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    Mp3 Files

    Let us know if it works.
  2. If you ordered it, chances are that you will get the updated version..You can tell which build you have by looking at the build listed in any of the programs help/about pages except for the home page. If you have any build other than 800, you do not need the update. Many people have also said that they will not update since their version of build 800 works great. Update only if you have a problem. You didn't ask but I'd like to give you some advice if you don't mind. Before you install, make sure that you are disconnected from the internet, that you have checked for and deleted any malware on your computer. Defrag your hard drive and reboot. Shut down any running programs that you do not need to have running such as the anti-malware software and your anti-virus software. Install the program disc, then open any of the programs. Reboot and then install the content disc. Reboot. By taking a little more time to get the program installed correctly will save you time in the future. While you are waiting to get the discs, you can make sure that the drivers for your video card are updated and the firmware for your burner is flashed to the latest. That should keep you busy for a couple of days!
  3. sknis

    Preview In Slideshow

    If you are still having problems and have not found a work around, do your slide show in Video Wave; You will like it a lot. If you still want to use Photosuite, look at the option for interlaced vs non-interlaced. Although this is for web pictures, it will affaect the preview. Select the non-interlaced.
  4. Ditto; no problems with V8 and One Touch.
  5. sknis

    Photo Templates

    I'm not sure what you are asking and what it has to do with Easy Media Creator 8. Do you have the full version of EMC 8 or do you have Photosuite Platinum? What are you really trying to do? Please post back with more details.
  6. sknis

    Gui Confusion

    Laurie, I'm not sure what program you are using and really what you are trying to do. I'm sure others are confused also and that is why there have been no replies. Please provide a little more detail inclucing the version you are using, which of the programs, etc.
  7. sknis


    I understand that you are upset about being able to buy the program cheaper from a retailer than from Sonic directly. In the US, there is a practice of selling something well under the retail price (at a loss) in order to get you into the store or web site where; hopefully, you will buy something else. The two combined sales will result in a profit for the store. While you were on Amazon, did you look at the other things they had? Did you buy anything else? If not, you got a great deal; if so, you only got a good deal. I'm sure that practice is not restricted to the US. Enjoy V8. Try the DVD music disc and the Panorama picture function.
  8. sknis

    How To Burn Mp3 Cd

    Under audio, select "jukebox disc". The click on add music, select "add folder". In the window that pops up, navigate to the folder "album" you want to add and click on it. All the music files in that folder will be added. You can also use Music Disc Creator which gives you more options. If you don't want to select all the music in ad folder, use this function. Just be sure to select mp3 disc. You said cd player; I hope you mean mp3 player. Also go out and buy a couple of rewritable cd discs. That way if you screw up, you can fix the problem in the project and reuse the disc. By the way, you must make sure that the purchased music is written to a disc using the program that you download the music from (that RW will come in handy here) and then burned back to your hard drive.
  9. sknis

    Cds To Dvd

    Think of the music DVD as a movie with the music and still pictures only. If you play a regular DVD, when the movie finishes, you return to the menu; this program works the same way. Also, when you watch a movie from the start, the player will continue to the end. This works the same way unless you select just an album or track to play. Just like a movie, you cannot select random tracks (scenes) to play.without some input from you. Are you using DVD Music Disc Assistant? Try using Music disc Creator and select music DVD. It gives you more choices for personalization including album, artist, icon, background (which can be changed for each piece of music) etc. I'm not sure why the name of the title was changed back.
  10. sknis

    Listen While Recording

    Make sure that your settings in Windows is correct. In sounds and and audio devices (recording) make sure that line in is selected and level is about half way and that the left most slide is also about half way. In "Record Audio", make sure that your audio codec is selected (rather than something like modem) and that line in is your source. Post back if that works.
  11. sknis

    Sonic Mydvd

    This is not unusual for some Windows based video cards. I do not remember the "fix" but if you google the problem you will find a MS Knowledge Base Article on the turned and reversed image.
  12. sknis

    Emc8 - Editing Audio Volume In Mydvd

    VideoWave Sound I assume that you are trying to build a slide show in MyDVD, the program that opens is a lite version with limited options. Build that slide show in VideoWave. You have two options to adjust the volume, one is to use the speaker icon in timeline view . That adjusts volume and adds fade in or fade out. If you want more control, make sure the audio track is showing and then use the icon 2 to the left of the speaker icon. That adjust the audio envelope. You have more adjustment of fade in/out, volume and the ability to adjust sections of the audio track. Play with it. click to add a point (or more) and then drag the point up or down to adjust the volume/fade. Sorry, can't help you with your original question.
  13. sknis

    Music On Cd-rw

    Use a disc right out of the box, do not format it if you are using anything other than drag 2 disc. You can use Creator Classic to burn the audio cuts to the disc. If it purchased from an online store, you may have to use their program to get it onto the disc. You can then bring it back to tohe computer and use it.
  14. sknis

