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  1. Sorry I did not respond sooner. I was able to go back to uninstall and reinstall my Video card driver and that did seem to correct this problem. Not sure what happened, but this is no longer an issue. Thanks for your help.
  2. I can build a project fine, but when I go to burn, MYDVD gets to encoding a movie and just sits at 0%. The only way it will burn a movie is if it is a real short movie file, anything else it will jut sit there. The movie files are a mpg format. The project will build Slideshows fine, but stops on any movies. I have left it for hours with no progress at all, I cannot cancel the project and when I try and start Task Manager to kill the process the PC just locks up and I have to turn it off. I have tried performing a clean install with the same results. I also tried to disable all the startup and services task except Microsoft and Roxio, but that did not help either. If anyone can help I would really appreciate it, I'm pulling out what little hair I have left. Just so you will know I verified that my Direct X is current and my Video Drivers have the latest updates. Thanks again for any help. I am running this on a Toshiba Satellite A135 1.73 GHz, 2GB Ram, Vista Home Premium Service Pack 2. Also I have 23GB of free space on my PC. Please let me know if you need any other information.
  3. CJ04

    Slow Running - Graphics Card Related

    I do run defrag on my PC fairly often and try and keep all the junk files cleaned out. I put all of our home movies and pictures on DVD using MyDVD and since the Video Files are so large I always delete them after they are on DVD and run a defrag. With all the changes I have made the performace has improved without a doubt, I won't say it is fast, but it is certainly something I can live with. I have not put the 9.1 update on yet, but I will look into that later today, I did not realize there was an update avaliable. Anyway, thanks for everyones help, I really do appreciate it.
  4. CJ04

    Slow Running - Graphics Card Related

    Thanks for your help, I was able to get into the Graphic Card and make the changes you suggested. I also updated the drivers and changed to run in Software mode. I think making the change to software mode might have helped a little, but it is still really slow. Just to clarify, it is not just loading pictures that runs slow it is the whole application. It's just that loading the pictures seems to be the longest part of the process and is just painful. Any other suggestions would be appreciated.
  5. CJ04

    Slow Running - Graphics Card Related

    Just so you will know, I have already disabled Media Manager. I hate to ask this, but how do you change the Graphics Card settings? Is this something go go through the All-in-wonder itself or straight to the PC? I looked at the all-in-wonder but could not find any settings. Once again thanks for the help.
  6. Ever since I have been running Easy Creator 09, the computer slows to a crawl when I open Easy Creator. Whenever I pull in pictures to a slideshow, it takes pictures a long time to load where I can see them. I have uninstalled, reinstalled and updated all my drivers. I started wondering if my graphics card could be a problem. I am currently using the ATI All-In-Wonder 9600, does anyone know if this could be causing my slow running issues? I am running a Intel Pentium 4, 2.40 GHz, with a processor speed of 2.33 and 768 Ram. I would appreciate any help on this, thanks.
  7. Yep, that did the trick. I went into each title and set each one to start at Chapter 1 (even though that is what was already selected) and when I burned the DVD everything started at the beginning. This even worked for the slideshows. Once again thanks for everyones help, I do appreciate it.
  8. I really appreciate you looking into this, thanks for your help.
  9. I have been able to create and burn a project using MyDVD 9, but my issue is in the playback. When I select one of the Videos, it may start at the second or third chapter. When I select a slideshow, it will skip the first few pictures and start at maybe the fourth or fifth pictures in and the music starts at that same point. Has anyone had this problem or know what could cause this. Thanks