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    Dvd Burn Says It Needs 2 Dvds

    Thanks, I reduced my folder sizes to under 4.39 and it wrote them to 1 disc.
  2. promoos

    Dvd Burn Says It Needs 2 Dvds

    Hi I have burned many DVDs with my Toast TI 7.1.3 and suddenly it is not working correctly. I am trying to burn 4.41GB to a Std single sided DVD-R. I prepared several folders holding data that totals 4.5GB or less in each so I could just copy the individual folders into Toast and burn a DVD backup. The first folder burned fine and now I get a message that says "4.41 GB spans approximately 2 DVDs". I can't get any of the 4GB folders to burn onto just 1 DVD. Please advise. Thanks