other? Why are you encoding with H264? What is the source of the videos? You select the container based on what you want to do with the video file. The program you have does not do any high definition encoding so you are limited to 720 by 480 resolution to a DVD or video file. Are you sure you posted in the correct part of the forum? H264 (from Wikipedia)
  3. sknis

    Videowave Keeps Crashing

    Also look at this Windows error.and repair. or other " KERNELBASE.dll" repairs via Google.
  4. I'm 20 miles south of Houston and 25 miles north of Galveston. Surface water came within 6 feet of my 2 story townhouse (the land is relatively flat) but I did get some seepage up through the foundation. I'm afraid that the neighbors in the other end of the subdivision were not as lucky. They live near Clear Creek that is at 23 FEET high.. The top of bank is 12 feet. So it is 11 FEET above flood level. The official gages at that location indicates 7 inches of rain in the last 24 hours. My "toy" rain gages agree with the 7 inches. Just FYI - I show 32 inches of rain in the last week. Yesterday afternoon, I walked down to the end of my common driveway. The water was shin deep. I didn't go further because the land drops off several feet toward the Creek. I do have an emergency backpack with water, food and my important papers just in case. There have been 3 power outages in the last 3 days but it is currently on. I have plenty of food in my refrigerator and shelving so I'm all set. My son's family is also OK. He just wants to go back to work. The technical expert from the Indian based company he works for is in town and can't get out. My son is his host. The granddaughter's schools are closed for another week. Keep the people in Houston and Texas in your minds and hearts.
  5. sknis

    Personal Update Re: Harvey And Houston

    Parts of Houston are getting back to almost normal. Grocery stores are open and stocked. The amount of flood damage furniture/ appliances, rugs, wood, and construction materials line the streets. It will be a long time before recovery is mostly complete. I got power back after 4 days without. The power distribution company replaced 6 ground level transformers in my housing development. They were going to another area where 16 transformers had been flood damaged. 3000 of the 9000 homes in Friendswood had flood damage. Power was out for 10,000 customers.. .There is some teenage looting going on but the police/courts is supposed to be tough on them. There are several locations where one can get free hot means. One small church near me is expecting to serve 10,000 meals twice a day. There are several other places where food is available. If anyone read this and was affected by the flood, my best wishes for a speedy and complete recovery.
  6. Where did you buy the program --places other than Roxio will have downloads? eBay and Amazon have some unscrupulous vendors that are not screened well. CinePlayer is NOT part of Creator NXT 5. Did you have a earlier version when you had on your computer that you didn't uninstall? When you installed NXT5, did you select all or did you select a custom install? Go to the downloaded program and open it, select to repair. Do not have your anti-visus or any registry cleaners active.
  7. sknis

    Question About Easy Vhs And Windows 10

    Keep it under 2 hrs for a double layer DVD. If you go over, the already poor quality will be reduced further or it will be cut short. Roxio and Pinnacle are both owned by Corel. They all have video editors of lesser or better functionality,
  8. You said "Sony HI8 EV-c100 tape deck " How do you have it connected? What plugs/cords are you using? Typically you need a IEEE firewire connection. USB typically is for images only. You said you got it to work once -- for how long?
  9. sknis

    Joining Videos

    What have you been doing all along? The question is so basic that perhaps one of us may have had too much to drink ! I feel that somehting is missing especially from a long time user. Please elaborate.
  10. Google for that Windows error and fix that first. There are a lot of suggested fixes. Here is one that is easy to follow. Once that is fixed, do you still have the problem? I just tied it and it worked for me but I have old music tracks. Are your new or are they rather obscure? Did you have your antivirus enabled when you did the install/repair?
  11. sknis

    Question About Easy Vhs And Windows 10

    Double check - a lot of video cameras (camcorders) has USB ports BUT those are for transferring pictures (images) only. Look at your video camcorder, does it have a Firewire port (connection).? Do you have the original software that says it will capture the video via USB?
  12. sknis

    Question About Easy Vhs And Windows 10

    First question - does the digital camera require a Firewire port (digital tapes)? If so that could be an issue if you don't have a capture program that came with the camcorder. As for recommendations - You can always download the free Windows Movie Maker if you are looking for a basic but useful video editor. If you want more, Roxio Creator NXT 5 or NXT 5 Pro w2ill give you all you need - except if you want to do blu ray discs. You'll need to buy the plg in for that. I hate to say this but you i5 @2.5 and 4 g RAM with only 250 G hard drive will struggle with all but pretty simple editing. You can always buy an external hard drive and external blu ray burner the hlp. Roxio is owned by Corel but there is no free trial. . Corel@ has Video Studio free trail. They also own Pinnacle@ but I don't think there is a free trial. My suggestion is to look at other video editors and try a couple of them if they have free trials. Remember that the best software is the one that thinks like you do (intuitive for you).
  13. sknis

