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    I have not seen that type of problem since XP came out and I had an incompatible USB device. First, as nanaoneal said I would remove any packet writing programs that may have been included when you bought your computer or were included with your other software. If you have one you like, make sure you disable or remove Drag 2 Disc. Then update drivers and firmware for all your devices especially the USB devices and for your video card. (This program stresses the video capabilities of your computer but the issue can usually be solved by updating the drivers
  2. sknis

    Emc8 Content Cd Runtime Error

    Do you have service pack 4 for the Windows 2000? That is needed.
  3. Might want to buy a couple of RW discs to play with; cheaper in the long run.
  4. sknis

    Download Music To My Mp3 Player

    I'm with you on that. It is interesting that these devices don't have instructions or help files on how to do this. I guess the manufacturers think that everyone knows how to load a flash card. Remember all the posts about the phone? Same thing. It was a flash player - even had a reader/writer. Seems like the younger folk like the new toys but don't want to spend time learning about them. I'm sure that Juan33436 is not one of them. Just re-read the orginal post. Juan is asking how to download music to EMC 8 so I'm not sure what he really wants ! Title and text in post do not agree.
  5. sknis

    Photo Projects Assistant

    Go back and down load the second file - the "content". There are two files that need to be downloaded and installed separately.
  6. You did not post your computer specification so this is a guess. Most (if not all) people who have problems "seeing" things in this program have an issue with their video card. Update the drivers for that card and see if you will see the capture. Please post your computer specs; if it is marginal or just at or below the minumum specifications, you need to take special care to make sure you have plenty of room on your defragged hard drive , that you are disconnected from the internet, that you shut down all running programs other than V8 (and those processes required by Windows) and that you have set your computer to best performance in Windows. Post back please to let us know your progress.
  7. sknis

    Sound Points On Audio Track Do Not Save

    Explain please. What program? What function? What do you mean by Sound Points. Please reply.
  8. sknis

    Media Import Blows Up

    Still having problems getting it to work? My previuos post siggested that the procedure of attaching the camera to the computer is important. I found this with a 2 minute search of the Sony web site. "How to troubleshoot the connection between a digital camera and a computer using an IEEE 1394 i.LINK connection. Follow this procedure to connect a digital camcorder to a computer using an i.LINK® connection (IEEE 1394). IMPORTANT: The computer must have compatible video capture software installed. NOTE: The i.LINK® ports may have four or six pin connections. Sony® digital camcorders use i.LINK® ports with four pins. Consult the computer or capture card manufacturer for the specifications of the i.LINK® port on the computer. 1. Verify that the tape that is being used actually has video recorded on it, and that it is rewound. 2. Connect the i.LINK® cable to the digital camcorder. 3. Connect the other end of the i.LINK® cable to the computer. 4. Turn on the computer. 5. Turn on the digital camcorder. 6. Start the video capture software on the computer. NOTE: Image capture should be available if the computer hardware and software are configured correctly. If image capture is not available, consult the computer or capture card manufacturer for assistance. Is this the procedure you followed? You might also look for other information on the Sony web site. They have a lot of FAQ. I believe that V8 will work but you might want to try capturing with the software they provided OR with another piece of software (downloaded as a free trial). If that doesn't work, your camera or Firewire connection or firewire cable is the problem.
  9. sknis

    No Menu Selector (highlight) In Dvd Menus ?

    How many "shows" are you putting on one menu page. Sometimes if you try to put too many on one page, they will overlap. You will not see it because the "selection box" is actually larger than what you see. Try using a different menu style like one without the thumbnails or trt putting several of those shows on a second menu page. Please post back if this solves your problem (and what you did.)
  10. sknis

    Audio And Video Out Of Sync

    A lot depends on your computer. You have neglected posting any information on it so it is difficult to tell if yours is a problem or not. As you know, video work takes a lot of CPU energy. Make sure you are disconnected from the internet, have shut down any programs that you do not need to have running (anti-virus, anti-malware, etc.). Defrag your hard drive and reboot to clear your memory. Set you computer performance to best using Windows. Do not use your computer to read mail or play games duiing the processing. Do the burn in two steps, burn the file to an iso (image) file and then copy that file to your disc. Some people have reported that converting the file to an AVI rather than mpg has cured some out of sync problems. Post back what worked for you.
  11. sknis

    Rip Audio Off Dvd And Burn On To Cd

    I have not tried this but I believe that you go to Audio (choices on the left side of the home page) and select burn audio from Sound Card. You play the DVD and as it pays the program captures the audio from your sound card. Post back if this works/doesn't work to let other know if you have success or simply need more information.
  12. sknis

    Download Music To My Mp3 Player

    Gary, That looks like a flash player that will take mp3, wma, and other. It does come with software but the web site doesn't say which. Looks like you can conncet via USB so Music Disc Creator or Creator Classic should be able to load it. Hope the original poster comes back and lets us know what software was included.
  13. sknis

