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    Creating Movies From Clips

    mpeg? Do you mean mpg? Use VideoWave in the storyboard mode. Add the them in order but you can move them around. Add transitions or color panels with text to separate them if needed. Save the project and then close Video Wave. Open MyDVD and add that file via add movie. Use the menu style that you want and customize it as you wish.
  2. sknis

    What's The Best Way To Get Stills From A Movie.

    Open VideoWave and then Media Selector. Right click on the file were you want to extract the image and select extract image. A Window will pop up, navigate to the image you want and extract. Save it as a jpg. Remember the image will not be a high resolution image; it is only as good as the resolution of the movie.
  3. sknis

    Several Issues

    You are correct. I believe the Centrino is used only when additional refinements are added into the laptop such as a larger on chip memory and other refinements. This allows a laptop with the "Centrino" set up to run at an equivalent performance of a higher Pentium 4 compuer. The Centrino chip is a misnomer. Centrino is really a name for a mobile technology. I believe that the chip is really a Pentium M (for mobile) - at least it is now. I don't want to get into AMD chips and their performance rating.
  4. Are you asking for a bottom line? Here is a cautious one. EMC 8 should work on your computer. The concern I have is that you were dropping frames using a previous version. EMC 8 may not fix that and may make things worse. My suggestion is to try to find the problem in the first place using the earlier version. If you have a disc, you might try to repair or reinstall. Since it came with a burner, it is probably still around somewhere. If you have tried that and you still have dropped frames, try the following. When you are capturing, you should have 1) shut down from the internet 2) gotten rid of any spy ware by running at least two anti-malware programs. 3) Degragged your hard drive that the program will save and work on 4) Rebooted 5) shut down all anti-spy and anti-virus ware. 6) shut down any power saving features such as your screen saver 7) gone into Windows and set your computer to best performance (Windows/Control panel/system/advanced/performance - set that to best) 6) Once you start capturing, do not use the computer for anything else until the capture is done If the original tape has visual "noise" or are worn, it may be the fault of the tape and tape player and not one of your computer/capture. I had some 35 year old tapes like that finally had to give up. Others, I was able to cut out some real bad spots and put in a transition to cover the cut.
  5. sknis

    Can't Import Audio From My Dv Camcorder

    In Media Import, make sure that the "Sound" is set you your audio codec and not to something like modem; the "Input" should be Line In ( that's where your audio cable should be plugged into your computer), then the control should be somewhere in the middle. I don't remember that I needed to do this but under the advanced tab, there is a "preview audio" check box. If you can't hear the audio during capture, you may want to try to see if this does anything for you. If that is where you have been and the audio cable is plugged in correctly then... Go to Windows/Control Panel/Sounds and Audio Devices/Sound Recording/Volume. A dialog box will open. Select "line in" and make the volume about 1/2 way. Also make sure that the Recording box on the left is not muted and that it is also about half way. This assumes that you are using Windows XP. It is probably similar in 2000. Make sure that the audio on your camera is active and that you are using a good cable plugged into good connectors.
  6. sknis

    Mydvd Return To Menu Setting

    Forgive me if I misread your post. You did not indicate that you were aware of the function but could not use it in the original post so I did not believe that the last post was a clarification. I was unsure if you had read the post since the new boards are somewhat quirky. As ggrussell posted those setting are not available in this version.
  7. sknis

    How Can I Force A Slower Burn Speed?

    Did you try changing the default write speeds per my message?
  8. sknis

    Emc 8.05

    Post your question in the body of the post as well as the topic. After you install V8, open one of the programs such as videowave and click on help/about . If the build is 800.. than you can update. If it anything else. There is no update. Caution. run the program for awhile if you have little or no problems, you may not need to update. Some people have had problems when they did an update to a properly running program. (PS if a control is grayed out, it is not available) If you do have problems do a search on these boards for solutions that may not involve the update. If you have not yet installed the program, make sure you disconnect from the internet, check your computer for syware, and degrag your hard drive. Shut down and restart. Turn off all programs that do not need to be running for Windows. Install the program disc, open one V8 program and then close the the entire V8, then install the content disc. Reboot. I know you want to get started but an install on a clean computer without other programs running will save you time in the long run. Good lick.
  9. sknis

    How Can I Force A Slower Burn Speed?

    Burn speed may not be the problem. Memorex DVDs are not the best and have caused other people problems. Memorex buys from the lowest bidder. I use Fulifilm and had very good luck. V8 does not have any drivers so it picks up information from your drive. If your drive provide the information to EMC 8 that it can burn those discs at that speed, it probably can. If you really want to change the write speed, on the lower right of the Home page is an options link. Click on it and then general and then advanced. You can change both the cd and the DVD burn speeds from there. I don't know if it holds those settings or if you have to reset them whenever you open EMC 8 Search this board for the method to create a DVD; first by creating and image file and then copying that image file to your disc. That seems to be the most foolproof method of creating a DVD since it separates the rendering from the burning steps. You computer isn't trying to do several things at once.
  10. sknis

