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    Problems With Some Movies

    Hi everyone, I'm new to the forum and I would like some help, please. I bought Popcorn 2.0.2 a year and half ago and I'm starting to get few problems with few movies. Movies like: Narnia, prince caspian; Max Payne; Wall-E..... The RIP of the movie goes well and I can easily burn my copie on a DVD but when it's time to watch my the movies with friends and family, the movie skip scene or goes back and forward. Sometimes, after I ripped a movie, I can't burn it because the folder weight to much, like 59Go. I was thinking of upgrading to Popcorn 3.0, but not sur it will to the job. I already paid to much for something that do half of the work. Why would I waist another 60$ I need your help, PLEASE. mrveillette.