    Label Creator: Writing In Text Boxes

    Don't take it personally, we are all learning how to use the new board layout so perhaps this poster didn't know enough to read the earlier replies.
  15. sknis


    I did this also and felt pretty foolish when I was told to just change the style/background. Those two templates are just for lightscribe but you can use any picture or template you want to. Since the burn is monochrome, pick one that would look good in just a couple of shades of the same color. White will be the color of the disc surface (not burned area). The other areas will be darkened versions of that color. You would also need to pick one that has a all over image with little or nothing important in the center. When you go to burn (print" select your light scribe drive and take a good look at the preview. What you see is what you get. You can also google for lightscribe and go to their site for additional free templates if you wish. They had a lot for the hoilday season. They will also have the latest drivers. You can also downloada different burner program for labeling the discs if you are not happy with Label Creator.
  16. sknis

    Sound Points On Audio Track Do Not Save

    Does this happen if you use VideoWave? Sometimes they are pretty much the same but at other times they give different results. Save the file in VideoWave and then reopen it, see if the changes you made in the audio envelop has stuck or has been lost. Actually, many experienced people believe the best way of creating a project is through VideoWave and then importing the "movies" into MyDVD and burning from there. I find the editing and options in VideoWave easier. Others disgree entirely. If this solves your problem, then .... if not, post back and describe what happens.
  17. sknis

    I Keep Getting This Pop-up Windows Installer

    What is it trying to install? The program, the content, or some other file?
  18. sknis

    Captured Video

    This program does not recognize any time stamps ot other scene splitting devices from your camcorder so .... The easiest way is to switch to timeline and do your editing from there. Use the split icon at the start and stop of scenes tyou want to delete and then select that scene and delete it. If you just want to create scenes so that you can separate them, after you have done the splitting, switch back to storyboard and add transitions and or text panels. If you must use scenes, open Media Manager and navigate to the file. Right click on it and select scene detection. You will have to make some adjustments to get the automatic scene detection to give you about the right number of scenes. They will be marked scene 001, 002, etc. You can also do a manual scene detect. Now open VideoWave and go to add photo/video. Use the options to go to My Media and select the date you did the scene detect. Add the ones you want to storyboard.
  19. sknis

    Label Creator

    I'm confused. If you see only Epson printers, you have selected print to disc. I don't think your printer does that (in the US). Go back to page set up, select commercial paper and then choose the label brand and type you use. When you go to print, if you have more than one printer, you can select the one you want to use. If this is not what you meant, please post back. Post back anyway so I know that your issues is resolved.
  20. sknis

    Printing On Cd's

    Which is it - paper or plastic? The title of your post talks about printing directly on cd but the text talks about printing on paper. That may be why you are getting answers that don't make sense. Go to page set up and select "print to disc". Select the printer you have. If that doesn't work, you may not have installed all the drivers when you installed the printer.
  21. Perhaps you just need to reset your screen resloution to a higher number like 1280 by 768. Lower resolution will be a problem. You do not need a scene detect to put your video into VideoWave, add then to the storyboard and then switch to timeline. You can then go to the place where you want to split the video and use the split command. If you want to cur out scenes, go to the start and end of the scenes and split at each place. Select the area you want to splict and delete it. Note that you do not change the original video file. You are jsut adding instructions to the program to skip that part of the file. If you have split the movie into scenes, you can go back to storyboard view and add transitions, color panels and text as you wish.
  22. sknis

    Adding Text To The First Slide

    In timeline, double click on the first slide. This opens the internal tracks (they appear yellow) for that image add your text. It is then attached to that image only and will show whenever that image is previewed. If you move that image to another location in the project, the text moves with it. Use the icon to return to the mani timeline. Remember it is there, as are any other things added to the internal track such as music or a special effect. If you foret that it is there, you may get some wierd effects if you add music or a sepecial effect to the main track that would include that image. I hope you understood the last part of that.
  23. sknis

    Chapters In Wrong Place!

    Simple answer, the "selection" area for the chapters are overlapping so it is hit or miss on what you actually get to select. The image size has little to do with the selection area. Use the two pages, or cut the number of chapters. None of the styles I looked at allow just a line of text for the chapter.
  24. sknis

    Pan And Zoom

    Mike, I'm not sure this will help in your situation but please upgrade the drivers for your video card. Most "visual" problems are caused by slightly outdated drivers or marginally acceptable video cards. EMC 8 does require more from the video card; usually a updated driver will solve the issue.
  25. sknis

    Videowave - Snap To Objects

    The help says "Tip: You can use the Timeline Snap objects view to snap objects to each other when you move them." I guess it works like an internal track without being an internal track. I have never used it nor have I ever remember anyone asking about it. Perhaps someone who uses it can provide more input and suggestions on its use. Learn something everyday.