    Mydvd 8

    You didn't post any information about your computer system or the amount of free space on your "c" drive. I would assume that it is less than 10GB. Time to do some spring cleaning on temp files and programs you do not use. When was the last time you used Windows/Accessories/System Tools to clean up and defrag your hard drive? If you do not have any space on your "c" drive, you may not be able to degragment it. Delete programs and files that you don't use. Do it now. Create your project in MyDVD and then click burn. Uncheck burn to disc and create folders; check on creat iso file (image). Set the program to save the iso file to your "d" drive and name your file. Let the program render to that drive. After it is finsihed, navigate to the iso file and double click on it; disc copier will open and you can copy that file to the disc. If you cannot clear enough space, you may want to consider buyig a bare hard drive and a USB enlosure for the hard drive. Go to one of te online stores and get them on sale. They plug into your computer and act just like an internal drive..
  11. sknis

    Mydvd Return To Menu Setting

    That's what ggrussell said yesterday morning.
  12. sknis

    80045208 - Error While Opening Project

    You are welcome Actually, this is the best practice to get a finished DVD to play on more DVD players. In the long run, there is both a saving of aggravation and time.
  13. Additional information re error message In addition to what Paul asked, and knowing that you are running a new computer, are you still running Windows 2000 SP4? The reason I asked is that a google of your error message brought up a MS knowledge base article that responds to the error. The second part of that message references "gear". That program is a stand alone cd writing program. One reference indicates that it is part of Nero, Symatec disc image and others. See below: FAQ 4 - Why is gearsec.exe running on my system? Applies to Products: All Applies to Operating Systems: Windows NT 4.0, Windows 2000, Windows XP Summary In the task manager I see that gearsec.exe running on my computer. Since I do not have any GEAR products installed, can I remove this file? Solution The gearsec.exe driver (and associated GEAR Security service) were part of GEAR Software's driver set which allows the GEAR.wrks API to recognize and work with recorders on NT4.0, Win2000 and WinXP. The GEAR.wrks API is used in GEAR Software's products and also in several 3rd party applications such as Apple's iTunes, Cakewalk's Pyro, Audible's AudibleManager and DiscWelder by Minnetonka to name a few. The latest GEAR driver installer will install drivers that do not require gearsec.exe. In addition, the driver installer will remove gearsec.exe and the associated GEAR Security service from Win2000 and WinXP systems. The gearsec.exe driver is still required on NT 4.0 though. Note that 3rd party applications using the GEAR.wrks API may verify that gearsec.exe is installed. Removing gearsec.exe may result in these applications not functioning correctly. If this occurs, please contact the manufacturer of the application to determine if an updated version of their software is available. Alternatively, reinstall the software so that gearsec.exe is installed.
  14. sknis

    Burn Crashes At 50% Point

    Music format? Are all the music cuts in the same format? Does it always crash about the same time (same music cut)? What is the source of the music? Are any of them downloaded from an online store or recorded at a different bit rate that what the program can handle. You should be getting an error related to the above but perhaps you are not for some reason. Have you also tried another batch of discs. Sometimes there are a few bad discs in a cakebox. Try burning to an RW if you have one to see if it performs the same. That way you can erase it or just copy it to a regular disc. If the music is all in the correct format, then try this. What anit=virus do you have? Sometimes the anti-virus will try to scan the music as you are burning it so that the computer locks. Disconnect from the internet, shut down you anti-virus and try burning again. If it burns, you may be able to change your setting so that it does not scan when you are burning.
  15. sknis

    Dual Layer Drives

    I stand corrected.
  16. sknis

    Need Help Burning Movies

    Yes you can capture the DVD to your hard drive unless it is protected. Do not use drag to disc to burn a DVD. You would use either video wave or MyDVD to burn the file to the disc. The rpogram creates all the files. Spending some time with the hep files would be in order.
  17. sknis

    Dual Layer Drives

    Not with V6. The ability to burn to Dl was added in V7.5, I believe. I don't think V7 had it.
  18. sknis


    For your coputer specs. go to My Controls at the top of the page.. Once that opens, select signature on the left list. List your compueter specs here, a signature if you want it and a phrase is you want one. That will stay with your profile so whenever you post, that signature with computer specs will show
  19. Use the Knowledge Base article regarding this issue. Click on the Easy Media Creator 8 link to the left of this message. I believ it is the first one listed. If that isn't your problem, look at the other articles.
  20. sknis

    Error And No Preview

    Update the drivers for the video chips first. Either from the computer manufacturer's web site or from the SIS web site. Here In the future, please list your computer specs so we don't provide information not applicable to your device. For convenience, please add your computer specs to you signature. Go to My Controls (above) and select signature on the left hand side. Saves a lot of typing and questions about your hardware.
  21. sknis

    80045208 - Error While Opening Project

    Do not use drag and drop for this ! Once the iso file completes, navigate to it and double click. Disc copier will open. Copy the iso file to the disc. That is actually the preferred methond of burning to a disc. It works on more players but no one can answer exactly why (other than to speparate the rendering and creation of the from the burning. The iso file is an exact image of what the disc will have on it. Drag 2 disc uses a packet writing program that is good for short term transfer and saving of files.
  22. sknis

    Avi Problems And More!

    Source of the files? Are they on your hard drive? Are they "protected"?
  23. sknis

    Dvd Labels

    If you need a new burner soon, you might also consider "Lightscribe" enabled although I think the printers that print directly on the disc are more visually appealing (and faster). You need the 7.5 or higher to use lightscribe.
  24. sknis

    My Difficulties With Emc 8

    Unfortunately the information you posted does not identify your build (version). Open and of the programs (like Video Wave) and about the fourth line down, there is a build number. If it is 800 then the patch might apply. Did you get an automatic notice? If you have downloaded the program, the patch will not work for you.