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  1. Sounds like MyDVD came with your camcorder? The problem would be with the Canon site and not the Roxio site
  2. sknis

    Emc6 And Emc8

    Please post your computer specifications. Have you updated the drivers for your video card? This may solve all of your visual problems. Only conflicts that I know of with EMC and Nero are packet writing programs (Drag to Disc). Make sure you onlly have one of them on your computer. I do have AVG (free) on my computers and have no conflicts. What format are the images?
  3. sknis

    Vidoe Capture Erro

    Assumming the Panasonic camcorder is a digital recorder, you will have to use the firewire port on the camera connected to a firwire port on your computer to capture the video. I think Panasonic calls it an i-link port. The firewire port on you camera is probably hidden or may be on the "dock" If you go to the site, you may have to turn off your blocker to view some pages like the instruction manual.
  4. sknis

    Audio Not Transferred To Dvd

    You are probably going to be correct about a simple fix but that fix may be hard to find without additional information. When you went to burn in MyDVD, what option did you check? Try unchecking the burn to disc (and create folders) and select create image (iso) file. Let the process complete and then navigate to the iso file and double click on it. This will open disc copier. Copy the iso image to the disc. Do this on an RW just in case you have a different problem.
  5. sknis

    80004005 Error In Emc 8.0

    Since your error mesage is not the same as the one the original poster listed, it is better if you start your own thread with you problem and question. We are all working on the new board format so your add on message may get lost.
  6. sknis

    Is There A Way To Rotate Video.

    There may be a better way of rotating the video but this is pretty simple. Start in Video Wave. In your production, add a color panel where you want to rotate the video. Now add the section of the video that was recorded "wrong" to the overlay track. Double click on the track in the overlay, a window will open. Select position and then rotate it the amount you want (90 degrees). Remember that you are turning a rectangular picture so it will not fill the display. Choose a color panel that would compliment the video. I guess that I'm not confused. If the choice is greyed out, you do not have that option available. If you have a download version or if you have the disc version and have the 8.05 build/version, then you have the latest available at this time. For more information on that, contact Roxio directly.
  7. sknis

    "tray Open" Message But It's Not

    Becky, this is a new design for the web board so it may be a bit confusing if you were using the old design. Please post this message in the Toast Bord further down the main page. You are posting in EMC 8 board (pc).
  8. sknis

    Grrrhh... Electrical Storms

    Check out the "Klipsch" online outlet store or their ebay store. They have great bargains on their speakers. The speakers tend to emphasise the bass if you like that. I bought the 2.1 system that looks normal (not the round ones) about two years ago and I could not find any damage. They were half price. They may still have some of the Star Wars design available.
  9. sknis

    How To Burn A 3 Hour Disc

    I have not tried it yet but if you only want to play that disc on your computer or if you have a DVD player that will play a DivX movies, you can try that. Let us know how it works for you.
  10. sknis

    Settings Under View Menu Is Grayed Out

    Nothing, those options are not available.