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  1. Roxann (sis)

    Audio Quit Playing In Videowave

    This is a first for me, after making many DVDs. I added many audio songs into videowave. Edited them for length and loudness. They played fine. Tested them in videowave, along with a run of film and photos and they played along with with all the music. Went back to the beginning of videowave to do one final check before burning and some of the songs started 'sticking' then came to a frame and the music stopped altogether. Yet, when I double click the song in timeline and go into editing mode, it previews the pictures and plays the song just fine. I saved, quit and got back on and it still doesn't work right. What's your advice? Thanks, Roxann
  2. Roxann (sis)

    Sound Editor Layers

    Thank you for your reply. I orignally edited the audio file in Sound Editor, using layers, etc, but could still hear the difference when audio went from one layer to the next. What I ended up doing, in Sound Editor, was cutting the first audio file at an instrumental section of the singing, then bringing in the same audio file as a second layer, edited & cut it to begin at the instrumental section...then brought it up to the first layer, put them together, then flattened the clip & no hiccup...it blended perfectly....thanks again for your comments.
  3. Roxann (sis)

    chapter menus

    To change the thumbnail image (by default, MyDVD uses the first frame in the video or the initial photo in a slideshow as the button's thumbnail). To assign a new image to a button, click the button to select it and then click the More Setting button on the second row of the Preview pane's toolbar (this is the very last button on the right). When MyDVD opens a settings dialog box, click the Style tab and then click the Custom option button in the Thumbnail section (doing this automatically de-selects the Use Link Menu/Movie option butoon as well as activates the Browse button). Click the Browse button to open the Movie dialog box and then select the image to use as the button's thumbnail. The Movie dialog box is initially set up to find only video files in theSmart Objects, albums, and folders you select in the Movie dialog box. In order to select a still image as the button thumbnail, you must remember to take the extra step of changing the Files of Type setting to one of the accepted graphics file formats (BMP, MPG, GIF, PNG, or TIFF). Hope that does it!!
  4. Roxann (sis)

    Sound Editor Layers

    In sound editor, (First) I've added the audio file...layer one & layer two...my dvd in video wave is longer than the track, but I don't want to make the picture lengths shorter, so I can't fit video to audio....so I want to take a section of the same song track & fit it into the first layer track..but there is a 'hiccup' 'jerk' as one layer goes to the next. (Second) In video wave, I brought in the audio & looped it to the length of the photos, but it still 'hiccups'...it's only a second, but it's very noticable.... You've all helped me so much in the past...I've worked on this for several days & decided to go to the experts!! Thanks
  5. Roxann (sis)

    Photos Lighten when production burned to DVD

    I had checked the TV settings out first...but the dvd player is what made the difference, because my TV settings were fine....thanks though for the response.
  6. Roxann (sis)


    I believe the old saying "you can't make EVERYONE happy"...I really like Roxio....for the price, it's the best out there....or you could try Adobe editing for $3000, then when things go wrong, some folks would REALLY get upset. But I agree with someone who previous mentioned that you can get on any forum site & read about software problems...it's all man made, you know!! Many have written about Roxio EMC9 going down during transitions in videowave. Well, this is what I discovered....FIRST, SAVE OFTEN!!! Especially before you are going to do transitions or after adding several items....VERY SELDOM WILL ROXIO GO DOWN DURING THESE TRANSITION TIMES: copy another transition and paste it to blank transition area; add/replace transition before current panel, instead of AFTER current panel....but still...SAVE OFTEN..you'll be glad you did!! This is a great site & I really enjoy coming here to learn! Thanks everyone!!
  7. Roxann (sis)

    Photos Lighten when production burned to DVD

    The dvd pics looked fine on my pc, but were lighter when I played them on my dvd player...well, I wondered if there was a setting on the dvd player that could be adjusted to make them darker....sure enough...video output on the dvd player...I set it to 'darker' and when I play the Roxio dvd it looks fine....a person has to be almost an electronic genius to figure all this stuff out!! But staying techable is what keeps the brain young!! Thanks, again.
  8. Roxann (sis)

    Photos Lighten when production burned to DVD

    My video card is ATI Unified AVStream Driver 1/4/2007 vs6.14.10.226 (upgraded the driver this week to see if that would help....no)
  9. Roxann (sis)

    Overlay Duration

    I tried to ad my own pic, but this is the message I get. "Sorry, the board administrator has not enabled your permissions for this part of the control panel."
  10. Me again?! When I create a production in videowave and use it in MyDvd, it previews great...then I burn it & when I watch it on the DVD player, the photos are lightened (bright), some too light. If I burn it again, they get even lighter. I have 3 dvd burners, one external & two internal, and have tried them on all three, with the same results. I'm burning them in 8x and was wondering if 4x would help? Thanks again for your help.
  11. Roxann (sis)

    Overlay Duration

    Thank you sknis and grandpabruce. Wondered also if there's a way to put "my" pic on, in place of my favorite Star Wars woman?
  12. Roxann (sis)

    Overlay Duration

    I think I know the answer to this, but.....I love this forum because ya all are so smart!! I have gotten so many nifty answers that have made my 'dvd business' very pleasant!! EMC9 I inserted color screens in many videowave frames & arranged the photo on them, along with text, in order to eliminate the black space at the sides and top of the pics.....well, then I decided to change the duration of the stills to 8.04, to give the customer a chance to read the text. Well, as you probably know, the default for most overlays are 4.17. The BIG question: is there a place I can change the default duration of overlays, like we do for stills in trim, in one swoop...or do I keep doing as I have...changing one by one? Thanks again!!
  13. Roxann (sis)

    Photo in Videowave Help

    Using EMC9, Which I really like!! I have some 1920 photos, bringing them into video wave for a production. I don't like the black space at the sides and/or underneath. I can't resize the photo or the people are out of proportion. I've tried colored screeen inserts and overlayed the photo & it looks like a photo on a piece of paper...not good. I've tried background photos with the pic as an overlay & same pic pasted effect. I've tried clip art through Photosuite and it wants the same size as pic & background hasn't worked for me through Photosuite either. If I use 'fill' in videowave, the people's faces disappear on some of the pics, so I need to keep it in 'bars'. What can I do and where do I do it through? Thank you so very much.
  14. Roxann (sis)

    loop 3 songs in slideshow

    Larry...I don't get it. In videowave and photosuite, I'm acquainted with text per frame. But what I wanted to do is: Have the photo come up in the videowave frame; then the words Husband Father Grandfather Friend come in and fade out or turn out of photo, one at a time. Finally, after upteen tries, I typed the words into one frame and used scroll and increased the duration. The text words scroll up into the photo, but I've seen the other way on a memorial dvd and it looked really cool. Any suggestions? Thanks again for all your help!
  15. Roxann (sis)

    loop 3 songs in slideshow

    Yes, Larry, I did it the way you suggested and it works perfectly. Thank you so much. I saw a slideshow also where the picture stays up and text appears and then turns and dissolves. Can V9 of Roxio do that? If so, do you know how? Please advise. Thanks