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  1. sknis

    Rippling Effect.

    or perhaps a flaw in you computer ! Please attach the dxdiag.exe text file on your computer so we can see what you are working with. Go here for directions (link)
  2. sknis

    Dropping Frames

    ... and also burn to an image file (ISO file) and then burn that to a disc. That puts less stress on your computer.
  3. sknis

    Lost Download Software

    Try this - no guarantees.
  4. sknis

    No Sounds From Playing Device To Computer

    Please do not double post ! See your other post for some questions to be answered.
  5. So let me get this straight - you are running an obsolete version of Creator that is not compatible with Windows 10 and you do not have audio. What application are you using? What recording device do you have set in Windows ?? (whatever version)
  6. sknis

    Compatibility With Websites

    Isn't that a question you should be asking Wysiwyg? You have the slide show so you know the format and size. That should be enough to get them started.
  7. sknis

    Can't Edit Pictures From Samsung S7 Cell Phone

    Not exactly the same. I have a Galaxy S5 and Windows 10. When I plug the phone into my computer, I can transfer them to a folder. They come in as jpg files. Those of course can be edited. Do you have some videos in with your pictures and are you trying to add the entire folder at once? That may give you a problem. If you are shooting in the raw mode, you will either need a converter (defeating the purpose of the raw files) or you will need a PhotoEditing program that will handle the raw file. PhotoSuite doesn;t handle raw files. Since it doesn't, download the trial version of Corel's PaintShop or Cyberlink's PhotoDirector. They will handle most but not all raw files. PaintShop will handle these types of raw files; "RAW file support for over 450 camera models, including the following file extensions: 3FR, ARW, CR2, CRW, DCR, DNG, K25, KDC, NEF, NRW, ORF, PEF, RAF, RW2, SR2, SRF, X3F (see all RAW camera support below) " Your files should be DNG format.
  8. sknis

    Roxio Creator Nxtpro5 Issues

    The flaw in that thinking is that the Corel Video Studio and Pinnacle product both use the "new" and (not) improved MyDVD.
  9. Is your computer a Dell? If so, try this (link)
  10. sknis

    Setting Question

    That is the way it works ! What you can do is connect that VHS player to a camcorder or to another player (DVD?) that allows for a pass through signal. That other device will maintain a signal so that the capture device will not know that the video has stopped (and then restarted).
  11. sknis

    Broken Camcorder

    I think his camcorder is broken?
  12. Look for ctf or PZA file extension. I don;t know if you will be able to open and use the files.
  13. Although Brendon showed it, perhaps Edward forgot that he can get the information by opening the program and then selecting "Help" and then "About", he can get the information requested. A screen shot would be nice.
  14. Perhaps he is running an OEM version (BOG?) and, as you know, it is to put it kindly, restricted. Tell us again how you were able to make a CD with 30 songs on it. They would have to be very short. Are you sure you are not tring to make a DVD? By the way "{BOG Standard " means the basic unrefined ,in this case, program. It would be like the Standard version vs the Pro version of NXT.
  15. Giampaolo, There have been many issues with the latest W10 updates. Uninstall the updates and don't let them be reinstalled. Restore your computer to when it was working to see if that fixes the problem
  16. What are you trying to capture and where from (device)? What leads are you using?
  17. sknis

    No Video Signal

    Microsoft did some recent updates and one has caused problems for some people in video editing and display. If you have these latest updates, uninstall them and then try again. Add the updates one at a time to figure out which one has caused the issue (if any). Just don't install that update in the future.
  18. Microsoft did some recent updates to Windows 10. One of them has given problem to some people (usually audio). Restore your computer to when it worked properly and try again. Don't let Windows do automatic updates. Let us know if that fixes the problem.
  19. sknis

    Sound Out Of Sync

    Start with trying to do maintenance on your computer - get rid of temporary files, some programs you don't use and , if you do not have a solid state hard drive, defrag it. You might want to try something like (for example only ) CClearner. . Do not do ANY registry cleaning. Make sure you have only the minimum required programs running. Where did you get the video file and how did yu get it on your computer. Is the lag evident in both the editing and the finished video file?
  20. I doubt that Roxio's "Record Now" will give you what you need but it will be the best program from Roxio/Corel for music. Unfortunately, there is no free trial but you can get a refund within 30 days of purchase. Take a look at "Goldwave"(link) I have used it to do a lot with editing music files and it gives you a lot of options. There is a free trial. That program, however does not allow you to burn to any media. There are programs that will allow you to burn including Windows Media Player (free and probably on that new computer).
  21. Do what you want but be ready to suffer the consequences ! Spambots are looking to easy pickings - automatically looking for your email address (the little @ sign). There is no one at the spam location to get your callsign and search for you --- or is there?
  22. sknis

    Why Don't My Mp3's Work In Photoshow Anymore?

    With the information you provided and ignoring any copyright issues, read this (link). My guess is bit rate differences.
  23. sknis

    Split From - Music Will Not Play In My Photoshow

    You have a different problem than did the original poster in this 2010 (7 year old) thread. Start you own thread. Look at the license on the Amazon music. Some may have more restrictions than others. What is the difference in the properties between songs that work and those that don't. Post that in your new thread,.
  24. You posted in the General area which is OK. It doesn't have to be Roxio/Corel related. My first guess is that your client has screwed up the default program for the jpg and/or tiff (Image) files. Have the client check that setting. Since the client may not be fully aware of the setting, suggest he ask "Cortana" for the word default and then select "Default Programs and make the default to whatever he uses for viewing photos or one of the ones that pop up. Let us know if that solved the problem.