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    Old Movies>transferred To Ext.hd>emc 8>dvd

    I'm not sure that I fully understand your question so I'll answer what I think that you have asked. You have a one hour movie and a portion of it is out of sequence. In VideoWave, put the movie onto the storyboard track. Switch to timeline. Make cuts at the beginning and end of where the out of sequence section is. Now switch back to storyline. Drag the out-of-sequence "box" to where it should be. The other sequences should move to the right to make room for that action. Just in case, in timeline, the navigate to the start of the section that is out of sequence. Make sure that the track is selected and then use the double ended arrowhead with the line through it to make a cut; repeat for the end of the sequence. I hope this answers your question. If not, please explain what you are trying to do in a little more detail. The other possibility that I could read into your question is that you have cut out a sequence and now you want to add it back in>
  2. sknis

    Synch Photo Project

    Although you have posted in Audio - are you using one of the slide show assistants or are you using VideoWave? If the images are not tied to certain audio cuts, try merging them into one using Sound Editor and try again.
  3. sknis

    Music Disc Creator Hangs

    Try this. http://forums.support.roxio.com/index.php?...&st=entry3242
  4. sknis

    Upgrade To Emc 805

    G'Day In spite of the advice given in the other posts, there is no update for build 801 at this point. If you were having problems with V7, it could indicate that there are either problems with your computer or there is some other interaction with other software. Since V8 stresses your computer more than V7; it is not surprising that you may be seeing more problems. Since you didn't post your hardware, it is hard to make a judgment on if your computer might not meet all the requirements. I thnk that the requirements for a better video card are understated if you want to make use of alll the features. I'm not sure what shortcomings you are referring to so I can't comment on that. I'll check for your V7 posts to see if I can offer any help there. Remember that you can have both of the programs installed on your computer at the same time. So you shoukd not have lost anything. Just remember that you cannot have two packet writing programs on your computer at the same time. V8 will not install D2D over V7 D2D but you may have other packet writing programs on your computer. I just read that a new Dell comes with 17 preinstalled programs using about half the running memory. You may want to clean out that old junk if you have a lot of it there. Only build 800 can be updated to 805 so the advice and comment on the update is off target. The original poster has build 801 which has no update yet. The update is from build 800 to build 805 (retail version) so your comment is not useful for this poster since the original poster has build 801. Did you try to install the update to the wrong build? What problems were you having before you tried to update?
  5. sknis

    Upgrade To Emc 8

    Don't upgrade until you fixed the problems with EMC 7. Take a look at what V8 offers in functionality and see if you will use those functions. If not, there is no need to upgrade at this time. From the audio and video standpoint, there is an excellent panoramsa function and an ability to make music DVDs; there are more transitions and effects. If you are happy with EMC 7 stick with it. V8 will stress your coputer much more than 7 so you may end up with some hardware limitations.
  6. sknis

    Mydvd And Catalyst 6.1

    Yesterday your computer was tired !
  7. sknis

    Mydvd And Catalyst 6.1

    Didn't know there was a six. . I'm still using 5.8. Are you getting any message about DAO? A lot of people do and deleting it (add/remove programs) solves some problems. I never had a problem but I deleted it with no problems when I cleaned out some obsolete programs. It is possbile that a new driver could be a problem. I've heard of that before if the copany is not following all the right protocols. Let me know if 6 works for you; I like to keep up to date.
  8. sknis

    Photo Projects Assistant

    This was a problem with V7 the first time I installed it. The content was there but the program did not look for it in the right place. If memory serves, I uninsatlled the content through add/remove programs rebooted and reinstalled it. It found it the second time. You might want to try that (since you now have it backed up on a disc). Let us know if this works for you.
  9. sknis

    Attempting To Access "customer Support"

    I know that they have been having all kinds of problems with the links to the support pages. All I can offer is a suggestion to try again later (I know it sounds familiar). Did you try the link on your V8 home page or the one that Patrick posted? I tried the one on my home page and it opened the survey. Oops I just noticed that you were posting in the Toast board. Do you have EMC 8 or Toast? The survey is for V8 users (I think).
  10. sknis

    Slide Transition Problme

    As a guess, the theme you are applying has some 2D and some 3D transitions. Your video card may not be able to handle the 3D transitions without a driver update. In VideoWave, go to tools/options. If the program has defaulted to software, run the test. If it stays at software, update the driver for your video card. If it stays at software, you will need to add only 2D transitions (the less fancy ones).
  11. sknis

