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    Mobved from PC section

    Thanks for all the input...the problem still persists. Here's what I know: • I tried MyDVD, but it will not open either a QuickTime file or a DV file. • My OS: Mac 10.5.6 • My version of Roxio Toast: 7 • My media: Maxell DVD-R • My drive: SONY DVD RW DW-821A • Cache: 2048 KB • Reads DVD: Yes • CD-Write: -R, -RW • DVD-Write: -R, -RW, +R, +RW • Write Strategies: CD-TAO, CD-SAO, CD-Raw, DVD-DAO • My computer: PowerPC - Mac • The original file was a .mov file from YouTube • I ran it through QuickTime Pro and saved it as a 16 MB QuickTime file • I then exported it as a DV file...it ballooned to 2 GB • I opened Toast and selected the VIDEO tab, and dragged the DV file to the window in Toast • In Toasts under FORMATS, I selected the DVD-Video button, chose a Menu Style, and checked the "Play all items continuously" button; Ecoding: automatic; Video Quality: Better; Encoding: automatic; aspect ratio: automatic; audio format: Dolby Digital - 192 kbps; DVD Chapters: automatic; Video: DV - PAL, 720 x 576, 25 fps; Audio: DV, Stereo, 32000 Hz; Write Speed: Best; Verify Data: checked; Buffer Underrun Prevention: checked; Audio Write Mode: DAO; Display Recorder Settings Before Writing: checked; The TV standard is currently set to NTSC, but all content is in PAL format so I reencoded to NTSC so it can play on an NTSC DVD player; Movie time: 11 minutes; 58 seconds • After clicking RECORD, the scroll bar reads: Encoding "file name" • After about 20 minutes, the encoding is complete. • And then this message appears: THE DISC FAILED TO BE WRITTEN Here's the deal: I have a 16 MB QuickTime movie. I want to be able to view the movie by inserting a DVD into a player connected to a TV. That's all. Hope this is enough information...thanks for your help!
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    Dvd Fails To Write To Disk

    I'm trying to create a DVD from a dv file. Originally, it was a 16 MB Quicktime Movie before I converted it to a 2 GB dv file. I'm skipping the creation of Chapters and Start Up Menu with hopes of reducing file size. I've ruined a half-dozen blank DVDs attempting to create the DVD. Any ideas?