    Rxs Audio Files

    It may also be dangerous for anyone to download and open those files. Why can't you do it?
  14. sknis

    Unhappy With Emc8.0

    Did you download and install both files of V8; one was the program and one was the content. Go to add/remove programs and see if you can see 2 listings for V8. The content program needs to be installed separately from the program file (with a reboot after opening one program - anyone for best installation. If you have download and installed both, I would image you may have a video card that needs to be updated (drivers) or upgraded.
  15. sknis

    Mydvd Causes Pc To Reboot When Adding Video

    What is different in this video from the two previous ones? At first glance, this looks like the culprit. How long are the three videos (time). What is the source of this particular video? Does this video play using Windows Media Player?
  16. sknis

    Audio Not Transferred To Dvd

    Ahh, new information. The program will play but not burn unsupported formats (according to the help files). Rip that audio in either .wav or mp3. You may have to put those musical cuts on a cd and then rip them back to your hard disc in .wav format.
  17. sknis

    Unhappy With Emc8.0

    No problem, I didn't do the count. We agreed on the content disc.
  18. sknis

    Three-letter Searches

    Try searching by adding a "dot" in front of the three letters as in .mp4. I searched a board for .pm3 and got a hit.
  19. sknis

    Dao Install?

    Unfair! if no one has a solution, the post would be as valuable as yours and perhaps mine below. If you have already tried to delete all instances of DAO using add remove programs, try updating the drivers for your ATI card if you have one. Once that is installed properly, try to delete the DAO from Windows add/remove programs. Perhaps the installer/uninstaller for DAO became corrupt. If memory serves, Microsoft Office also uses DAO. The hard way would be to install both V7 (carefully using Roxizap) and Office and then install first V7 and then Office. Third option, go to start/run/msconfig and look for the program that might need DOA. Disable that in startup. See if that fixes the problem. How's that 3 potential solutions in one post !
  20. sknis

    Capture Freezes

    If you are trying to capture from a digital video camera, you must do so using a firewire connection from the camera to the computer. If that is what you are doing? Make sure the firewire connections are good. Are you using a firwire cable that you bought separately, the inexpensive ones have been known to have problems? Sometimes the order in which you start the camera and the program, plug in the connections and start capturing make a big difference in how it works. Your camera instructions should give you a procedure. You may have to go to the Sony site for FAQ to get some instructions. Make sure your computer is free of mal-ware, that the hard disc is defragged, and that you have plenty of free space on the hard drive. Have you added any new progrmas lately? Also make sure that in Windows, you set your computer to best performance.
  21. sknis

    Unhappy With Emc8.0

    First, did you install both parts of V8; there should be two discs or two download files. One of them is the program and the other is the content. The content does need to be installed separately after a reboot. If you only have three menu items, you are missing or have a bad install of the content. If you have done that correctly and still have a problem, then ... This is a pretty good indication that you need to update the drivers for your video card. Problems of the visual nature are usually caused by problems with the Video Card. You should have about 12 menu formats. Try going to VideoWave, clcik on tools/options and see if the program has defaulted to software or hardware. If it is software, update the drivers and try again. Run the test. If it still defaults to software, you will need to upgrade your video card in order to get the additional menu items and about 100 more transitions. If you have onboard video or an older video baord, this would be a good investment. Get one with at lest 128mb onboard memory. You should be able to get one for arounf $50. Yes, I know that there is nothing on the box about this but the program will still owrk without it. It just works better. It would be helpful if you post your computer specs. Go to My Controls and select edit my signature (on the left) put your signature and tyour computer specs there. Do not post your e-mail address in the signature unless you want a lot of spam/
  22. Sounds like MyDVD came with your camcorder? The problem would be with the Canon site and not the Roxio site
  23. sknis

    Emc6 And Emc8

    Please post your computer specifications. Have you updated the drivers for your video card? This may solve all of your visual problems. Only conflicts that I know of with EMC and Nero are packet writing programs (Drag to Disc). Make sure you onlly have one of them on your computer. I do have AVG (free) on my computers and have no conflicts. What format are the images?
  24. sknis

    Vidoe Capture Erro

    Assumming the Panasonic camcorder is a digital recorder, you will have to use the firewire port on the camera connected to a firwire port on your computer to capture the video. I think Panasonic calls it an i-link port. The firewire port on you camera is probably hidden or may be on the "dock" If you go to the site, you may have to turn off your blocker to view some pages like the instruction manual.
  25. sknis

    Audio Not Transferred To Dvd

    You are probably going to be correct about a simple fix but that fix may be hard to find without additional information. When you went to burn in MyDVD, what option did you check? Try unchecking the burn to disc (and create folders) and select create image (iso) file. Let the process complete and then navigate to the iso file and double click on it. This will open disc copier. Copy the iso image to the disc. Do this on an RW just in case you have a different problem.