    Mydvd Only Puts 1 Clip At A Time

    I believe that you have found that when you select multiple clips the way you did, they are added to each other so you get only one thumbnail for those three clips. Did you do a preview to see if this indeed did happen? I think you have to be careful in what order you add them. I agree with Patty; do them in VideoWave and then select chapters once you have added the entire production into MyDVD. I haven't tried it but you may be able to add chapters to the video that you created with the multiple selection.
  12. That is just a reminder. All other running programs should be shut down for a clean install; such as an anti-virus program. No anit-virus running could open your computer for attack if you are connected. Most people do not have problems installing on a connected computer; it is just a recommended best practice.
  13. sknis

    Audio Sync Problem

    OK, how about posting your computer specs. Perhaps we can see something there. We are all assuming that your computer is free of malware and that you have updated the audio and video drivers. That you have your computer set to best performance (viaWindows) and that you have plenty of free space on a defragged hard drive. Are you working from an external hard drive? What is the source and format of the videos?
  14. sknis

    Emc8 Slideshows

    You asked " Is there anyway to make a slide show in EMC8 that is similar to EMC7.5 so I can use the DVD as a backup for my pi cure jpg files?" Were you burning the images to a cd without transitions? I do not remember that V7.5 had any different functionality than V8. Are we misreading you? Do you want to create a slide show and archive the images or do you just want to archive the images? We have been answering the "and" issue. If you just want to archive, just use something like Creator Classic.
  15. sknis

    Audio Sync Problem

    That is strange. Try this; go to tools/options and then delete the proxy files. This deletes any old files that may be hanging around as well as the files that you are working on. The files that you need for this production are immediately rebuilt. Somtimes stray audio files show up in the preview. You can also try rendering the production to a DVD file. After it completes, play the preview.
  16. sknis

    Main Audio Operation Failed

    More info. please. What program are you using -- WV, MyDVD or some assistant? What format is the music. Where did you get it. On what track are you adding it?
  17. Check to make sure that your computer fans are running properly and are free of obstructions. I you feel comfortable opening your case, do so carefully and either blow out the insides or vacuum. Sometimes an overheated CPU will cause this problem especially if you are stressing the computer such as doing video rendering.
  18. sknis

    Do I Have To Install Everything?

    Can you boil your question down to a few key points? Perhaps even some burger dots.
  19. sknis

    Fonts In Creator Classic

    It is just you . This is sounding like a broken record and I apologize if it offends anyone. Update the drivers for your video card.
  20. Clearing the proxy files removes all the files from the last time you cleared the proxy files. As soon as you start working on a production, the proxy files are immediately rebuilt for that production only (you got rid of the old crap). Sorry but I have to ask, if you go to tools/options, is the program set to hardware or software rendering?. If it set to software, run the test. If it goes to hardware, then look at the pan and zoom. If it goes to software, again look at the preview screen. Do you see it in either hardware or software? In either case, and if you haven't done it very recently, update the drivers for our video card.
  21. sknis

    Edit Existing Project And Adding Video Clips

    What is the format of those clips? What is the source? Try this sequence. In VideoWave, open your project with file/(select your file) make sure you are in storyline view (little squares). Now click add photo video. Navigate to and select the one you want to add. The program will give you some choices on where you want it added. At this point, it really doesn't matter. Add the video and then move it to where you want it. Does this work? Please poist any error messages if it doesn't.
  22. That's interesting; usually the driver update for the video card fixes the problem you are experiencing. Do this, in VideoWave go to tools/options. Has the program defaulted to hardware or software? Run the test. Does it stay the same or change to the other. Take another look at the preview screen when the program is set to the hardware and then software rendering.
  23. sknis


    Make sure that you have Service Pack 2 installed and that all your drivers; especially your video card driver is up to date. Some people having crashes have reported that this does fix the freezing. Please post your computer specs; does it meet or exceed the minimum requirements? Also check for mal-ware on your computer. Run at least two different anti-spyware programs (Spybot Search and Destroy, Ad-Aware, and/or the beta from Microsoft.
  24. sknis

    Emc8 Slideshows

    Patty, slight change in instructions. In V 7 and V7.7, you are given the options to archive the images when you go to burn; in V8, MyDVD is slightly different. In MyDVD, click file The top menu)/project settings and you have several options on the left hand side of the pop-up window; archive images is one of them.
  25. sknis

    Either Disappointed In Emc8 Or Else Using It Wrong

    If you have a DVD player that will play DivX files, V8 can convert and burn the files to the disc. You will get much more on a disc. Several hours at least. I understand that DivX files play rather well and have good resolution. Many of the people here so not have that type of player or are making DVDs for friends that may or may not have that type of player. If you are making the disc for yourself and will not lend them or copy them to anyone who does not have a DivX player, you might want to try that function.