    Question About Easy Vhs And Windows 10

    Kevin, If you are looking for a Video Editing program, then the one in EasyVHS is very, very basic. Are you capturing from good quality but old VHS tapes? If they are very old, have gaps or are damaged in any way, perhaps you should look further..
  14. Warniing the original poster is trying to get answers via private messages -- not cool. I suggested DivX using copy and convert.before I saw this thread. I also asked for a link to the articles he referenced saying 22 hrs is possible.
  15. 1) What player are you using for playback? 2) What have you selected in Windows as the default audio playback device? 3) Have you looked at those settings and have you tested it?
  16. sknis


    Roxio is a corporation. Creator is a suite of programs. My DVD and Video Wave are two of the programs. There are many more programs in the suite. It is important to be specific. In Video Wave, you can select options and then do a graphics test and the program will check your hardware and software capabilities. You can select the one you want to use OR you can select the option to render using the "Enable to Enhanced Core... etc.) . You can select to output then export to a Video File. You have a choice of many options there. Select the one you want if you are NOT going to burn to a disc. You can select to "prepare for authoring: where you select what kind of disc you want to author. (AVCHD, BR or DVD) and the quality you want to render. In MyDVD, --After you select the type of disc, you can then go to settings, you can select hardware or software. Hint: if you have several project in VideoWave, use the same type of video file when you make the video files. It is up to you to determine if the quality of the discs make with software or with hardware are equivalent. Did you ever look at the help files in the program?
  17. sknis


    You spent a lot of money on that video card; why not use it? You will get a little faster rendering in most cases. I really don't understand your comments about rendering via Roxio vs via computer..If you are using MyDVD then you are using Roxio with the video card. Both at the same time using your computer.
  18. The dxdiag.exe shows a lot of issues; perhaps one of those would solve the issue if they are addressed. Make sure you are not using a USB hub. Plug the device directly into your computers USB port on the back of your computer. I could not tell if your computer is a laptop. If so, ignore this. Update the drivers for your computer. I think that this will help (link). At least your audio device is at least 4 years older that what is available. Make sure that MS EDGE is closed when you go to capture. Go to Task Manager to close it. You may have to shut down and reboot and then not open it unless you need it. On my computer, it does not close and grabs my audio device. Make sure you have no built in microphone active. and nothing else is running that might have an affect on your audio. Comment -- You ave a lot of Windows errors. Look at the end of the dxdiag report. Those really need to be fixed to do more trouble shooting. These range from a Windows Update failure, an Outlook problem, an Edge problem, a network problem, etc. Google for the problems and you should be able to find how to fix them. (or go to a repair shop). One last question. Do you remember if you installed the drivers for the device BEFORE plugging in the device??? Come back after addressing these problems and if you still can't get the audio correct. EDIT: You still haven't answered Jim's questions. Might there be a language issue?
  19. Start with dxdiag.exe (link): No personal information other than the name of your computer. But Jim just asked you to answer the 3 questions he asked.
  20. that was a partial reply. to emphasise the importance (for me). Get rid oi the registry cleaner and reboot.; Turn off your anti-virus. Put your disc into your computer or open the program download for installation. Select to repair the program. Select the program options that you will use. After it finishes, reboot and turn on uour antivirus. Never us that registry cleaner. Note, you have a limited number of installs. Repair does not count as an install.
  21. Get rid of any and all of your registry cleaner -- both stand alone and imbeded in other cleaner programs.
  22. At this point, I think the issue is the resolution (size) of the images. In the past, large photos would give the same results that you are seeing. I'm not going to guess what the cut off is. Since you will be making a standard definition DVD, you do not need nor want large, high definition images. Make copies of your pictures and then edit them to a lower resolution. They can be as low as 720 by 480. Please note that I am relying on my memory because I do not have program loaded. Do you have the option to burn your project to an image file (ISO). That might also help since it takes the change in resolution/prepare the slide show from the actual burning of the disc.
  23. sknis

    Creator Nxt 5 Missing Features?

    Hi Matt, Creator NXT 5 is a broken shell of what was one of the best video editor/disc creator programs going. If you bought it directly from Roxio, return it within 30 days. If you bought it at a big box store, try to return it indication that it doesn't do what it was supposed to. You may get lucky. Look at the "Copy and Convert" part of the program. It will allow you to set the format for blu ray but does not offer a menu. Or you can select DVD and get a menu but not the format. I could not find any combination of settings that give you what you are asking for. Perhaps someone else has a better idea. Sorry.
  24. How long is the slide show (time). Were all the images (photos) taken with the same camera and camera settings?
  25. Ah, the old ....005 exception code! Read this: from Wikipedia: Causes of "0xC0000005"If you have received this error on your PC, it means that there was a malfunction in your system operation. Common reasons include incorrect or failed installation or uninstallation of software that may have left invalid entries in your Windows registry, consequences of a virus or malware attack, improper system shutdown due to a power failure or another factor, someone with little technical knowledge accidentally deleting a necessary system file or registry entry, as well as a number of other causes. The immediate cause of the "0xC0000005" error is a failure to correctly run one of its normal operations by a system or application component. Hopefully a repair of the program will fix it. If you have a isw just insert it into the coputer and select repair whn offered. If you have the dowload, look for the installation file and you should get the rpir option.,