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  1. sknis

    Photo Projects Assistant

    Yes, sometimes a little insurance goes a long way. (backup disc purchase)
  2. sknis

    7800gt Vivo Doesnt Work With Video Capture Either

    I guess that Roxio marketing selected the term "any" (type of device) specifically to mean that not "ALL" devices will work.
  3. sknis

    Mydvd Causes Pc To Reboot When Adding Video

    Just for kicks, I tried this also and got a BSOD similar to what I got in the first Beta (related to AMD). I do have a ATI video card. I checked these posts and AMD does not seem to be common. I added one mpg2 file (20 minutes) and two DMSM files (about 10-15 minutes each). The BSOD came up as soon as I added the second DMSM file. I hate that screen It is like a penality box. I waited until the memory dump completed and the computer restarted with no problems
  4. sknis

    My Dvd

    Animations on movie files is automatic. You can select the starting point. Don't think it is available for slide shows. If you really need movement for slide shows you must burn it to a mpg file from VideoWave and add it as a movie.
  5. sknis

    7800gt Vivo Doesnt Work With Video Capture Either

    Update the drivers for your video card. It may or may not help but usually does. You might have to capture the video with the software that came with your capture card/device and then bring the file into V8 for editing and burning.
  6. sknis

    Extremly Slow Saves In Videowave

    Jenn, put the text on the internal track for each image. That text stays with the image so if you rearrange the images, the text goes with it. It wasn't clear if that is what you are doing. To get to the internal track, double click on the image. The internal tracks appear yellow. Drag the text style to the image. Edit it and then click the icon to return to the main tracks. That will save you some work (if you haven't been doing it that way). Did you get a lot of good pictures? Hvae you tried to share them with some of you friends using the V8/Media Manager/Live Share? People you send an invitation to can see your pictures on your computer as long as you are sharing. The person receiving your invitation see them as a web page. This way you don't have to upload those pictures to a photoservice and people don't have to sign uup for an account (and get spam from them) Sorry I digressed from the original topic but I hope you find this helpful.
  7. Take a look at the full name of the files on your hard drive. Make sure they were not renamed to (Your file).mpg.vob or some similar weird scheme. This happend to me once.
  8. sknis

    Re: Music Disc Creator And Dvd Screensaver

    It is going to take some time to do it but you can add a different "style" for each piece of music (as well as the icon for each). Since the navigation arrows are different depending on the style, they will not burn in. The other information like tack name, number, etc change with the music so this would minimize the possibility of those burning in. Click on the piece of music than click style and select one repeat as needed. If you simply put a black panel image as the background, the navigation arrows would not change so there may be a risk there. Try it on an RW to see if this gives you what you want. Since there are about a dozen styles you can change them as needed. Not pretty but probably effective. Please post back with your results; I bet a lot of people would like to see the images change listening to music. I'll explore more and post back if I find anything else. If you find something, please post what works for you.
  9. If memory serves, the first update was removed because users did not follow a correct installation procedure. Just for discussion, once you download the file and before you installed it, did you disconnect from the internet, run your malware programs, defragged your discs, shut down and rebooted, shut down all your programs other than what Windows needs to have running and only then install the update? Sounds like a lot but it really saves time in the long run. I recently tried an update to another program without doing the steps and I had conflicts. I removed the update, did all of the above and the update installed properly.
  10. Get the build number from one of the programs (open VideoWave) and do the help/about from there. Are you having problems that the others are listing?
  11. sknis


    I have not seen that type of problem since XP came out and I had an incompatible USB device. First, as nanaoneal said I would remove any packet writing programs that may have been included when you bought your computer or were included with your other software. If you have one you like, make sure you disable or remove Drag 2 Disc. Then update drivers and firmware for all your devices especially the USB devices and for your video card. (This program stresses the video capabilities of your computer but the issue can usually be solved by updating the drivers
  12. sknis

    Emc8 Content Cd Runtime Error

    Do you have service pack 4 for the Windows 2000? That is needed.
  13. Might want to buy a couple of RW discs to play with; cheaper in the long run.
  14. sknis

    Download Music To My Mp3 Player

    I'm with you on that. It is interesting that these devices don't have instructions or help files on how to do this. I guess the manufacturers think that everyone knows how to load a flash card. Remember all the posts about the phone? Same thing. It was a flash player - even had a reader/writer. Seems like the younger folk like the new toys but don't want to spend time learning about them. I'm sure that Juan33436 is not one of them. Just re-read the orginal post. Juan is asking how to download music to EMC 8 so I'm not sure what he really wants ! Title and text in post do not agree.
  15. sknis

