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    Lable Creator Label Templates

    That's one problem with trying to integrate one company's products with another; not everything get done and sometimes things fall between the cracks. This is apparently one of them. You have a couple of options - download the free copy of Sure Thing Labeler or, two buy your labels elsewhere - you should be able to get labels at almost any computer store or stationary store (Stables, Office Depot, etc.) I'm partial to Avery full faced labels.
  2. sknis

    Problem With Printing To Lightscribe

    Responded to in private mesage.
  3. sknis

    Tech Support

    It depends on the problem you are having if they will charge you or not. You will discuss the problem with support and they will let you know if yours is a chargeable question. You can always decline. Typically they do not charge for installation and start up questions. As you can probably imagine, everyone is opting for online chat id they cannot get answers on these boards.
  4. I knw that you won't believe me but update your video card drivers. This has worked for many people. If that doesn't work, please post your computer specifications.
  5. Yes, I'm not real sure of the numbering scheme also. The 805 contains fixes for 800 (retail discs) only.
  6. Not necessarily; I believe that the downloaded versions had a different numbering system (8.01?). But you are correct that the downloaded versions do not have any updates at this time. Some of the retail versions may have been shipped early and therefore need the update. To the original poster, are you having issues with the program now. Please post them and perhaps we can discuss solutions.
  7. sknis

    Media Import "import Now" Button.

    Go to the Canon site and download any new drivers for the scanner. I have a relatively new Epson and I was surprised at the number of different updates there were to both the drivers and to the software. I tried to find that model on the Canon site but couldn't. Is it from outside the US? There are several drivers and updates at that site but they are not dated so I don't know if they would help.
  8. sknis

    Emc 8 Freezes During Encoding

    So you do have the lastest and greatest. . What happens if you render one video at a time? How long are the videos and in what format. Are you using a transition at the end of the first video and before the secong. If so can you try a different one? The only other thing I could suggest is to do the rendering in software mode (tools/options). The software mode is slightly slower (probably not enough to notice). There are some advantages to using the software mode if you are not using any of the 3d transitions.
  9. sknis

    Dvd Builder

    As so I penned It down, until at last it came to be, For length and breadth, the bigness which you see. Author: John Bunyan Source: Pilgrim's Progress--Apology for his Book
  10. sknis

    How Do I Turn Off Pan And Zoom

    Apply automotion to a series or all files. If you select "edit/select all" all the images will be selected. Select the first one and right click to apply automotion. All the slides will have the automotion applied. If you want to apply automotion to a selected group of slides, use the cntrl/click to select the slides you want to add the motion to and then select one slide and right click and apply auto-motion. I tried this on a few slides and I got the motion but no Zoom. Perhaps not a large enough sample since it is supposed to be one of the automotions.
  11. sknis

    Emc 8 Freezes During Encoding

    You didn't post your computer specs so I'm going to take a guess that it is not the latest and greatest. If the video is home made and there is a lot of camera movement or zooming, put the video in VideoWave. Render it to a "mgp2 for DVD better quality" file. If it renders properly, then you can use it in DVD builder. If you still have a problem, it may be the video file itself. I recently had this problem with a video that my son recorded while he was walking and doing a lot of zooming. The above worked for me.
  12. sknis

    Text Disappears In Label Creator

    Have you tried to see if the text is being sent to "back" so that it is hidden by whatever background you are using? Is the text defaulting to the same color as the background so you can't see it? Are you trying to apply one of the curved texts? I think that there are so many other free label creating programs out there that I never use it. Some free programs will also load the information from the disc.
  13. sknis

    Pausing The Audio In A Slideshow

    I think you will have to use Sound Editor to split the narration in two or more parts. The other possibility, if the pictures are displayed rather long, is to fit the display to the narration.
  14. sknis

    Audio Loop

    Don't know if this would help or not. Convert that music file to a mp3 or wav file using Sound Editor and then try again.
  15. Both Pinnacle and Sony have users groups boards, you might want to look at some of those postings to get an idea of some of the issues that you might run into with those programs. Neither Ulead nor Nero have boards so you may have a little more problem getting the inside info on those.
  16. sknis

    Thumbnails In Mydvd

    Doesn't seem like the same problem at all.
  17. sknis

    Double Pictures In Slideshow

    Have you tried using VideoWave for the production? Do you see the same results? Please post your computer specs. As you already found out, preview is not a good indication of final quality. I will probably get some to complian about the following but V8 does require more from a video card. Please update the drivers for yours. In Video Wave, open tools/options and see if the program has defaulted to hardware or software. Run the test. If it is and was hardware, and if you do not have a bunch of fancy transitions, check software mode and run preview.
  18. sknis

    8007000e Error While Encoding Movie

    "Is there any fix to EMC 8 that will allow it to function as needed, with anti-virus and anti-spyware running." If you are doing any video work at all, you should be disconnected from the internet and have shut down these programs. Video Editing is CPU intensive and the :attention: of the CPU should not be drawn away from that process. Some anti-virus will scan the video you are working with as you are working with it. That scan will be enough to cause problems. Sort of like driving and talking on a cell phone. The brain is a wonderful computer but attention can be drawn away from the task of driving (even with head sets).
  19. Don't use the slide show wizard. The motion is applied but often it is so slight that it can't be noticed. It seems to be a function of the image and of the display time. Take the slide show to Video Wave and apply the pan and zoom from there.
  20. sknis

    How Do I Turn Off Pan And Zoom

    Does clearing out the proxy files get rid of the motion when you select none?
  21. sknis

    Thumbnails In Mydvd

    Have you moved any of those files? If so, you need to relink the files or put them back where they were.
  22. Anxious are we? Try the one that works. Unless you have high def or a great monitor, you may not notice the difference. V8 stresses your computer more than V7 including your video card. Please Post your computer specs and the update the driver for the video card you have
  23. Re: LG. Since you didn't post the model number, I can't help you search. You may want to check at the web site for your computer manufacturer. If it is a major brans, they often have the updates available. You are looking for a firmware update. If you have not flashed a burner before make sure you follow the instructions exactly. It is not difficult but done incorrectly, can make your burner into a door stop.
  24. sknis

    Installation Problem- Emc 8.0

    To add to what Pat said, please post your computer specs. Lap or desk top? What message are you getting with the BSOD? Before you attempt to re-install, set your computer to best performance (Windows) and update all your drivers including the driver for your video card. If it is a laptop, shut down all power savings features. Make sure that you are not connected to the internet, run your anti-malware program (at least 2 of them). Run your favorite disc clean up or use windows to do that and defrag. Shut down and reboot. Shut down all programs that you do not need to be running including your anti-virus program. Now try to re-install. A lot of installation problems come from programs running in the background. If you continue to have problems post back for complete removal instructions to follow before you try to re-install. [ quote name=nanaoneal' date='Jan 16 2006, 10:57 AM' post='4164] If it is an installation problem you shouldn't be charged for the help from Roxio.
  25. sknis

    Audio Loop

    If you substitute your music for the default, it should play 150 seconds before looping. I don't know what the default music loop time is. What is the length of your music cut and what format.