    Photo Projects Assistant

    Go back and down load the second file - the "content". There are two files that need to be downloaded and installed separately.
  16. You did not post your computer specification so this is a guess. Most (if not all) people who have problems "seeing" things in this program have an issue with their video card. Update the drivers for that card and see if you will see the capture. Please post your computer specs; if it is marginal or just at or below the minumum specifications, you need to take special care to make sure you have plenty of room on your defragged hard drive , that you are disconnected from the internet, that you shut down all running programs other than V8 (and those processes required by Windows) and that you have set your computer to best performance in Windows. Post back please to let us know your progress.
  17. sknis

    Sound Points On Audio Track Do Not Save

    Explain please. What program? What function? What do you mean by Sound Points. Please reply.
  18. sknis

    Media Import Blows Up

    Still having problems getting it to work? My previuos post siggested that the procedure of attaching the camera to the computer is important. I found this with a 2 minute search of the Sony web site. "How to troubleshoot the connection between a digital camera and a computer using an IEEE 1394 i.LINK connection. Follow this procedure to connect a digital camcorder to a computer using an i.LINK® connection (IEEE 1394). IMPORTANT: The computer must have compatible video capture software installed. NOTE: The i.LINK® ports may have four or six pin connections. Sony® digital camcorders use i.LINK® ports with four pins. Consult the computer or capture card manufacturer for the specifications of the i.LINK® port on the computer. 1. Verify that the tape that is being used actually has video recorded on it, and that it is rewound. 2. Connect the i.LINK® cable to the digital camcorder. 3. Connect the other end of the i.LINK® cable to the computer. 4. Turn on the computer. 5. Turn on the digital camcorder. 6. Start the video capture software on the computer. NOTE: Image capture should be available if the computer hardware and software are configured correctly. If image capture is not available, consult the computer or capture card manufacturer for assistance. Is this the procedure you followed? You might also look for other information on the Sony web site. They have a lot of FAQ. I believe that V8 will work but you might want to try capturing with the software they provided OR with another piece of software (downloaded as a free trial). If that doesn't work, your camera or Firewire connection or firewire cable is the problem.
  19. sknis

    No Menu Selector (highlight) In Dvd Menus ?

    How many "shows" are you putting on one menu page. Sometimes if you try to put too many on one page, they will overlap. You will not see it because the "selection box" is actually larger than what you see. Try using a different menu style like one without the thumbnails or trt putting several of those shows on a second menu page. Please post back if this solves your problem (and what you did.)
  20. sknis

    Audio And Video Out Of Sync

    A lot depends on your computer. You have neglected posting any information on it so it is difficult to tell if yours is a problem or not. As you know, video work takes a lot of CPU energy. Make sure you are disconnected from the internet, have shut down any programs that you do not need to have running (anti-virus, anti-malware, etc.). Defrag your hard drive and reboot to clear your memory. Set you computer performance to best using Windows. Do not use your computer to read mail or play games duiing the processing. Do the burn in two steps, burn the file to an iso (image) file and then copy that file to your disc. Some people have reported that converting the file to an AVI rather than mpg has cured some out of sync problems. Post back what worked for you.
  21. sknis

    Rip Audio Off Dvd And Burn On To Cd

    I have not tried this but I believe that you go to Audio (choices on the left side of the home page) and select burn audio from Sound Card. You play the DVD and as it pays the program captures the audio from your sound card. Post back if this works/doesn't work to let other know if you have success or simply need more information.
  22. sknis

    Download Music To My Mp3 Player

    Gary, That looks like a flash player that will take mp3, wma, and other. It does come with software but the web site doesn't say which. Looks like you can conncet via USB so Music Disc Creator or Creator Classic should be able to load it. Hope the original poster comes back and lets us know what software was included.
  23. sknis

    Rxs Audio Files

    It may also be dangerous for anyone to download and open those files. Why can't you do it?
  24. sknis

    Unhappy With Emc8.0

    Did you download and install both files of V8; one was the program and one was the content. Go to add/remove programs and see if you can see 2 listings for V8. The content program needs to be installed separately from the program file (with a reboot after opening one program - anyone for best installation. If you have download and installed both, I would image you may have a video card that needs to be updated (drivers) or upgraded.
  25. sknis

    Mydvd Causes Pc To Reboot When Adding Video

    What is different in this video from the two previous ones? At first glance, this looks like the culprit. How long are the three videos (time). What is the source of this particular video? Does this video play using Windows Media Player?